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Oztrack Athletics
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Contents Index

Track Training Ideas Page 4
Important Training Principles Page 4
Speed Drills Page 5
The Quest To Be A Great Athlete Page 6

Training For 800m Page 7
The Challenge Page 7
Traditionally Phased Method Page 7
Further Comments Page 9
The Alternative Plan: Page 9
The Alternative Plan Structure Page 10
Example Plan Page 11
Pre-Competition Page 12
Comments Page 14
Summary Page 15

Combination Plan For 800m Training. Page 16
Example Plan Page 17
Some Ideas Page 22

Training Plan For 1500m And Up Page 23
Example Plan - Background Phase Page 23
Example Plan - Early Race Season Page 26
Some Ideas Page 27
Training For 400m Page 28
Introduction Page 28
Relaxation / Rhythm Page 28
Gym-Conditioning. Page 28
Speed Endurance Training Page 28
Coordination Training. Page 29

Important Training Principles For Sprinting Page 30
Some Other Stability Exercises Page 30
Speed Drills Page 30
Biomechanics Page 31
Dorsiflexion Page 31
Early Recovery Page 31
Development Of Maximum Speed Page 31
Starting Page 33

Core Stability And Conditioning For Track & Field Page 34
Recommendation Page 36
The Effect Page 37
Conclusion Page 37

Training Of The Mens 1500m World Record Holder Hicham El Guerrouj Page 38
The Moroccan Training System Page 38
Hicham El Guerrouj Training For The 1997 Season. Page 42
Introduction Page 42
Training Plans Page 42
First Preparation Cycle (From October 18 To November 7, 1996) Page 42
Aerobic Endurance Page 43
Strength Work Page 44
Power. Page 44
Physical Preparation Page 44
Second Preparation Cycle (March 30 To April 19, 1997) Page 45
Aerobic Endurance Page 46
Race Pace Page 46
Power Page 46
Strength Work Page 46
Aerobic Endurance Page 47
"Warming-Up" (The Original Word Is "Échauffement"). Page 48
Race Pace Page 48
Speed Work Page 48
Results 1997 Season. Page 48
Altitude Training Page 48

The Gi Factor And Sports Performance Page 50
Introduction Page 50
The Beneficial Effects Of Low G.I. Foods For Athletes Page 50
The Pre-Event Meal Page 50
During An Event Page 51
Recovery (After The Event) Page 51
To Maximize Glycogen Replenishment After Competition Page 51
Low Gi Meals Page 51

Developing Athletes Page 53

How To Develop A Young Star Athlete Into An Adult Superstar Page 53
Introduction Page 53
A Strategy Page 53
Fictitious "Bad Practice" Examples Page 54

Ideas For Young Talented Athletes Page 56
Introduction Page 56
The Question Is What Do We Do With This Latter Group Of Super Talented Athletes? Page 56
Swiss Ball Page 56
Pilates Page 56
Gym Page 57
Steady Running Page 57
Bushwalks Page 57
Other Sports Page 57
Medicine Ball Page 57
Foot/Ankle/Lower Leg Conditioning Page 57
Plyometrics Page 57
Competition Page 57
Speed Improvement Page 57
Technical Improvement Page 58

Sprint Training For The Developing Athlete. Page 59
Plyometrics Page 60

Training Ideas 800m To Cross Country For The Developing Athlete. Page 61
Training For Endurance Page 62

Talented Athlete Pathway Page 63
Little Athletics Page 63
High School Age Athletes Page 65
Talented High School Athletes Page 66
Related Information Page 67
Coaching Levels within The ATFCA Page 67
Important Ideas Page 69

Contents Index Track Training Ideas Page 4Important Training Principles Page 4Speed Drills Page 5The Quest To Be A Great Athlete Page 6 Training For 800m Page 7The Challenge Page 7Traditionally Phased Method Page 7Further Comments Page 9The Alterna
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