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Video Shows You How Professional Sales Copy Is Written!

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Buy and Download Description Watch How it's Done! Full Length Audio and Video Shows You How! "See first hand how professional Sales copy is written and start making the sales you deserve!" Step by step Instructions given by a professional Marketer who makes his entire living through writing sales copy that gets the sale. Dear Friend, My name is Scott Foster and that's my friend Dave Vallieres above in the picture. Dave is widely known on the Internet for his ability to teach "little known ways to make money online" just do search for David Vallieres on Google and you'll see what I'm talking about. Dave is very good at doing this no doubt - and as a close friend and business associate I wanted him to show me what his number ONE secret is in making sales on the Internet (Including Ebay) You'll will be amazed at what happened next. Dave took me by the hand and showed me that his number ONE 'sales generating' secret is "SALES COPY" in other words "How and what you say in your sales messages either In emails or on a website" So here's what I had him do - I had him get on Microsoft's Netmeeting application sharing where he was able to watch and coach me as I constructed an email sales message from scratch. As I typed he was able to give me immediate feedback because he could see what I was typing on my computer even though there were over 1,000 miles separating us. Using Techsmith's Camtasia Desktop Video Recording technology we were able to save the entire session on video for quick and easy viewing. But before I EVEN ask you to spend one dime I want you to see what happened next... THIS will totally blow you away! This is the 'proof' that made a believer out me. Dave then said "ok let's take this same email we wrote and put together a simple order page and send an advertisement to a group of people I have permission to send emails to and let's see what happens" So I put together a simple order link so people could pay with Paypal and a way for people to view it just as soon as they paid - I called Dave and said it's all ready to go. He said (with this almost jokingly tone of voice) "check your Paypal account in about and hour" Well, before an hour could go by I was checking my email at the address that my Paypal account is linked to and all of sudden these notices started popping in one after the other that said "Notification of Payment received" by the time one hour went by there were over 15 of these notices in my email inbox. It was on Friday late in the afternoon and By that evening there were over 20. By the end of the weekend it had reached 30 orders from that one single sales message! It was at this point that I remembered all the little details Dave pointed out as he was coaching me to write that little sales message. He pointed out... How to pull people into your message with a simple question! How to build a 'curiosity factor' into your sales message so people keep reading! (very important) Why it's more effective to use specifics instead of generality and how to do it with step-by-step examples! How to close your sales message so people will buy immediately! And many more details that you'll want to know to start generating sales like never before! It was a combination of all of these things that brought not just one or two measly sells but a 'whopping 30 sales' over a weekend and 25 of them in the first 24 hours! Like I said I was blown away and I became a believer that the Number ONE most important thing you could ever learn In Internet marketing whether it's in Email marketing, Ebay marketing, or website marketing is.... Effective writing that makes the sell. With my new found knowledge I can now see why people like "Riseup" A very successful seller on Ebay who makes tons of sells on his $47- $90 products - He knows the simple secret of getting you to read about his product. I can easily tell you that 98 percent of his success - is in his "sales copy" and the other 2 percent lies in the fact that he has a good product. Although this Video tutorial shows how a successful email sales message is written. Dave declared that the same techniques can be applied to sales copy anywhere else on the Internet. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you learn to do this right! This 1 HOUR + video will give you insights and specific techniques you can use immediately to boost sales and communicate more effectively with your readers! "Hi, This is Dave Vallieres, let me ask you a question...." "Have you ever wondered why you don't make as many sales as you'd like to? Are you looking for a way that will instantly pull your readers in and keep them reading all the way to your order button? The key to effective sales online is "EFFECTIVE WRITING" Do this right and watch the sales pour in. You can literally make people drool over their keyboards and scramble for their wallets and give you their money. Just look at the people here at Ebay who keep pumping out sale after sale after sale, week after week, order after order. It's not that their product is a great product but it's what they "say" in their "sales copy" that makes the people buy. I once heard it put: "Writing effective sales copy is like having a legal way to print money!" Aint that the truth. "Sales Copy" is the life blood of what you promote. You could have the best product in the world but if you can't effectively get people to read what your product is about - YOU WILL NEVER make the kind of sales that you want - Gobs of sales! ;-) The fact is - MOST people that market online whether it's on their website, in their emails or here at Ebay DON'T understand the key to doing this effectively. Why is this? Well it's really quite simple if you think about it. The Internet for the most part is still a very new way to market - it hasn't even hit it's full potential yet! And the average Joe who wisks out to start selling on the Internet follows the rules of traditional off-line marketing...This is a major HUGE mistake and therefore this average Joe quits and says something like: "Making money on the Internet doesn't work" Boy he's dead WRONG - It DOES WORK! And it works like a dream if you know what your doing. Hey I PROVED it above with my friend Scott Foster Let me take you buy the hand and give you my personal invitation to get this 1 hour + plus Video tutorial where I'll show you how to craft a sales message like a pro! Remember you could have a really great product or a really crappy product - it doesn't matter - I could sell them both :-) It's ALL about what you say in your sales message that gets the guy to buy (Don't ever forget that ;-) You better have a good product though or you'll be giving refunds. How do you write in such a way that'll make people feel they can't go another minute without your product? What makes them scurry for their wallets and jump feet first into the order button? Well, it's all revealed in this Video tutorial "Carefully Crafted Sales Copy." Watch How it's Done! Full Length Audio and Video Shows You How! "See first hand how professional Sales copy is written and start making the sales you deserve!" Step by step Instructions given by a professional Marketer who makes his entire
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