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How To Stream Live Video Online Tutorial With Master Resell Rights

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Buy and Download Description // (you will need flash installed to view the video above) Many People Are Under The Impression That They Need A Trunk Full Of Expensive Equipment And Software To Broadcast A Live Stream On The Internet. NOT TRUE! Sure, having a quality video camera as featured in our header will improve the quality and allow you to shoot video anywhere, but it is not required to get started! This easy to follow video how-to course will get you started in no time at all. You will learn step by step how to use free resources to create a professional live stream that can be broadcast to the world, or only to those you allow. From the Desk of: [Your Name] Date: Sunday, August 3, 2008 Dear Friend,Are you... Confused about how to broadcast a live stream online? Sick of people telling you you need expensive equipment and/or software? Yearning to know how others create such cool live broadcasts? Want to know how to do it right and not break the bank? If any of the above applies to you, then this video how-to is for you! Times are changing. Just a few years ago creating a professional online broadcast would have cost you a small fortune, now people are doing it with a $50 webcam and a internet connection. What are you waiting on? What You Need Is Instruction From A Professional And This Video Course Is Going To Give You Just That... You'll learn the basics, but you'll get more than just the basics. By the end of this course, you will not only understand the basics of live broadcasting, but you will have the actual methods used by others that have successful live shows. You may be surprised who actually uses these methods... There is money to be made on the web and broadcasting a live show can help you do this. People like to "see" who they are dealing with. You can even have Others Call In Live using the free Skype service and interview them. This the power you need to stand out above the noise! Are you ready? Introducing How To Stream Live Video Online (graphic for illustration purposes only, instant digital download provided) You need "How To Stream Live Video Online" which features 7 videos, all packed with the information needed to get your live broadcast online. You will benefit from this how-to video course by saving time, money and creating a professional broadcasting environment. The 50 minute video tutorial course is easy to follow and can be viewed full screen, just like the overview video above. Just click on the "square" and you can zoom right in. What does How To Stream Live Online contain? How can it help you? Straight questions deserve straight answers... Video 1: Introduction Same video as seen above. Video 2: Streaming Your Video Shows This is where you learn the basics and setup to get ready for a live broadcast. Video 3: Going Live Walks you step by step to ensure your have everything ready to go live! Video 4: Recording Your Shows For Playback You can record your live broadcast and create archives for later viewing. Video 5: Trick Out Your Online Profile Add some sparkle and pizazz to your online profile. Video 6: Adding Text and Special Effects Add text or images to your broadcast as a overlay. Video 7: Mixing Multiple Audio Sources For Your Show It is simple to mix other audio sources to your live or recorded broadcast. Video 8: Streaming Using Skype Audio You can have Skype users "call in" live to your show and broadcast their audio! This is a 50 minute CD quality recording and is 200 meg in size... What Are the Key Benefits That YOU Will Get From This Video Tutorial? You will learn the “how”, but most importantly "how to" on a shoe string budget. You will get step by step instructions on setting up your first live broadcast without spending hours and hours digging through technical documentation. You will learn how to record your live shows for later distribution. This is a very important feature and will add value to your site. You will get instructions on setting your live show up to receive "Call In's" from anyone who can use Skype. This alone is worth the small price of this tutorial. You can add images and text to your live or recorded broadcast as a overlay. You will learn to add other audio files into your live show with your existing hardware. Easily add your recorded shows to your WordPress blog with the provided code So Much More! Get Instant Access For A Bargain Price How To Stream Live Video Online is now available for purchase for a reasonable price of $27. However, since this is a new product and we would like to build up some testimonials from happy customers, you can get instant access to all 7 videos for just $67 $27 What About A Bonus? Read On! MASTER RESALE RIGHTS At No Extra Cost...You will also get a copy of this sales page: If you want to learn how to stream live video online, then just say... YES! Click The Order Button Now! Download "How To Stream Live Video Online" TodayAnd Get Master Resale Rights At No Extra Cost! Only $19.95 INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Warning: This package is 200 Megs I suggest that you have high speed internet access. The two ZIP files has been verified and is in working order. MRR Terms & Conditions [YES] CAN include with other products as a bonus [YES] CAN bundle with other products [YES] CAN be offered through auction sites [YES] CAN edit sales page [YES] CAN sell Resale Rights [YES] CAN sell Master Resale Rights [YES] Includes sales page and graphics [YES] CAN add to paid membership site [NO] CANNOT be added to free membership site [NO] CANNOT give away or add to give away sites Thank you for visiting!Sincerely, YB Publishing // (you will need flash installed to view the video above) Many People Are Un
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