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Let's Get Serious
About Your Speaking And Presenting:

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Dear PayLoadz store visitor:

There's a good reason you clicked through learn more about my FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS. A really great reason:

You want to improve your speaking or presentation skills. And you're willing to act now.

Maybe you have speeches or presentations you must deliver. And you know you can do better.

Or you know you must have those skills because you'll later be speaking or presenting. So you want to get an early start. Many people do just that because they want a higher-paying sales job. Or they know they'll be giving reports in person to upper management.

Or you see skilled speaking and presenting is not just about your communication skills. It's about your self-improvement. It's really an educational investment in yourself.

Very few people realize the tremendous direct impact speaking and presenting can have on their lives. You're among the very few.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, I congratulate you for taking action. You've already proven you're one of 1% to 5% of people at most who aim higher and do climb further in life.

And because you take action on what you know you need to do, you know improving your speaking and presenting skills truly is ...

. . . an investment that pays
a lifetime of dividends:

Look around and you'll quickly notice one thing:

Leaders of all sorts must sit or stand in front of audiences to share information or to convince people to support them or to take certain actions.

Government leaders. Business CEOs. NGO leaders. From the largest corporations to the smallest communities (including families), people use whatever speaking or presentation skills they have to get others to follow them.

Without speaking skills, you'll always be a follower and never a leader.

The lifetime of dividends is also found also in one-on-one speaking. To a prospective customer. An employee. A friend. A family member.

Speaking and presentation skills are that important.

That's why I put together FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS for you in one easy-to-follow volume ...

48 tremendously powerful speaking tips:

Divided into two convenient sections, you get full and complete tips (not short paragraphs):

26 STANDARD speaking tips -- You train yourself solidly in fundamentals needed for any speech or presentation, including: voice, eye contact, movement, props, presentation outline or structure, engaging your audience and keeping them interested, and more

22 PROFESSIONAL speaking tips -- Not just for “professional public speakers,” you boost your skills tremendously by polishing them to a brilliant shine with: Preparing for a live speech ... how to conquer your fear ... easily remember your entire presentation ... crucial information you must deliver to any audience ... how to protect yourself against self-sabotage ... and much more

In the 26 STANDARD speaking tips, here's a sample of what you'll discover:

Use this one device to make your presentation more memorable -- guaranteed! (page 8)

Lure your audience in -- without a single word (page 10)

The two critical but easy exercises to overcome your fears (page 15)

The best way to connect with your audience (page 17)

The best way to use humor -- and the deep psychological reason why it works (page 30)

Three solid rules in using any visual aids -- I'm sure you've seen these violated time and time again (page 44)

Write a powerfully effective speech or presentation -- with these seven steps (page 51)

How to kick it up a notch -- by making your audience part of your speech (page 62)

Stuck in getting your speech or presentation project moving forward? Solve it with this writer's trick (page 67)

And that's just the STANDARD speaking tips.

In the 22 PROFESSIONAL speaking tips, you take it much higher with these:

Use these five simple tricks to make your speech or presentation a smashing success every time! (page 88)

Nervous about an upcoming speech? Eliminate 100% of your fears with my 8-point checklist (page 92)

Six way to make sure you remember every single bit of your speech whether it's five minutes or five hours (page 97)

Use this sales technique to keep your audience totally riveted and wanting more (page 102)

Build credibility and interest in what you say  ...  by taking a cue from top journalists (page 104)

And much MUCH MORE!

PLUS, you get FOUR VERY SPECIAL TIPS to help you sell, market, and promote yourself and your products and services more powerfully!

You get 156 pages packed with high-quality information on improving your public speaking or presentation skills. It's all super easy to read and super easy to follow and put to use right away.

Even skilled speakers and presenters can use these:

If you already have many engagements or presentations under your belt, you'll find FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS an invaluable lifetime tool.

The speaking tips are really that good!

And whether you're already a pro or just starting out, FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS is ...

A valuable training guide and resource you'll want to come back to again and again:

Once you've mastered the fundamentals and polished every aspect of your speaking and presenting, you want to make sure you don't slide back into being average again.

FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS makes it easy for you to stay on top of your abilities:

First, you master the fundamentals.

Then, you polish and shine your skills and keep them polished.

And if you should ever find a particular challenge cropping up, you have just the resource guide to solve it!

Just practice the specific tips to overcome your challenge and put it behind you once and for all!

Fortunately, I've made it very easy for you to go ahead right now:

Act now and save $20:

The list price of FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS is $39.97, and that's what it sells for in other online stores.

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Use it risk-free for 365 days:

If FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS doesn't help you speak more skillfully and with more confidence ... Or you are dissatisfied for any reason ... just let me know within 365 days. I'll refund your $19.97 payment in full. No questions asked. That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

To order FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS on a 365-day risk-free trial basis, just click the ORANGE BUY AND DOWNLOAD BUTTON now:

An exclusive offer for PAYLOADZ STORE visitors:$20 off AND a 365-day no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee …Let's Get SeriousAbout Your Speaking And Presenting: * Increase your success in life faster and easier* Get more out of life than b
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