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The Hidden Truth About The End Times

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Sal Smario
Buy and Download Description The book of Daniel prophesies the conclusion of Gods covenant with the Jews in detail. Whats forecast is destruction at the hands of their enemies.

It is what the religious world calls the End Times.

However, the angel told Daniel to seal up the words until the time of the end. The prophecy was to remain a mystery until the appointed time.

The Book of Daniel has in these last days, as promised, been unsealed in this powerful and inspiring interpretation of ancient prophecy.

This interpretation follows a single thread, tracing the kingdoms of Daniels prophecy from the time of Babylon to the present. Delineating Daniels visions and paralleling them with recorded history, the author convincingly identifies the kings and kingdoms present on todays historical stage. Events of the Jewish/Arab world over the past twenty years align at an alarming rate as Daniels prophecies set the stage and move the players into position in the prelude to the end of the age.

Readers are offered a front row seat to watch it come to pass. Eschatologist, Author and Teacher Sal Smario, simplifies and graphically illustrates the most historically accurate interpretation of the book of Daniel to be found in the world today.

Students of prophecy and new comers alike will find The Hidden Truth about the End Times a fascinating, informative and timely perspective on the events shaping the Middle East and the modern world.
The book of Daniel prophesies the conclusion of Gods covenant with the Jews in detail. Whats forecast is destruction at the hands of their enemies. It is what the religious world calls the End Times. However, the angel told Daniel to seal up
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Excellent Information

I am very glad I purchased this ebook. It is full of information about the end times and the book of Daniel. I believe that most prophecy teachers are looking in the wrong direction to identify the anti-christ because they are expecting him to come from today's Rome. Brother Sal does an excellent job of explaining why we should be looking to the Middle East for the fulfillment of these ancient prophecies.


Very Good

I greatly enjoyed this book. The Daniel prophecies were explained in such a way that, I could fully understand.

Cecile Costa

The Hidden Truth about The End Times

The accuracy of prophecy is determined by history. This beautiful coffee table End Times book is a must read for everyone who is seeking the truth about the end of the church age. This book gives political evidence of the scriptual prophecy being fulfilled

matthew hunt

Get This Book!

By far, the most accurate book written today that deals with the prophetic words Daniel spoke over 2,500 years ago. From the first page to the last, Sal details the events as they have unfolded since the Jews came back in the land in 1948. And he details today's events as they currently unfold before our very eyes . You will not be able to put this book down, once you get started! It's a superb read even for a biblical novice like myself. Matt Hunt

Leslie Turner


Just finished reading your book, "The Truth about the End Times". I found it very easy to read and understand. I hope and pray all Christians read this book, causing their hearts to be opened to what is happening before us on the stage of history. Congratulations and thank you for writing and documenting Gods' ability to keep and fullfill His Word. God Bless You!

Ken Kaiser

This Book Is A 'Must Read'!

At this time in the world when there is so much turmoil and uncertainty of the future, mankind is seeking knowledge of things that are certain, things that anchor the soul. Historically in times like these, humanity has gravitated to God or sought knowledge from a higher power of what to expect. In the past decade over 50 million novels on the ‘end times’ have been sold, which is a case in point. The great tragedy is that the majority of the content of those books is just that, NOVELty! Oh sure they may have their origin in some modicum of truth. While most of the story lines are based mostly on religious tradition, they are way off base from the truth as conveyed by God in His Holy Word. This book rights those wrongs! Sal has outlined a way anyone can seek for and find political evidence of the scriptural prophecy being fulfilled on the stage of history today. For decades, even as a Christian with knowledge of the prophecies, I could not actually see it happening politically in history. The thing that was blinding me was ‘tradition’. Having taken the step of hanging the old coat of the traditional understanding of this prophecy on the coat rack, as Sal puts it, I examined his method of understanding, which is “where to look, what to look for, and why you’re looking there to see it.” It was only after that that I began to see it. Since 1997, and with my revised method of ‘watching’, I have been able to see God’s Word being fulfilled. I have not looked back! I have been seeing what appear to be God’s prophecies hidden for millennia coming together on the stage of history. Hang up the coat of understanding arrived at through tradition, then enter the door through reading this book. I am confident that your understanding will be enlightened, and that you will never again want to head out the door with the old coat of tradition. Rather, with confidence in Scripture and the newly found understanding of how to recognize it being fulfilled, you will see and experience it as we are dragged along by God in today’s history toward the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble'.