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Killer Credit Score Secrets: Raise Your Score, Raise The Quality Of Your Life

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Buy and Download Description Killer Credit Score Secrets: Raise your credit score, Raise the quality of your life Have you been looking for a credit repair kit that actually works? You probably have seen many credit repair or credit boosting products. But you have yet to find one that tells you more than what you already know. Our book is very unique. It will tell you when the usual advise you get is true and when it actually hurts your credit score. Besides the typical info you will find elsewhere, I will tell you loopholes in the credit scoring system not found anywhere else. Secrets like: Who is monitoring your medical condition, sexual behavior, history of substance abuse, driving record and reporting to the people or organizations whom you would like to know about it the least, including your employer or possible employer. Plus how and where to contact them. When it's better not to increase your credit score in an effort to get lower interest rates. It will surprise you but there are certains instances when raising your credit score will not make a difference in the rates you're going to get. I will tell you how that works. How your credit is affecting your job search, why it may have something to do with you being laid off (or not) or your promotion at work. Which credit score boosting technique you should use, when to use it, how to use it, which ones should be used in conjunction with the other, etc. You will know how to work the credit scoring system to your advantage. You will not find this anywhere else. What is the other score besides your credit score that could be hurting you right now as we speak? Yes, you don't only have to worry about your credit score. There is another score that is being used to decide your approval for a loan and/or your interest rates. It's been around for decades but no one knows about it. When "ONE" credit score point makes a big difference and when it doesn't. For example, find out why 699 and 700 makes a difference while 722 and 723 doesn't. We will give you real life scenarios. What strategies do the credit card companies use to make more money off of you and how to fight back. How to get mortgage lenders to compete for your business even with a bad credit. How to get a FREE copy of your credit report, not once but twice a year. How to stop collection calls. I will tell you all your rights and make them stop calling you - legally. And many, many, more ... Is it really possible to increase your credit score within one day? If you're in the middle of a loan application and you want to get the best interest rates, you can't afford to wait until your credit score gets updated the old fashioned way. That is, wait for months or years until your credit score goes up. This book will provide step-by-step checklist and instructions to clean up your credit and increase your credit score QUICKLY - even get results in 24 hours or less. Over the years, I've learned many techniques that will raise your credit score in no time. And if you're like most people, you don't have much time to go through many web sites, sections within a web site, books and newsletters - YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! Did you know? That there are other credit reporting agencies besides Equifax, Experian and TransUnion? That if you pay a delinquent account, it may actually lower your score a hundred points or more? That closing credit cards even ones with records of late payments may also lower your score? That there is a reason why sometimes your credit card or mortgage bills arrive late not giving you enough time to send in your payments? That in certain states you can get a free copy of your credit report not once but twice a year? You may never have to pay for your credit report again. That you can be denied employment just on the basis of your credit and credit score? That some consumer reporting agency is keeping records of your medical history including sexual behavior and participation in hazardous sports? There are many techniques most people don't know about or to how benefit from them ... Even if you're familiar with the basic things that helps your credit, after reading this book you will see how you may not have been using it to your full advantage. There are always developments in the credit reporting industry. Some are only known to those "in the know". Most of the information on the Internet only gives you tips on what to do. Not how, when and how often to do it. For example, you know that it hurts your score when you have credit cards that are maxed out. But do you know there is a way to work around that without paying it in full? This book will tell you how. There are many techniques that most people don't know about that you can use to your advantage and get results immediately. Maybe because you just found out the interest rate given to you on a home loan is too high, the car you wanted to buy simply could not wait, or maybe you just want to see instant results so you can apply for a credit card without getting ridiculously high interest rates. This book will also show you how I helped many people get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy, and how they lowered their monthly bills enough to live comfortably and even save some. Take a look at the many things offered "ONLY" to those with a credit score of 720+ People with high credit scores not only have the confidence that if they apply for something, they will never get turned down. That's a very good feeling to have but that's not the only thing they enjoy. They can also get: 1. No cash down on home loans. 2. Lowest credit card interest rates. 3. 0% APR on credit card balance transfers "AND" 0% APR for regular purchases for the next 1-2 years. Amazing!! 4. 0% APR on all other types of loans. 5. No income and employment verification. 6. Lenders competing for your business. You will get tired of pre-approved credit card offers, checks that you can deposit immediately, and much more. Credit Repair Specialist charge too much for something you can do on your spare time If you want to improve your credit, you have to do it yourself. Why? First and foremost, it's FREE. Some credit repair companies charge up to $1,000 to "attempt" to improve your credit but do not guarantee that it would work. You can fix your own credit in simple steps without paying for a service that bills you monthly, signing up with fees or hiring a professional who will charge too much for their services. Secondly, credit repair services will not try as hard as you would to fix your credit. They don't care about you as much as you care about yourself and your finances. Thirdly, credit repair companies that bill you monthly may intentionally prolong the process just so they can keep charging you. This book will show you what credit repair specialist do and how they do it. Why pay too much for something you can do on your own? Exercise your right, you've earned it. An act passed by Congress in 2003 has granted every consumer the right to receive a FREE copy of their credit report once a year. Use that right and improve your credit using the steps explained in the book without help from traditional credit repair companies. Anyone, even those without knowledge of how the credit scoring system works can do it! This book will show you how. I've saved $1200 a month on bills. How much can you save with a higher credit score? Most people know that their credit history or lack thereof is the single most important factor in determining what they can qualify for and what interest rates they will get. However, not everyone is aware of the extent of its influence in the quality of their lives. You may be paying hundreds or thousands more monthly than you should for your house, your car, your credit cards, and your insurance combined. I've helped one person lower th Killer Credit Score Secrets: Raise your credit score, Raise the quality of your life Have you been looking for a credit repair kit that actually works? You probably have seen many credit repair or credit boosting products. But you have yet to
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The author gives real life examples and figures that make it so easy to understand. Things that I already know when given sample scenarios become even clearer and makes more sense. The price makes it an even better buy. All in all, an excellent read.