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DART Authoring System for MS Word

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The complexity of Authoring within the information age has increased exponentially. Gone are the days of businesses getting by with users hap-hazardly pecking away within MS Word in order to create needed documentation. In today's age, businesses are faced with creating, editing, maintaining and publishing content that often needs to adhere to strict requirements with respect to formatting, styles, fonts, margins, layout, tables, lists, figures and bookmarking. In addition, business are also now faced with understanding, creating, manipulating and leveraging the use of document metadata so end products can find their way to customers and systems can talk to one another. Yeldell Scientific is a leader in this exact area and can provide custom or turnkey MS Word Addins that enable your authors with hundreds of powerful functions on the Word Ribbon, "document-automation" utilities that auto-fill document sections, smart documents that pull live data from the cloud and global templates that empower your business with the ability to create, edit, maintain and publish any kind of documentation that needs to adhere to a corporate or industry standard and fall in line with tools needed for enforcing standardization, reusability, structure and single sourcing.


The DART application consists of a compilation of custom configurations, formatting settings and automated document functions, all enclosed within an MS Word wrapper, & used as a tool to enable organizations to instantly inject standardization, harmonization, re-usability and automation into their authoring process. DART allows your authoring process to align itself with industry best practices such as Structured Authoring and Single Source Publishing, with little to no learning curve due to the familiar interface of MS Word.

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MS Word template-based authoring systems are commonplace in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Medical, and Legal industries due to technical writers, medical writers and quality personnel being tasked with generating regulatory documents (for ex, clinical protocols, lab reports, CTDs, standard operating procedures, package inserts, leaflets, medical study reports, legal decisionals) that must be submitted to worldwide health authorities (FDA, EPA, EU, MHLW, OECD, etc.) according to stringent submission-ready authoring standards rooted in ICH guidance. Compliant, consistent, high-quality regulatory documents facilitate review processes, enable regulatory submissions and ultimately lead to a smooth pipeline allowing industries to get their product approved for use on the market or communications disseminated faster.

The D.A.R.T. authoring system fosters submission-ready authoring by enabling authors of any skill level with easy to use “point-and-click” tools within their existing installation of MS Word (or MS Word compatible Content Mgt System), that allow for a harmonized look and feel across all produced documentation by enforcing standards with respect to: 

Fonts, Heading Styles and Spacing
Margins, Paper Sizing and Orientation
Tables and Figures
Referencing and links
Footnotes and Endnotes
Insertion of Symbols and Units of Measures
Lists (Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures)

And fostering reusability, search-ability, structured authoring and single sourcing by leveraging use of metadata with respect to:

Custom Properties
Field Codes
Document Attributes
XML attributes
Content Blocks
Autotext Entries
XML Tagging


Source Modules are reusable document templates created with DART. These reusable templates employ Content Blocks, Flags, Custom Attributes and Multi-Choice Fill-Ins to enforce consistency and lessen the workload on downstream authors. When done, these reusable document templates are added to a structure for use on a particular project.

Structures within DART are folders that contain Source Modules (components) to be edited as part of a project or authoring task. For example, a company may want to organize all Drug Study Filings by Structures. These Structures will consist of agreed upon Source Modules that make up the authoring package and are to be edited (using DART settings, configs and macros), finalized, reviewed and then "published".



NOV 4th, 2013-A new update to the Dart Authoring System is now available for download. This version contains the following enhancements:

1) The floating Dart Toolbar has been removed and Dart icons have been integrated directly into the MS Word's Ribbon.

2) Corrected issue with Apply Style dropdown.

3) Additional QA Checks have been added for searching for bad fonts and checking a document for TOC compliance,

To install, simply unzip this file, close all MS Word documents, and then paste the new DART.dot file over your existing one located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\DART

Requires Windows Laptop/PC and MS Word 2013 or higher.

ABOUT THE DART SYSTEM The complexity of Authoring within the information age has increased exponentially. Gone are the days of businesses getting by with users hap-hazardly pecking away within MS Word in order to create needed documentation. In toda
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