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“Discover How To Turn a WordPress Blog into a Paid

Members Site thatSells Itself In Less Than 15 Minutes  

With This Easy-to-Use Plugin”


Dear Internet Friend,

If you want to build a profitable membership site that virtually sells itself then you need to read this letter very carefully.


Because if like me you’ve been looking for a decent solution you will have found that all the systems out there are either over-priced, over-complicated or they only accept Paypal which instantly loses a bunch of potential customers.

spent hours researching the various options available and couldn’t find anything that met my requirements and that had a sensible pricing and licensing policy.

Most of the solutions cost $100 per site or $250+ if you wanted to be able to install it on multiple sites.  Not only that but all of them seemed to have a massive manual you had to wade through just to grasp the basics .

This is totally unacceptable.


Here is what a Good Membership Solution needs to do…


  • It must be able to show parts of each post to non-members as a ‘teaser’ to really pull in paid subscribers .
  • You must be able to accept both credit cards and Paypal and not limit your site to Paypal users only.
  • It should be QUICK to setup. Literally plug and go .
  • It should fully automate the subscribing and upgrading process.
  • It should have an affiliate system so other people will promote your site for you.
  • It must be secure. There is no point having a system that people can get around and avoid paying you for your hard work.
  • It must be cheap. No one wants to blow $80, $100 or $300 to set up a membership system.
  • It should come with easy to follow installation instructions in both written and video format.
  • It should be able to manage both free and paid memberships.


visit alamstore.co for more details

“Discover How To Turn a WordPress Blog into a Paid Members Site thatSells Itself In Less Than 15 Minutes With This Easy-to-Use Plugin” Dear Internet Friend, If you want to build a profitable membership site that virtually sells i
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