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Save Money at the Gas Pump

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Buy and Download Description Learn the Secrets that Big Oil doesn't want you to know! Updated with new secrets for 2006! War in the Middle East. Civil war in Nigeria. Hurricanes pound the Gulf of Mexico. Terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. Extremist leaders in Iran and Venezuela. All of these things lead to higher gas prices for us and more money for oil companies. "The era of easy oil is over." David O'Reilly, CEO of Chevron. Kathy from Clinton, NC wrote: Thank you so much for your saving guide. I'm a single mother of 3 and every penny I save on gas helps. What can we do about high gas prices? We are at the mercy of the oil companies. We can fight back! Everyday, the world consumes 85 million barrels of oil. Some of that oil is used for energy production in power stations. Some goes to manufacturing. And some goes to gasoline production. The companies that own the refineries determine how much oil is turned into gasoline and how much will be refined into other products. What does that mean? It means that corporations decide on how much gasoline to produce. Controlling supply levels equals market manipulation. If oil companies produce less gasoline, the price goes up. Doug G. from Eugene, OR wrote: I work for a small family-owned company. Two weeks before I read your book, my boss had announced that due to high expense the company would have to make some personnel cuts. We're like a family at work and the news hit use hard. Then, my wife found your book and showed it to me. Her intention was for us to use the information to save money but I took it to work and showed my bosses. That day he used your secrets as the foundation for the company's driving manual (we're in a service industry and have a lot of company vans). Right away the company's bottom line showed the effects of your information. I'm happy to say that no one has lost their job and the company is even more profitable now. Thanks. As consumers, we're caught in a trap. We all need gasoline to get to work, to transport our kids to school, to move manufactured goods. Gas prices will stay high because demand is high and production is low. India and China have the largest, and fastest growing, oil consuming populations in the world, and are straining the world's oil production capabilities. All is not lost. We do not have to behave the way oil companies want us to. We have been conditioned to consume without thinking. There are ways to put money back into our pockets. Secret ways that the oil companies don't want us to know or use! Oil companies don't want you to know: The secrets to higher gas mileage no matter where you live or no matter what vehicle you drive. The secrets to taking money from their profits and putting it back into your pocket. The secrets to reducing your need for expensive gasoline without lowering your standard of living. The secrets that will not only save you money at the gas pumps, but will also save you money on other products made from oil. Use these secrets to better your life. Are you sacrificing things you really need just so you can put a quarter tank of gas into your car? Can you think of more fulfilling things that you could spend your money on: Your family. Your home. Your retirement. Your health. The Kuwait Oil Company announced, in November of 2005, that the world's second largest oil field is past its peak output. This valuable information can and should be used by everyone. I reveal: The secrets to saving money and gas during your normal commutes. The secret money-saving features your car may have and you don't know about. The secrets about how your eating habits are stealing gas from your car. The secret sources of cheap gas. The secret way your credit card could be stealing gas from you. Ask yourself this question: "How much do I spend on gasoline each week?" $25.00 $30.00 $40.00 $50.00 or more! Now ask yourself: "What can I do to cut spending on gas? What would I do with the money I would save?" The secrets to cutting your gasoline expenses can help you take back your hard earned money from Big Oil. What you do with that extra money is up to you! The secrets I reveal can save you $45 or more a month! You could take back close to $1,000 a year from Big Oil companies! For the small investment of $24.97, you can strike back at high gas prices. You can tell Big Oil that you've had enough and you're not going to take it anymore! How much longer can you afford to pay outrageous gas prices? Act today! Take back your money from Big Oil! How much longer do you what to keep on wasting money and gas? Don't be the person on your block not using the secrets oil companies don't want you to know. Learn the Secrets that Big Oil doesn't want you to know! Updated with new secrets for 2006! War in the Middle East. Civil war in Nigeria. Hurricanes pound the Gulf of Mexico. Terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. Extremist leaders in Ira
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