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Buy and Download Description Imagine being able to relax in comfort, knowing that you are able to increase your memory and never have to deal with the bothersome inconvenience of list and reminder notes again. Sounds too good to be true? It's not and I can prove it with Learn While you Sleep. “Discover how to increase your memory by as much as 75%” Now you can use a simple, step-by-step technique to learn faster and increase your memory! --- 100% Guaranteed Dear Reader, If I’m right, you would probably love nothing better than to be able to learn faster and easier. Obviously, that’s a no brainer! Who wouldn’t want to increase their memory and learn not only faster, but more thoroughly? Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that would not only increase your memory, but help you thoroughly learn a subject without hours and hours of study. Instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with the right formula, there is an easier way. We’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s take a look at the cold, hard facts: Fact # 1: People spend millions of dollars each year on study aids in the elusive hope of learning faster and easier. Fact # 2: The inability to find enough time to balance studies and learn required information is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for college students. Fact # 3: Most people would love to learn something new or increase their memory, but simply either do not have the time to dedicate to it through traditional learning methods or don’t know how to go about it. But now there’s good news .... I won’t deny that there are a ton of books out there on learning methods. Unfortunately the problem with most books on the subject of learning and memory methods is that they are either filled with plenty of promises and no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises or they contain only one or two pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to succeed in increasing your memory and learning faster. Learn While you Sleep breaks the mold of all the other memory and learning methods books and manuals you have heard and read about. It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn easier and faster as well as dramatically increase your memory. Suppose you could attain the knowledge you need and want without having to study for hours ever again? Imagine being able to relax in comfort, knowing that that you are able to increase your memory and never have to deal with the bothersome inconvenience of list and reminder notes again. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not and I can prove it with Learn While you Sleep. But, first a word of introduction. My name is Jason Wright. A few years ago I found myself in a situation not too different from your own. I not only wanted to learn faster, but as a college student with a family to support, I needed to increase my learning abilities so that I could complete college and start earning some real money. While working two jobs to cover the rent and tuition, I just didn’t have another spare moment to devote to studies. Yet, I had to find a way. I was about to flunk out and couldn’t afford to stay in college any longer than necessary. I had tried just about every other learning method product I could get my hands on and spent quite a bit of money doing so and to be perfectly honest, my situation was becoming rather grim. I knew that if I didn’t get a handle on my studies soon, that I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. I was actually on the verge of completely giving up when I realized something. None of the books I had read on learning and memory techniques had been able to solve my problem. Some of them were so mired down in fancy words and technicalities that it was a miracle I ever got past the first chapter! Others might have passed on a helpful hint or two, but did not solve my problem of simply not having enough time to study! One night as I attempted to study a mind numbing chapter in a textbook while struggling to stay awake, I commented to my wife that what I really needed to be able to do was just stick my book under my pillow and learn by osmosis! That’s when it hit me! Obviously, stuffing a book under my pillow wasn’t going to help me learn anything, but what if there was a way I could study, and learn, while I was asleep? I remembered reading an article about how the government trains covert agents to infiltrate foreign countries so that they can speak the language, even down to slang, like a native without blowing their cover. These agents were trained using a technique known as sleep learning. If it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for me? The next morning I furiously began to search for that article to find out exactly how these agents were trained. After I found it, I read anything else I could get my hands on regarding the subject of sleep learning. Right here in front of me was the information that I had been seeking all along! Then I tried a little experiment. That night after the kids were in bed, I pulled out my notes and my secret weapon and put them to work. At first, I couldn’t believe it! What happened next was nothing short of amazing! These strategies not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. I was able to completely memorize an extensive list of terms and definitions for a class that had really been difficult for me all semester. Actually, I was on the verge of flunking the class. After using these methods, I began to steadily bring up my grades in that class. What was even more amazing was that I truly understood what I was learning-without killing myself with hours of study! I had never seen anything like it! Now, keep in mind that I had tried a lot of other techniques up until this point. You name it, I probably tried it! That’s how desperate I was to increase my learning abilities and finish college! As my success with sleep learning grew, I started to feel guilty. I knew there were a lot more people out there who not only wanted, but needed, the same solutions I had found. Somehow, it just didn’t seem right to keep it to myself. Starting the next day I went back to all my notes and began to create my own sleep learning manual. “I sat back in stunned amazement!” From the notes I had taken from several articles on the subject of sleep learning, as well as my own experiments, I had comprised a comprehensive compendium on the subject of sleep learning. It was all there! Learn Faster Learn More Thoroughly than Ever Before Eliminate Pain Increase your Memory by as Much as 75% “Suddenly, I was excited!” I absolutely could not believe the difference. Suddenly it was all so clear! I could easily implement proven strategies without having to wade through a mountain of fancy words and difficult to understand terms. My sleep learning manual began to really take off. It was so rewarding to see all the hard work I had put in pay off in such tremendous ways. I began to tweak my manual from valuable tips I learned from my own personal experience. One night as I made some changes to my book, I wondered how many other people might have the same problem? After all, if I couldn’t find a decent comprehensive learning technique manual, what were the chances anyone else could? Given the tremendous success I had encountered using my manual; I was sure that other people could take the same easy to read and understands strategies and achieve success as well. Right now you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right. There’s a ton of learning strategy books out there. What makes you and your book so different?” I won’t deny for a minute that there are some good learning technique books out there-after all I’ve read most of them, if not all of them. The difference, however; is that my book blows all the Imagine being able to relax in comfort, knowing that you are able to increase your memory and never have to deal with the bothersome inconvenience of list and reminder notes again. Sounds too good to be true? It's not and I can prove it with
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