Dating To Relating - From A To Z ( A Man's Guide To Understanding Women)

Dating To Relating - From A To Z ( A Man's Guide To Understanding Women) PLDZ-1

In the one short year since it's inception, has become the second most popular men's dating and relationship advice site on the internet. (Alexa Rankings). Outranking long time established and stellar Gurus such as Neil Strauss' and Mystery's websites. And no wonder! Dating To Relating - From A to Z, is a complete guide for men. Mr. L. Rx takes it one step further than any of the other Gurus and teaches you how to both meet women and relate to them. In his first ebook, "How I Got 700 Dates In One Year," Mr. L. Rx gave men two simple techniques to meet women in volume via personal ads and the internet. Now, in what has been called the "New Bible" of men's dating and relating, Mr. L. Rx shows men in "Dating To Relating - From A To Z" the real basics behind meeting women, attracting women, picking-up women, seducing women, and relating to women. Furthermore he shows you how relating to women successfully ultimately depends on how you go about first meeting them. Dating to Relating does not give you one simple "Numbers Game" strategy. (Something that you might be totally uncomfortable with.) Instead it gives you a number of situational strategies that you can use for different personality types and different situations. It also gives you a dating technology which teaches you how to develop your own "dating strategy" unique to you, your personality, the personality of the women you are interested in and other situational variables. There is nothing else like Dating To Relating on the market. Nowhere else will you find a book that will take you all the way from meeting women to marrying them, and nowhere else will you find a book with both dating and relationship strategies and dating and relationship technologies. Nowhere else will you find a book that can benefit ALL men, no matter what their personality is like, and no matter how old, ugly, shy, or poor they are. LIST PRICE $ 39.95 HERE IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT "DATING TO RELATING - FROM A - Z" I am in a new place in my life. In my opinion the material in Dating to Relating can change the entire sexual/romantic landscape of America and the planet. Men need this knowledge! I feel like I understand women for the first time in my life and they apparently can sense it. The most notable change is that I am completely relaxed in the presence of women, even many women, in any circumstance. This has never been the case at any prior time in my entire life. Thank you, Mr. L. Rx. I believe you are the world's preeminent authority on the subjects of dating, romance, and sex. You have changed my life forever. Thank you! * Wow. My mind is totally blown. To kingdom come. After reading Dating to Relating by Mr. L. Rx an entire lifetime of confusion has lifted off me and I can finally understand what is going on with women and how to relate to and deal with them, and with confidence that I am doing the right thing. * Wow I can't believe it, your book is the BIBLE of dating and relating. David Deangelo, Mystery and Neil Strauss look like kindergarten teachers compared to you. This is totally amazing stuff. * This is life changing material.... * You not only helped me get my ex-girlfriend back in three weeks (the things these other guys say don't bother trying to do - and she is totally digging me more than ever.) * This is not just about dating and relating to women. Your book helped me learn how to relate to my boss, my co-workers and all my friends at a new level. This is totally amazing. If the Pope ever takes a poll I'm voting for you for sainthood! * I applied what you said about "feet angels" and I got rid of my old girlfriend and met the most incredible woman that I am totally compatible with. Thanks a lot Mr. L. Rx. * I am girl, but I getting all my brothers and guy friends to read your material. You got it nailed honey. I want guys to treat me just like you tell them to. * I went out and developed my own technique just like your book taught me. And it is so cool I am being totally me and I am totally comfortable with what I am doing. I'm a little on the short side and balding so I've always had a bit of uncomfortableness and shyness when meeting women. But now I don't have to try to be cocky and funny and other crazy stuff that just wasn't me. Best of all I'm getting girls left and right. I can't believe that no one else knows the stuff that you are teaching. My gratitude to you, Mr. L. Rx. You are totally incredible * I didn't have time to read the whole book when I got it, so I just read the chapter on how to pick up women walking down the street, etc. It's awesome dude it works. I've been trying for years but the girls NEVER call me back or answer the phone. But after doing what you say to do in the chapter, EVERYONE is calling me back and picking up their phone when I call. - THANKS!. * I met a P**** Tease in a club and man your stuff worked just like you said it would. She was all over me in minutes and told me I was the most interesting guy she had ever met. She came over to my house and totally seduced me three days later. WOW man. Thanks!!! * MAN YOU GOT GAME!!!!! * Awesome Information. * Your book is great. Your stuff really works. The feet thing is amazing. * Wow ! It works, dude. * My Girlfriend loves you Mr. L. Rx. She said to tell you thanks! * (From a female) I read these man books all the time to help me understand men better. Just like you say all the gurus know a little bit about something that works some of the time, but none of them have it all - until you. I have to say you are the first and only guy that really knows what he is talking about. You cover it all from diverse personalities and situations and from dating to relating. And the thing about feet is totally wild but I've been looking - its accurate. I'm telling all my male friends about you. MORE!!! Go To for more information and to Check Out even more eBooks Products such as: How I Got 700 Dates In One year - $7.00 How To Make Sex Last Longer - $7.00 How To Give Any Woman Orgasms - $7.00 The Art Of Conversation - $7.00 Successful Dating For Women - $7.00

In the one short year since it's inception, has become the second most popular men's dating and relationship advice site on the internet. (Alexa Rankings). Outranking long time established and stellar Gurus such as Neil Strauss'
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