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Teachers From Another Planet

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There is something strange going on at Rush Summit Collegiate. Students are disappearing, and the teachers have been acting more and more strangely as the school year goes on. A few of Rush Summit's students decide it is for the good of all students, the school and the town of Rush Summit to secretly investigate. Florence Bloom, one of Rush Summit's cleverest students, accuses the teachers of being aliens, and claims she has proof. Before Florence can discuss her findings with the rest of the student detectives, however, she is shipped off to Afina's School for the Mentally Unhinged! It's up to the rest of the young detectives to expose the truth before they follow in Flo's footsteps!

Teachers From Another Planet is a 14 person (8 student/kid and 6 teacher/adult characters), non-murder mystery game for adults, kids and teens that pits the students against the teachers in a race for the truth that’s out of this world! Experience the mystery game in your home tonight – simply download, print and play!

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