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2008 Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Six CD Set

2008 Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Six CD Set 2008-US-ADMSTS-6-MP3 Instant Download Price
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Buy and Download Description This is a six volume subliminal training set designed to turn any adult male (18+ years old) into a strong, self confident, self controlled, high value Alpha / Dominant male: The leader, the man women prefer to spend their time with, the one other men follow and admire. The man who gets to say no to offers of sex from women just because he's got too many! It took me nearly three years of research, development and testing to create this program. The physical set is priced at $300.00 a copy and sells very well. You can save yourself a whopping $220.05 - plus shipping & handling fees (and get your product much faster, too!) - by purchasing the download version instead! This set of .MP3s uses advanced silent ultrasonic subliminal audio encoding technology. Each volume is designed to be used in order, and each builds upon the improvements and changes that the last one initiated. This creates the thinking, attitudes, beliefs and responses of an Alpha / Dominant male - everything from self image to sense of humor to socializing to dress and hygeine! Unlike some so-called "Alpha Male Subliminals", this set is six full volumes because after all the research into what makes an Alpha / Dominant Male and how to become one, I found that I could not fit everything in less than six volumes. This training set will produce the first noticeable results within 2 - 4 weeks for most users, and some will see results even faster. The entire set requires just six short months to work through. That's totally transforming your whole life in just the time from New Year's to Summer! Why get this training set? It's designed to clear away any negative thinking, feeling, or attitude that may be holding you back, while implanting, building and accentuating everything you need at just the right times.It's designed to make the process much easier than doing everything on your own. You don't have to constantly be reminding yourself of things because the program automatically programs your mind with them.It's designed to make the transformation much easier and vastly less difficult for people with social anxiety or who have little or no social skill to begin with.It can allow you to vastly reduce or even thirely skip the cycle of "going out and getting shot down by countless women" in order to develop certain Alpha/Dominant Male characteristics and traits, because these can be programmed into you automatically.It's just plain easy to do, all you have to do is press play.It's an investment in improving yourself as a man that you will reap the rewards from for the rest of your life.You'll find that beautiful women will begin treating you very differently, and eventually, you won't be able to beat them back with a stick. No joke.You'll become more assertive and be able to take charge of your life and your destiny and experiences. You'll live life on your own terms!Be assured that you will succeed where others fail because you have the unrelenting subliminal guidance and motivation every day! There are countless more reasons, but I'll just say this. After seeing how unbelievably well this information worked for transforming me (at one point, for example, I had three simultaneous girlfriends who all knew about each other, became friends with each other, and were doing things to please me that none of them themselves could believe), I just couldn't keep my breakthrough to myself! The result is this program, designed by a former "nerd king" (me) for all men, but especially useful for people who have few social skills and may have social anxiety on top of it. Yes, in high school, I was the "King of Nerds". You know - that guy who has the brains, but has no idea what's going on socially? The guy who is so shy he can't talk to any woman he finds even slightly attractive? The guy who doesn't even get it when women are telling him point blank when they are interested? Mr. Clueless. Mr. Zero Social Skills. Mr. Social Anxiety. I even failed my first year of college because of all this! Then I discovered the simple-but-awesome secrets to becoming the man I wanted to be. After some time spent making these changes within myself the hard way (before I created this easy subliminal training set), some truly amazing things began to happen in my life. Instead of having relationships happen by chance and accident, I was suddenly so attractive to women - just because of my attitude and how it changed the way I spoke, acted and reacted - that they were actually chasing me, seeking my approval, my attention, and offering me not only their time and bodies, but wanting to do things with me and other women at the same time in some cases! Some of this stuff I still have a hard time believing really has happened, but it has. I have lived things that most guys only dream of, and it's all because of the very same information and training that I have carefully crafted into this immensely powerful subliminal training set. This has changed my life in some really eye-opening ways. Ways so amazing that I doubt you'd believe me if I told you all of them, in fact. This is your chance to take what I discovered and not only benefit from it, but from what I did to make it easy to use! If it worked for a guy as dorky as I used to be, believe it: it can work for anyone! (I spent a lot of time on development making sure of that!) It's super easy to use, too. You don't have to do anything but press play. No reading, no memorizing, no weird "methods", no weasel words, no scripts to remember, no complicated steps and procedures. You can benefit from reading a couple of books, which are suggested in the complete instructions that are included, but the set itself is complete and stands on its own. There is nothing else to buy. The download is over 410 megabytes compressed (!), and decompresses into the six volumes in .mp3 format plus the instructions in .pdf format, and requires a full gigabyte of disk space to unpack. Yes, even in .mp3 format, this subliminal training set is seriously large. That's because each one is between 64 and 78 minutes long. As I said before... I had a hard time fitting everything into just six volumes. You really need to get this program now. You don't have a moment to lose! You can change your whole life for the better, just like I did. You can be living the life of an Alpha / Dominant Male - choosing which beautiful women he wants to spend time with, turning down offers of dates and sex, living the life other men only dream about and wish they could have! YES, it really can be yours! But you'll never know what you've been missing unless you try it, will you? Are you going to let this incredible opportunity pass you by - just because you're so used to the life you have? Whether you are interested in improving your love life, dating multiple gorgeous women at once, becoming admired by other men making yourself a leader, or becoming a better, stronger, more assertive man for yourself - this is what you are looking for! Buy it now. I can't describe to you just how amazing the results are. You really do need to experience them for yourself! It won't take long before you'll be noticing changes, and within two to four weeks, people will begin asking what's happened, and how this new you came about. Don't tell them your secret! Just smile and chuckle. After all, there's more where that came from. It's the new you! P.S. - Did I tell you I was dating exotic photographic models after all this kicked in? I went from being in the "friend zone" with one of them to being the love of her life! And really, it just doesn't get any better than waking up next to a gorgeous woman, sharing an incredible kiss and making love to her every day. P.P.S. - I almost forgot to mention, this program is designed to use some special "Jedi" secrets that will make you - yes, YOU - virtually irresistibly attractive to the beautiful w This is a six volume subliminal training set designed to turn any adult male (18+ years old) into a strong, self confident, self controlled, high value Alpha / Dominant male: The leader, the man women prefer to spend their time with, the one other me
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