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Are You Taking Advantage Of This
New Software To Dominate Your Niche?

Here's How To Make $27,979.00 From Software That Does (Almost) All The Work For You...


  Amazing software builds cash-generating sites for you!
 Create unlimited "Buy Me A Word" sites on unlimited domains!
 Break through into any niche with unique link directory.

Dear friend,

These next two statements will sound too good to be true... But I can prove them both!

 A new software program has proven to be a huge moneymaker by cranking out web sites that have made as much as $20,000.00 in one day! And $35,000.00 in 3 days!
 The creator of this software is selling his script for $897  and it's flying off the shelves. BUT! When you act now, you can pick up virtually the same $997.00 software for just $INSERT YOUR PRICE HERE ! (And still profit like crazy...)

How Does This Software
Make Money Almost Automatically?
An Internet Millionaire (who invented Yahoo Games) was brainstorming ways to sell advertising to websites... and came up with an undisputed, knockdown winner.

He simply placed 500 powerful keywords on a page in a random, messy order. And then let businesses pay $100 a pop to link those keywords to their websites. The day he opened his site to advertisers, he made over $20,000.00!

(Here's a live site made using the script : click here) - This script can be installed in a domain, subdomain or even subfolder, and you can make as much install on as many domain as you want with a single license!


Using this system, churned out over $53,000.00 in 1 week. And new link directory sites are starting to appear. That's why it's important you act NOW before it's too late...

Just think of the possibilities.
Any niche... EVERY NICHE is a potential gold mine using this system. Which means someone could be getting rich in almost every market online.

(Which market are you in? Will you be the first to break through with our software?)

The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination. Here are just SOME of the ways I recommend using this system...

 Niche Directories  Just imagine if your link directory was full of the "Top 100 Golf Equipment Links," or the "Top 100 Adwords Resources." You'll easily generate repeat traffic and backlinks! Warning: make sure to get in early before someone else captures your niche!
 Link To Your Adsense Sites  Take advantage of a page full of links to send visitors to all your Adsense sites (and sell any keywords you don't use)! An easy way to gain more clicks!
 Subscriber/Member/Customer Bonus  Build community and thank your subscribers, members or customers by offering free keywords linked to their sites from your "Buy Me A Word" site.
 Start Pages  Grow your own Internet Empire by creating "start pages" filled with interesting links. Then build traffic exponentially by requesting visitors change their home page to your "start page."
 Affiliate Link Farm  Load a page full of keywords with your affiliate links! This is an easy way to have a page full of recommendations for your list, to put in your signature file or send traffic to.
 And Much, Much More!

With so many ways to use this software, and so many markets, do you think you could possibly profit from all of them?

Neither did the Internet Millionaire. So he decided to share his software with the rest of the world. The thing is, only the wealthy could afford the $997.00 price tag!

I wanted to recommend it to my friends, clients and list - I just couldn't get myself to recommend a $1000 piece of software to them. (When most of them can't afford it)

Here's where my programming skills come in handy.

Instead of asking them to buy the nearly $1,000.00 program, I built my own! Now I CAN recommend my "Buy Me A Word" software to my clients and list! (Over 100 of them bought it in the first 3 days!) How often do you get to jump on a $1,000.00 opportunity for less than one tenth the price!

Here's How I'm Able To Sell My Original
Version Of This Software For So Cheap...
Have you ever had a canned soft drink that tasted kind of like Coca Cola, but wasn't? Did it look like Coca Cola, but have a different brand name on the can?

You probably know what's going on. Some company made THEIR version of Coke and decided to sell it for cheaper.

That's what I'm doing for you, but it's even better! You get the same great features the other program had, and more!

 "Pick and pay" buttons make the selling process automatic. You simply find the money in your bank account! 
 Maximize sales when advertisers tell you the word they're willing to pay for. Then you just approve or deny their choice.
 Randomized display of words ensures each advertiser has equal awareness power! 
 Multiple word links give you double, triple, even quadruple the creativity and flexibility.
 A clean, non-messy list of words can be displayed for you when making changes or editing.
 Save time by adding large batches of keywords at the same time.
 Enjoy your power to edit or delete keywords at any time you choose.
 Sell each keyword for whatever price you want  even offer different keywords for different prices!
 Choose your own page settings!
 Easily change the site's header and footer to match the rest of your site.
 Make money with your "Buy Me A Word" affiliate link coded right on to the page.
 Are you in Europe, In Japan, in UK : that's easy, just change the currency in the config and you can start selling words in your own currency.
 Your customer has mispelled his URL when he claimed a word? No problem , you can edit all the URL from your admin panel, with the ease of 1 click! 


Your Last Chance To Get This $997.00 Software For Just $97! $INSERT YOUR PRICE HERE
Hundreds of customers from the Internet Millionaire's site would be FURIOUS if they knew they could have gotten the same thing for just $97 $INSERT YOUR PRICE HERE.

But because you are here, right now and before it's too late. You don't have to spend nearly one thousand dollars to get your hands on a tool that could help you climb to the top of your niche and dominate!

But you have to act now...

Are You Taking Advantage Of This New Software To Dominate Your Niche? Here's How To Make $27,979.00 From Software That Does (Almost) All The Work For You... Amazing software builds cash-generating sites for you! Create unlimited "Buy M
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