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The $10,000 eBay Auction Watch Me Make $$$ PLUS BONUS

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Buy and Download Description $10,000 auction At Last! The eBook that generated over $50,000 in sales for one eBay member is now on sale again. Plus you will have the opportunity to find out the secrets behind his success. From eBay powerseller John Thornhill: Author and creator of The $10,000 auction. The auction that generated over $50,000 in sales. Dear eBay member, I bet your sick of hearing about how flooded the eBay eBook market is and how you can't make money from eBooks? I know I am. Anyone who thinks that the eBook market is dead could not be further from the truth. I make over $2000 each and every week from info products. If you want to really profit from eBooks on eBay you need to read this eBook. I will show you exactly how to create money making info products that can earn you a small fortune for very little effort indeed. Now you are probably thinking! “I have read all about it before” I assure you that you haven't. I am going to reveal some of my best kept secrets that have earned me over $50.000 profit in the past year from eBay alone. I will show you secrets such as:- How one info product can make you $50.000 ( hey, I'm done it and the proof is in this eBook ) How selling an eBook for a few cents can make you $1000s. Why you want other eBay sellers to sell your work. Discover what eBooks really are about and understand why people want to buy them. Find out what types of eBook will generate the most sales. How to create and sell ebooks without actually writing a word yourself. How to analyse the topics that are the HOTTEST right now And what's coming next. Create a sales page that will maximise your profits automatically. Marketing tricks that can double your sales volume in minutes. Get hundreds of other people to sell your products without spending a cent upfront. Use colour psychology to influence your customer's buying decisions. "Magic Words" that when added to your sales letter will make people buy. Big money pitfalls that can ruin your new business and how to avoid them. Learn to use no cost viral marketing to create a flood of traffic to your eBay store. Learn to write killer sales pages that almost forces people to buy. Find out the closely guarded resources and online tools you need. Discover marketing and software shortcuts that will save you months of work. These are All my methods that are PROVEN to work. Do you want proof? Here it is! My PayPal earnings! So far this year ( at the time of writing this listing ) I have earned almost £10,000 ($17,000) from PayPal alone. Just one of my affiliate programs. And here is another affiliate program with my earnings so far this year. The most important screenshot of all. My recent eBay earnings. I also have many more affiliate programs and I receive many payments via other payment processors and also receive cheques and postal orders. All of the above earnings in one way or another comes from information products. Decide for yourself if you think I know what I am talking about! So please listen to me when I say that there is no easier, risk free, way of starting a successful eBay business that MAKES MONEY! Here's why eBooks and information products are the perfect product for eBay: 1. Manufacturing / Purchase Costs $0.00 2. Premises / Storage & Wastage Costs $0.00 3. Packaging / Shipping & Returns Costs $0.00 4. Labour costs / Labour time $0.00 Grand Total: $0.00 No inventory to hold, no premises to rent, no stock spoilage or returns to deal with and practically zero cost or risk involved to start with. Once up and running your new business will practically manage itself and you will be able to decide whenever and wherever you want to do a little work. If it's so easy why do so many eBook authors fail? There are some very important rules that you must follow which will ensure your online business will prosper. These rules are the building blocks to a successful and wealthy business. You will discover these hidden rules to selling information when you read this eBook. If you want to successfully publish information products and make money doing so, then you must read this eBook. I will also back up my claims with a 100% money back guarantee. Buy this eBook for only $10.00 (approximately £6. $10,000 auction At Last! The eBook that generated over $50,000 in sales for on
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