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My life time

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New Release of Time For Change.  Artist:  Thendelo Thononda

Here is a list of other songs on the album:

01.  Ndi ya funda $.99

02.  Born again   $1.29

03.  My life time  $1.29

04.  Tshedza       $.99

05.  Sorry            $.99

06.  Nwana wa vendaland $.99

07.  Ri ni laye                   $.99

08.  My life time remix    $1.29

You may also visit Thendelo on facebook:

We Give God the glory for all that He has done,  Prophetess Thendelo Thononda also can be contacted for

Conferences, Concerts, and Speaking engagements at:

New Release of Time For Change. Artist: Thendelo Thononda www.thendelo.comHere is a list of other songs on the album:01. Ndi ya funda $.9902. Born again $1.2903. My life time $1.2904. Tshedza $.9905. Sorry $.9906. Nwana
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