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Ninjutsu Black Belt Video Course Download - "Large Movies" Version

Ninjutsu Black Belt Video Course Download - "Large Movies" Version nbb-large Instant Download Price
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Ninjutsu Black Belt Video Course

"Basics of Ninja Training" Bujinkan Lessons - Shodan Program

"LARGE MOVIES VERSION" (13GB)  (also available "MP4 DEVICES version")

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Ninjutsu Bujinkan Blackbelt Course Download HD Hi Def

This Ninjutsu Black Belt Video Course demonstrates all skills taught for a first-degree (Shodan level) black belt test at the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo in California USA. This extensive 1st degree program is developed and explained by Shihan Mark Roemke who is officially licensed by Bujinkan's Hatsumi Soke in Japan. This blackbelt video course offers more than 8 hours of video explanation including 16 Ninjutsu weapons and a 44 page guide (the guide is a printable PDF .) "Shodan" Black belt rank testing and kyu assessment service is available from Ninja Learning Network, but it is NOT included in the purchase of the video course.

Even if you never plan to test for a Ninja black belt, this Ninja training instant download video course is a lasting, classic and thorough encyclopedia of Ninja training martial arts techniques that will enhance your quest for martial arts learning. It is the basis for novice, modern Ninja learning and is designed for students of any martial art - or any beginner. This program is specifically purposed for anyone training to successfully achieve the "Shodan level black belt" (first degree black belt) in genuine Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (the ancient art of the Ninja, aka Ninjutsu.)

 This page is where to order the large screen "large movies version" is h.264 perfect for big computer screens, game systems playing on huge TV screens and (13 GB). The downloads are available in 2 versions (sizes.)  Also available: the smaller screen "mp4 for devices version" is great for computer, iPad, iPod, iTunes, Kindle Fire, Tablets, some Droids (10 GB.)

This course contains over 60 lessons and a printable course guide:

Level One: Kyu 9

A. Junan Taiso - “Body Conditioning”
B. Kamae Plus Dojo Phrases - “Postures” and Basic Dojo Terminology and Etiquette
C. Ukemi - “Breakfalls”
D. Kaiten - “Rolls”
E. Dakentaijutsu - “Striking Techniques”
F. Tai Sabaki and Zanshin - “Body Movement/Evasion” and “Awareness”

Level Two - 8th Kyu

A. Hoken Juroppo Ken - “The 16 Hidden/Secret Fists”
B. Keri - “Kicks”
C. Uke Nagashi - “Receiving Flow”
D. Kihon Happo - “The Eight Basic Ways” (part one)
E. San Shin - “The Three Hearts Form”
F. Hanbo - “The Half Staff” Weapon

Level Three - 7th Kyu

A. Taihenjutsu (continued)
B. Kihon Happon (continued)
C. Hajutsu Kuho - “The Eight Techniques and Nine Ways”
D. Katana Kamae- “Sword Postures”
E. Katana Giri - “Cutting with the Sword”
F. Katana Nuki - “Draws with the Sword”
G. Shinken Muto Dori Gata - “Sword Evasion Techniques”
H. Katana Parts and Etiquette
I. Finishing Pins

Level Four - 6th Kyu

A. Taihenjutsu No Hands - Advanced Ukemi and Kaiten
B. Dakentaijutsu and Ashi Sabaki - Strikes (continued) and “Leg/Foot Movement/Evasion”
C. Gyaku Waza - “Reversal Techniques”
D. Nage Waza - “Throwing Techniques” (part one)
E. Rokushakubo Kamae - “Long Staff Postures”
F. Rokushakubo Spins
G. Rokushakubo Strikes

Level Five - 5th Kyu

A. Taihenjutsu - Advanced Ukemi and Kaiten (continued)
B. San Shin Gokui - “Inner Essence” of San Shin
C. Nage Waza (continued)
D. Knife and Shoto Introduction (2 videos)
E. Advanced Knife Techniques
F. Kyusho Points - “Weakness Points”

Level Six - 4th Kyu

A. Ukemi as Attack
B. Kihon Happo Variations
C. San Shin Variations
D. Nage Waza (continued)
E. Kasuri Fundo - Weapon, Chain with Metal Tips
F. Multiple Attackers
G. Kyusho (continued)

Level Seven - Kyu 3

A. Taihenjutsu (continued)
B. San Shin Variations
C. Ashi Sabaki (continued)
D. Jime Waza - “Choking Techniques”
E. Nage Waza (continued)
F. Jute - Metal Rod Weapon with a Hook Structure Near the Handle
G. Shuriken, Knife and Ax - Metal Throwing Weapons
H. Walking and Advanced Zanshin
I. Kyusho (continued)

Level Eight - Kyu 2

A. Kuzushi - “Off Balancing”
B. Nage Waza (continued)
C. Shuko - Metal Claw Weapon
D. Naginata - Spearlike Weapons
E. Yari - Spearlike Weapon
F. Kyusho (continued)

Level Nine - Kyu 1

A. Nage Waza (continued)
B. Kyoketsu Shoge - Rope with Ring and Special Blade on the ends, weapon
C. Advanced Weapon Techniques
D. Countering Counters
E. Kyusho (continued)

Ninjutsu Black Belt Video Course "Basics of Ninja Training" Bujinkan Lessons - Shodan Program "LARGE MOVIES VERSION" (13GB) (also available "MP4 DEVICES version") [Watch sample videos at] This Ninjutsu Black Belt Video
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