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Buy and Download Description "Who Else Wants To Increase eMail Marketing Open Rates & Response Rates By As Much As 317 Automatically While Defeating The 3 Deadly eMail Marketing Killers!" Are you faring well with the current down trend in email deliverability? How many of your subscribers are actually getting your e-mails? Do you actually have any idea? Better yet, how many of your subscribers are opening your email and actually clicking on your links? Do you know the answer to any of these questions? Well, do you? If not, it could hurt the profitability of your business in 2007 and beyond. Read on for details on how to Super Charge your email marketing efforts, and finally be able to test and track your email to see what really works! Wednesday 7:24am From: Your Name Here Chances are that you are here because your e-mail isn't as profitable as it once was. You see, e-mail marketing is in an extreme state of distress and marketers all over the world are seeing their once great incomes disappearing right before their very eyes because their once profitable email list just isn't responsive anymore. There are a whole barrage of "virtual bouncers" that we have to get our messages through these days and as time passes, it's becoming nearly impossible to get the attention of our targeted audience through e-mail due to the market being flooded with new so called marketing Guru's every day. You could be losing out on 90 of the income your eMail marketing efforts should be generating if your messages aren't being delivered as you intended. Your email marketing income as you know it could totally cease to exist during the next 12 months if you do not take extreme, and fast action now! Do you know what is preventing your eMail from being delivered and or opened and read? Most likely you have no idea what I am talking about so please allow me to introduce you to... The Three Deadly eMail Killers Revealed... There are dozens of reasons that your eMail might not be delivered. If you don't know about these then chances are they are hurting your response rates and even killing the majority of the income you should be making with each of your mailings. 1) Malicious Spam Complaints - Many people sign up for your list and forget that they signed up for your list and when they receive an e-mail from you, they report it as Spam. You can defend yourself with signup proof from your mailing software but in most cases, it still tarnishes your mailing record even if you are right. Read on to learn how eMail-Stats can help you clean your list everytime you send an email, and make your list more responsive in very little time. 2) Spam Filters - Spam filters are filters that can be setup to monitor e-mail and trash any e-mail from pre-defined recipients or e-mails that contain certain words. If you end up being filtered as Spam, your message will never been seen and may end up reported to a blacklist. 3) The eMail Block Button - Many people who signup for your list and either forget or just don't want to get your e-mails anymore will just block you. This is logged with the ISP they get their e-mail through and yet another mark goes against your e-mail deliverability that you don't even know about. You could have a list of 5,000 subscribers but if 1,000 have blocked you, you are paying to mail prospects that will never see your message, and hurting your deliver rates to the other 4000 at the same time. All of these are hard, if not impossible to combat. How much of your mail is getting through?... eMail-Stats will help you clean these types of subscribers off your list all while helping you test many aspects of your email marketing campaigns. This will allow you higher profits per each mailing you send and increased deliverability rates by leaps and bounds. Could You Be Slowly Losing Your Business & Your Hard Earned Respect? With the current state of e-mail, e-mail marketers are in a pretty big bind and no one really knows what to do to remedy the situation. The sad thing about this is that many of the marketers out there are trying to remedy their lower email conversion and income rates by mailing their list more often which is just resulting in more Spam complaints, more negative filters, more e-mail blocks, and even lower yet conversion response rates. I can understand their rationale behind this decision; "My list isn't as profitable per mailing so I'll just mail them more to compensate". While this may work at first, this is certain death for any marketer that uses email to sell products. Eventually most of the people who actually do open your e-mail will unsubscribe, block you, or report you as a Spammer and you'll have a list that doesn't produce a single sale no matter how much you mail it. Not to mention you will also be on so many block lists that any chance of recovery will be lost. While this all adds up to the lowest e-mail deliverability rates in Internet history it also means that... eMail Click Through Rates Are At An All Time Low It's true, the click through rate that you used to get from an e-mail to your list is likely less than 10 of what it used to be only a year ago! Pretty shocking number right? The truth is, many of my big Internet marketing friends who have been doing business online for many years used to generate several thousand clicks from their e-mail lists just from one e-mail and now they are lucky to generate a couple of hundred clicks and make a few sales. Losing 90 of your business is a pretty hard pill to swallow. Dozens upon dozens of businesses have folded and will never return because of their inability to get e-mail promotions to be profitable. Here's where this gets interesting... My e-mail is still highly profitable and I make a killing with e-mail I send every month... Why I'm Still Getting Huge eMail Response Rates & How You Can Too... Signup now to get our 5 day e-course that includes the top 5 things you need to know about email marketing now! Without this information you are dead in the water before you even get started! Enter Your Opt In Form Here! If you do not have an auto responder yet you are not serious about making money on the Internet get started now at Be Sure You Remove This Pink Text Before Launching Your Site! It is for setup instruction to you only! * Your name and email address will not be sold, shared or disclosed to anyone. We promise to respect your privacy * In spite of all of these huge holes you can fall into with your e-mail promotions, in spite of all the businesses dropping like flies, my e-mail is still super successful. How? I track everything that my subscribers do so I know what e-mail is getting delivered, what e-mail is getting opened, what links are getting clicked and exact response rates to all of these numbers. I can take a glance and see things about my e-mail that other marketers have never even imagined being able to track or analyze. If this was around before e-mail started going down hill, there might still be several hundred businesses around that didn't crash and burn from their dead e-mail efforts. I know, you're probably thinking "track e-mail?" It's a weird concept and I have to tell you that when I convinced the person I met to design this technology he didn't have a clue how he was going to go about doing it. But in the end, it wound up being one of the most revealing tools that you could ever get your hands on when it comes to e-mail marketing and it's the... The Major Difference Between A Campaign That Does $1,143 And One That Does $11,430 Do you now what the difference between a campaign that does $1,143 and one that does $11,430? Bottom line, it's testing... For example, let's say that you have a list of 50,000 subscribers Here's how a test with this system will increase the money you make selling a $27 product. Instead of mailing to the whole list blindly, we will mail to four groups "Who Else Wants To Increase eMail Marketing Open Rates & Response Rates By As Much As 317 Automatically While Defeating The 3 Deadly eMail Marketing Killers!" Are you faring well with the current down trend in email deliverability? How many of
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