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Movie PLAN Software
Buy and Download Description The Movie Plan Software Investment Memorandum Package contains forms and templates for you to edit and add your own information. The end result will be a professional, ready-to-use Investment Memorandum. You just add your project details. The manual can be tailored to projects of any kind and in any state of development: Theatrical Feature Films Straight To Video Features Pay TV Premieres Basic Cable TV Premieres Internet Premieres Short Films Documentary Films TV Movies Music Videos Specials And any other type of program you can think of! BACK TO TOP It does not matter if there is... No Script! No Cast! No Director! No Producer! And No Money! Or, you can have all of the above. Whether you have a script or just an idea, you can start selling your project to investors. You don't need firm commitments to get started. Don't have cast or a director? It doesn't matter; you can still use the manual to create a document that states the levels of talent you wish to attach. The program tells you how! If you can use a simple word processor, then you can use The Movie Plan program. This package could save you HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in legal fees. It would normally retail for the bargain price of $79.00. But, we are offering it here for a limited time for the low price of $39.95. But, you also get the added value bonuses listed below making the total package worth $243.00! HERE IS WHAT YOU GET! NEW!!! NOW INCLUDES BOTH LP AND LLC VERSIONS! The Movie Plan Investment Memorandum Software for Film eBook in Adobe PDF! 30 Printable Pages Total! Sample Investment Memorandum INCLUDED with editable text. Just replace key information (in ITALICS) with your own! Several different text file types for various Word Processors, including MS-Word, Word Perfect, MS-Works, Word Pad, Write, and Note Pad! FREE upgrades, additions and improvements FOR LIFE! MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PC Based Computer that can read simple text. Mac Based Computer with the capability to import simple PC Text Plus, You'll Get Over $200.00 In Free BONUSES If YOU Order Quickly! BONUS #1: Also included is a FREE OFFICE SUITE that will enable you to start editing the files immediately. You will be able to edit and make changes to the template using ANY word processor out there. But, this office suite is 100% compatible with Ms-Office and Movie Plan Template! Details are included with the program! An $89.00 Value! BONUS #2: You also get a FREE SAMPLE LETTER TO INVESTORS. This is a tried and true letter drafted for the purpose of finding investors to invest in motion pictures. It has been used successfully in the past to do just that. This letter introduces a potential investor to the world of motion pictures. The letter -- combined with a properly done investment memorandum -- is all that is needed to educate an investor on the proposed film project. From there, they can decide to invest and request a complete prospectus or ask to see a limited partnership agreement. A $10.00 Value! BONUS #3: You also get FREE WINDOWS FLOW CHART BITMAPS of the flow charts described in the manual, including a BLANK FLOW CHART for your own project! You can print these bitmaps out using Windows Paintbrush or any other graphic application that can read *.bmp files. A $30.00 Value! BONUS #4:You will also be able to download Sample CERTIFICATE AND ARTICLES OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP for film investment! This 20+ page document sample can be modified to suit your own Limited Partnership as described in the Investment Memorandum. (Warning: This is for demonstration purposes only. You should consult an attorney when drafting any legal documents described herein.)A $35.00 Value! BONUS #5: For your Film Budget! MS-EXCEL FILM BUDGET TEMPLATE you can modify to include your own categories and rates, 30K (Windows/Mac). A $10.00 Value! BONUS #6: FREE EMAIL CONSULTING! For 30 Days, you will get Free E-Mail Consulting… Just fill out the form that is available RIGHT ON THE SITE! A $25.00 Value! Let's face it. If you are putting together a movie project, you need the essential tools to convince your potential investors to give you money, You need a decent Investment Memorandum, along with a plan on how you will market and sell your project. You need to know alternative forms of financing and more. Simply put, there has never been a complete set of tools readily available to answer all your needs, until now. MoviePLAN Deluxe easily, effectively, efficiently and affordably give you the tools you need to fund, market and sell your film project. Now, just imagine if you started making only a handful of these tactics work for you. How much more money and time would that mean to you? There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Everything is ready for you, absolutely turn-keyed, and all laid-out for you step-by-step. The Movie Plan Software Investment Memorandum Package contains forms and templates for you to edit and add your own information. The end result will be a professional, ready-to-use Investment Memorandum. You just add your project details. Th
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