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4 Humorous Speeches + The Speech Performance Enhancer

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Exclusively for Payloadz store visitors:

"Discover How Easy It Is For You
To Give An Entertaining
Humorous Speech,
Even If You Never Told A Story Before,
When You Have A Tested, Proven Speech"

4 Humorous, Flexible Speeches:

Each delivered, tested, and proven time and time again.
So you know they'll work!

You also get the free bonus SPEECH PERFORMANCE ENHANCER --
to help your boost your speaking skills super-fast -- a $12 value!

This package valued at $34 ...
But you pay only $19.96!
That’s $14 in savings -- 40% off!

AND you’re fully protected with my
365-day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee ...

Dear PayLoadz store visitor,

Let me ask you:

  • Are you a high school or college student who needs a humorous speech?
  • Or are you already out of school and working -- and now have to make a speech and are shaking in your boots and dripping bullets about blowing it big time?
  • Or maybe you’re a Toastmaster on the agenda but has work is taking up the time you thought you would have to write and practice your speech?
  • Or do you want to boost your popularity -- even if you’re shy and timid -- by telling stories that you know people will love? That might even attract that "someone special?"

And does this describe you? Read carefully:

You’ve been googling for humorous speeches and just been confused and overwhelmed by too many irrelevant results -- from Mark Twain of the 1800s, YouTube videos, collection of humorous topics, how to give speeches, cutesy speeches, $20-a-line rhyming speeches on 1990s websites, and everything else -- except the one humorous speech you need.

Sound familiar?

Do You Just Want A Humorous Speech
That You Know WILL Work?

How you would feel if you knew you had in your hands right now a handful of these kind of speeches:

  • Already tested and proven on the battlefield -- these really moved audiences deeply to laughter and some to tears that made their makeup run
  • Already helped tens of thousands of people worldwide -- ranging from high school students to business men and women, even skilled speakers themselves when they found themselves with no time
  • Already are ready for you now -- no waiting

And how would you feel if, even though these speeches are so affordable and have always had a 365- day, 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, not one single person has ever asked for a refund.

I bet you would feel really good.  Kind of like holding your breath and finally getting a chance to breathe.

Just Imagine Your Growing Popularity Now ...

With your search over, with your speech in hand, all you need to do is to spend a little time practicing it. Since these humorous speeches are stories, they will be easy for you to remember and to deliver.

And here’s the best part: practicing a well-written, tested and proven speech will have an incredibly powerful and positive effect on you.

You will have tremendous confidence because you absolutely know you will be successful.

And you will have funny stories ready to entertain anyone, anywhere. Your friends. Your family. Bosses. Coworkers. Club and sports team members. Fellow church members.

And if you’re trying to attract that someone special, the stories in these humorous speeches are like honey to the bees.

In short, your popularity is going to grow, grow, grow. All that from reading aloud someone else's words.

A tremendous, magical bonus for you, just for choosing the right speech.

Which Is More Important:
The Humorous Speech Or
The Humorous Speaker?

You probably can think of at least a couple of famous comedians. One thing you will notice: These comedians are famous for a very good reason: they are skilled in telling hilarious stories and jokes.

But there’s a HUGE catch -- and this is so simple that most people miss it, but I know you won’t -- you have to deliver the right words.

Otherwise, even the most skilled entertainer won’t be able to move his or her audience an inch. You have seen a famous comedian really bomb, right? It’s wasn’t due to their skill -- it was because what they said wasn’t funny.

If they can’t, do you think you can? Why even take the chance. Do you agree?

Humorous Speeches That Bend and Flex
To Meet Your Situation:

They are timeless and not specific to any place. Everyone in your audience will identify with them and enjoy the twists and turn of your great humor.

People Will Be Rolling When You ...

In the stories that make up these humorous speeches, you tell people about:

  • Jerry the nervous, fish-head-eating exchange student and why you had to throw away that kitchen stool he always sat on
  • The high school orchestra conductor who inspired his top cello player to play better by asking her to stop fiddling with that instrument between her legs and start performing
  • The 40-year-old homeless guy who attracted cans of icy cold soda pop
  • Powerful success principles learned from the high--risk, cutthroat world of scrapbooking
  • And more!

And, you also get a holiday speech that is ready to use for any celebration anywhere, regardless of the audience’s religious background. It’s even guaranteed to crack a smile on the biggest grouch you can find.

Safety, Peace Of Mind,
Confidence, Success, and Popularity:
They’re Yours Now ...

You now have:

  • Peace of mind -- your search is over because you've found your speech
  • Confidence -- because you know they will work
  • Safety in numbers -- you’re not the first trailblazer, or the hundredth, or even the thousandth person to try these; you’re among tens of thousands
  • Success -- in delivering your speech, in its entertaining effect on your audience, and your growing popularity afterward
  • More popularity -- everyone loves humorous stories, and they’ll absolutely love you!
  • Absolute safety -- you get a 365 day, 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

Act Now and Save $14!
That’s 40% off!

Go Ahead With Complete Confidence Now:

The list price of THE HUMOROUS COLLECTION is $22, and that's what it sells for in other online stores.

The list price of THE SPEECH PERFORMANCE ENHANCER is $12, and that's what it sells for.

Together, your package is valued at $34 ...
But you pay only $19.96! That’s $14 in savings -- 40% off!

You’re FULLY protected with my 365--day, no--questions--asked, 100% money--back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

Exclusively for Payloadz store visitors:"Discover How Easy It Is For YouTo Give An EntertainingHumorous Speech,Even If You Never Told A Story Before,When You Have A Tested, Proven Speech"4 Humorous, Flexible Speeches:Each delivered, tested, and prove
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