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Buy and Download Description "How to Super-Charge Your Web Site At The Touch Of A Button!" 33 cut & paste Java scripts for immediate use Now you can add cutting-edge design wizardry to your web pages for less than the price of a large pizza without deciphering programmers 'techie' instructions, wasting time searching for scripts, or taking a three month $1,000 web design course... Discover all the latest techniques without confusion ADD them to your web pages in a flash, effortlessly Makes web design so much fun you'll be glued to your computer uncovering the possibilities Turnkey examples kick out perfect web pages in minutes Simple to understand fool proof instructions make it the perfect expert solution for screaming fast results Transform Dull Web Pages Into Eye-Popping Masterpieces! "Awesome" says Sunnil Tanna of "Highly Recommended" by Eva Almeida of "I didn't like it! I LOVED IT!!!" Clayton Walker, Bryton, Missouri "Yeah! This is the ticket. Thanks a lot!" Sheryl Goddard, Edmond, Oklahoma "You are a godsend!" Miho Yamada, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dear Website designer Re: NEW Website Magic With Easy 'Paste-In' Java Scripts! Have you ever tried to follow a programmer's "simple" instructions? It's like they talk a different language than the rest of us. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE all the cool stuff they come up with. But why can't they explain how to use their latest inventions so the 'normal' person can understand? Now picture this. Imagine yourself using the latest breakthroughs to make your web pages come alive without hours of frustration trying to get the techniques to work right. Push-button success. Without confusion. Without hassles. Stop Them In Their Tracks...Or Else! The web is a graphic medium. Besides offering compelling content, you must display it in a visually appealing manner. Or else... CLICK goes your visitor. Here's the bad news. Up until now these innovative techniques have been strictly reserved for the $150 an hour web designers and programmers. This new book blasts open the doors to their secrets. You'll be electrified as you bring a whole new dimension to your web site. Within minutes your web pages will stand light-years ahead of your competition. If you can copy and paste, this book will set your imagination on fire. - Not For Techie Geeks - Simple For Normal Folks Listen. I'm not a techie geek. I'm just a webmaster without ANY programming certification. I simply needed a 'one-up' on my competitors. What about you? What's more, spending a couple grand for a professional web designer just wasn't in the cards for me. Months ago, I didn't have a clue I would spend hours upon hours, days upon days learning how to use, control and manipulate the scripts, codes and dynamic effects I packed into this book. But up until now there wasn't a whole lot of choices for creating one of those sites that make you go... WOW! Either you could spend $1,500 for a professional web designer (or more!) or you HAD to spend maddening hours and hours working, manipulating, and perfecting the devices. That's history. Just minutes from now you'll create pages that will knock your socks off. And you'll use these innovations with point and click accuracy that will save you from migraines the size of Mt. Everest! Almost TOO Simple - Almost SEXY As you rip into the meat of the book you'll quickly become hooked on the endless possibilities. No kidding. You'll probably lose sleep letting your imagination explore the trade secrets that make it a blast making web pages. Simply put, you'll be glued to your computer. Because these effects are presented in everyday normal person's English, you'll see through the dark tunnel of the 'programming nightmare'. You'll find all the nonsense techie talk stripped away so what you're left with is clear foolproof instructions, easy copy and paste codes, and inspiring turnkey examples that will make your heart race. No trial and error. No headaches. No taking a sledgehammer to your computer. WARNING: If you're a computer geek (i.e. programmer) this book is definitely NOT for you. This book is for NORMAL folks in cyberspace that want to add a touch of brilliance to their pages and skip all that HTML techie talk. So is that you? Do you want to jump right past all those HTML tutorials and right into the meat of using advanced web page design techniques? Then this IS the book for you. Everything You Need To Get The WOW! Here's some of what you'll find inside this giant 935,000 byte manual: intro splash screens dynamic text scrolling display current time/date scroll bar color changing background color changing and fading highlighted text and paragraphs paragraph indents, line spacing entry popup windows (all combinations) chromeless (no 'explorer' title bar) popup windows exit popup windows delayed/timed popup windows embedding audio and video password protection drop-down GO menus underline/overline lightning fast loading links background color highlight on mouse Over flashing and dancing links alert boxes (like the one at the top of the page) no right click (both browsers) simplified banner/headline rotation dynamic page transitions (fourteen secret codes) mouse Over popups and effects complete html tag and html code reference complete CSS Style sheet reference complete html color code reference page No more searching. No long hours trying to understand all the techie gobbly-gook nonsense that keeps everyday people from using these awesome effects. Just simple copy and paste. Point and click POWER! Decide what you like and then paste it right into your web page. Nothing could be more simple. Warning: Not For Techies Again I warn you... if you are a programmer this book is NOT for you. But if you want to cut through all the BS of learning hand-coding html and script writing... And want an easy way to get dramatic web pages. Fast...but powerful pages that capture the attention of a visitor. If that's you then here's the deal. Buy this book. It's dirt-cheap. About the cost of a pizza. When I consider how long it took me to unravel all the techie language it's an incredible basement bargain. If you wanted to hire a designer to install just a couple of the effects you'll magically create minutes from now, you would pay a minimum of $250. You might even pay a cool thousand if you add in the specifically written tutorials and the paint-by-numbers instruction. It is very simple to get "Java Script Magic". For only $27, you'll get access to the complete set of 33 scripts with detailed explanations. That makes it less than $1 per script. And I am not even taking into account the extra impact that your pages will make and the resulting improvement in sales. Easily it may be your best investment to date. Put me to the test. Try out the scripts and the codes. You'll see the results immediately. It won't take you hours...or days of trying to understand a bunch of headache-inducing techie language. Use the effects in your web pages. See if your visitor stats start to increase. As the word gets around that YOUR site is 'way-cool' you'll see the charts climbing. 100% No-Questions-Asked Guarantee For 6 Months! Here's my guarantee. Try for a long period of 6 Months. If you're not happy with the information, the scripts, the step-by-step instructions, or the awesome effects in your web pages... just let me know and I'll issue a complete refund. No questions asked. No hassles. I know you'll be thrilled with the results. Positively amazed. I stand behind that fact 100%. Five minutes from now you will marvel at the results and literally smile and pat y "How to Super-Charge Your Web Site At The Touch Of A Button!" 33 cut & paste Java scripts for immediate use Now you can add cutting-edge design wizardry to your web pages for less than the price of a large pizza without deciphering programmers '
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