50 HQ Splatter Brushes for Photoshop

50 HQ Splatter Brushes for Photoshop PLDZ-1 Instant Download Price
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Eldar Zakirov
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Professional quality High Resolution (up to 2500 px) Brushset.

50 Hi-Quality
                         • Splash
                         • Splatter
                         • Blot
                         • Smudge

Brushes, including even

                         • Fingersteps
                         • Drip-drop Brushes 

Suitable for all Photoshop versions
(at least, since CS)
You'll receive the ABR (Adobe Photoshop Brushes file).

How to use it:

1. After downloading the file unzip it.
2. Start your Photoshop.
3. Activate the "Brush" tool.
4. Press F5 and then click on the "Brush Presets" button in the just opened window with brush settings.
5. In the opened window with brush presets find the little arrow in the upper righr corner. After clicking on them, choose "Load Brushes..." in the drop list.
6. In the opened file browser find downloaded brushset (Eldar's_CLAXA2014_HiRes-50Brushes.abr) and double click it.
7. Now your brushes are awailable in the brush list in its' end and ready for using.
8. Enjoy and create a great work!

•Professional quality High Resolution (up to 2500 px) Brushset.50 Hi-Quality • Splash • Splatter • Blot • Smudge Brushes, includi
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