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(1F) Wedding Collection

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This collection contains "5" complete wedding albums, 4 of these albums consist of 30 pages each and come in the following 4 colors: BLACK TIE, BLACK & WHITE, WHITE and CHAMPAGNE DREAMS. The 5th album is our GORGEOUS 40 page GOLDEN VINTAGE HEIRLOOM ALBUM.


And "100" BEAUTIFUL DIGITAL WEDDING BACKGROUNDS, perfect for use with your favorite green screen or photo editing program.

  This is a set of Digital Wedding Photography Templates & Backgrounds, created specifically for album design & planning for photographers who want to take their business to the highest level. These make beautiful coffee table albums that will be cherished for a lifetime.

  These album page templates and backgrounds are of the finest quality available. The digital Backgrounds are Tiff images sized at 8x10 inches at 300 pixels per inch for a pixel dimension of 2400 x 3000. Templates are PSD files sized at 10x10 inches for single pages, and 20x10 inches for double pages. We've used Viovi, Blurb and Millers Lab to publish our albums and recommend all.

  PDF Photoshop instructions are included on the disc for using digital photography backgrounds and templates, and open with Adobe reader.

  These products are copyright protected and can not be resold as they are. They are designed to be used as backgrounds, or composite album pages to enhance your own personal or professional portrait work.
You will need a photo editing program. We recommend Photoshop 6 or newer, however any program that lets you work with layers will work. There are also free photo editing programs at pixlr.com and gimp.org. 

THE WEDDING COLLECTION "DIGITAL" WEDDING ALBUM TEMPLATES and BACKGROUNDS This collection contains "5" complete wedding albums, 4 of these albums consist of 30 pages each and come in the following 4 colors: BLACK TIE, BLACK & WHITE, WHITE and CHAM
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