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Discover How To Make Profit From Paypal and Clickbank

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Buy and Download Description If you have or want to start an Internet business in Malaysia, this is the final solution to your biggest problems: Discover The Secret To Use Paypal™ and Clickbank™ in Malaysia For Your Internet Business And Start Making 10 Times More Than You Are Now! (English and BM version) This secret not only work in Malaysia, but other country that is having difficulties with Paypal and Clickbank! FACT: Every e-book or seminar you pay for will just be a waste of money if you don't have Chapter-M. Unless you're interested in solving the 3 biggest problems you will face as a Malaysian Internet entrepreneur, STOP READING THIS! Here’s the problem: There are hundreds of new Internet entrepreneurs like you who just attended a big seminar or bought an expensive e-book on “How to make money on the Internet”. You get all excited because some Mat Salleh told you how easy it was to make money from Clickbank™ and Paypal™, and you set out immediately to do design your master plan and make millions of Ringgit. But when the Mat Salleh gets on his private jet and flies back to US, UK or where ever he’s from (taking your money with him) you suddenly realize three BIG problems with being a Malaysian: You cannot register with Clickbank – Clickbank does not accept Malaysians. In fact, you won’t even find Malaysia in their countries list. Because of this, you cannot apply all the strategies the ‘gurus’ teach you, and you’re losing thousands in affiliate commissions. You cannot withdraw from Paypal – You have a great idea to sell a wonderful product on EBay™, but you realize that you cannot withdraw from Paypal to your bank account in Malaysia. Paypal will not pay you by check, and you don’t have a US bank account. Because of this, you are losing out again while others make millions. You cannot start without a Credit Card – Everything on the Internet requires a credit card, and you don’t have one. You tried applying for one but you keep getting rejected and you finally say to yourself “I give up. There’s no way I can continue like this…” I have heard those problem mentioned so many times from so many desperate Malaysians that I decided to put a stop to it. I know it can be done because I am selling on Clickbank and promoting as a Clickbank affiliate since 2005. I also have a Paypal account and I can withdraw from Paypal to my Malaysian bank account. And I do this easily, 100% legally, without any problem. Here’s the best part: I know at least 5 other Malaysians who are doing it too. So the question is not “Can it be done?” The question is “How do I do it” and “Why is nobody sharing this information?” I know how you feel. I faced the same problems not too long ago. But since I became a full time Internet entrepreneur, I have worked my ass out trying to find permanent, long-term solution to “equalize” my disadvantage as a Malaysian. I tried so many strategies (some that failed miserably) until I finally found THE solution. I Found Chapter-Malaysia, And I Want To Share It With You... Here’s what it’s about: Chapter-M is a 34 page special report that was written specifically for Malaysians like you and me. It is not a “How to make money” type of report or e-book. There’s already too much of that around. Here’s what you will discover in Chapter-M: How To Register For Clickbank – They don’t want you, and they never will. If you don’t believe me you can go to and try to register an account. I will show you a secret strategy to work around this problem, and start selling your product on Clickbank, the largest online marketplace in the world. With this information you can even start promoting hot Clickbank products as an affiliate and make so much more than you are making now. How To Get Clickbank Checks At Your Doorstep – I will show you how to make Clickbank send a check to your doorstep. It doesn’t matter if you live in Kuala Lumpur, Perlis, Kota Bahru, Kluang, Kuching or KK. It can be done, and I will show you step-by-step how to do it. All you need to do then is to go to your bank, cash it in, and smile happily. How To Register For Paypal And Add A Bank Account – You can register for Paypal now but you will not be able to withdraw money. I know it sounds stupid and you’re probably thinking, “If I cannot withdraw from Paypal why do they allow me to open an account in the first place?” That’s an excellent question, but there’s no use trying to ask Paypal for help. They don’t care. But, if you know what to do and how to do it, you can solve this problem once and for all. How To Transfer Money From Paypal Easily – I will show you how to get any money in your Paypal account safely into your Maybank2u (or other banks) within 5 working days. With this information you will have better cash flow, and plan your business activities better. How To Protect Your Paypal Account – You might get up one day and discover that Paypal has frozen your account. I will show you how to avoid getting your account blocked. With this information you will never do wrong in the eyes of the people at Paypal. How to Solve Paypal Problems – Even if your Paypal account does get frozen one day (it happened to me), I will show a step-by-step recovery plan that will ensure your business can still runs without any problems and that you will not lose any more sales. How To Create A Paypal Back-Up Plan – Never leave all your eggs in one basket. Do you? I will show you a secret strategy to protect yourself just in case Paypal decides to cut you off. With my secret “Plan C” strategy you will be able to switch to any other alternative payment processor within 3 seconds. And yes, I will also reveal what those alternatives are. How To Start Without A Credit Card – If you have no credit card, stop worrying. Others may say that you have no hope, but I’ll show you an easy way to solve this and start setting up your e-business right away. Don’t worry, it’s 100% legal! Much, much more... Yes... Malaysia BOLEH!. The world doesn’t want you to be in e-commerce and Internet marketing. But If you have or want to start an Internet business in Malaysia, this is the final solution to your biggest problems: Discover The Secret To Use Paypal™ and Clickbank™ in Malaysia For Your
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