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Carmen Carroll
Buy and Download Description The Future Life of Jan Do © 2004 by Carmen Yvonne Carroll Published by Carmen Carroll ISBN 0-9774387-0-8 $17.00 Who Could Have Known That The Invisible Was So Near? When the solar system entered the photon belt in 2012, certain things were no longer invisible. It was no longer possible to ignore the fact that humanity is a bottom feeder in a vast atmospheric ocean that makes the water oceans on Earth seem like mere lakes or even ponds. When the illumination of the photon belt assisted the solar radiation of the Sun, Earth bathed in a watery light through which a multitude of life forms living in the atmosphere could then be observed. Ancient mythological creatures were revealed to have more substance than previously thought. The sky serpents could no longer hide in the light of the sun and humanity was shocked to discover how many there were. They did not spout fire, but they could electrocute you and could irradiate you…same thing in many minds. They usually did not unless you had irked one of them. Sky serpents experience mass consciousness so mess with one, and all are offended. Fortunately, humans and sky serpents occupied different ecosystems. For the most part, sky serpents stayed in the stratosphere, only descending to the upper troposphere to consume nourishment from the clouds. For the most part, humans stayed grounded to the very bottom of the troposphere. Humans lived in their own world pretty much oblivious to aetheric beings, even denying their existence…until humanity could see them swimming the atmospheric seas. As with all things alien to humanity, these newly discovered creatures inspired fear. It was to the City of Ladies that all eyes turned. In 2006, Jan Do founded the City of Ladies in, of all places, Houston, Texas. The lessons taught there enabled its inhabitants to see through invisibility. By the time Sol’s system entered the photon belt, knowledge of the earth’s sky ocean had diminished into myth and its denizens depicted as mere symbols in the myths. Everyone knew that there were no dragons and if you saw one, it was evidence that you were not rational. When Earth’s atmosphere was illumined by the photons in the belt, and everyone could see them flitting around, this particular rationalization no longer worked. Not only were they now able to observe the sky serpents but in fact, some of them were looking back. The inhabitants of the City of Ladies were not surprised by what was now made visible by the earth’s entry into the photon belt. The Ladies not only could see the inhabitants of the atmosphere, they could communicate with them and even had developed a working relationship with certain of their members. It was to the Ladies that many sought understanding of that which before had been invisible. In the 15th century, Christine de Pizan imagined a City of Ladies from which Jan’s vision was inspired. Jan received a large sum of money - no one is sure if it was an inheritance or a large gambling win - but she came into an amount sufficient to her needs and more. With that more, she founded The City of Ladies. As it happened, the Houston School for the Performing Arts wanted to expand at another location so the property was for sale at the very time Jan’s inspiration was vivid. She purchased it and renovated parts of it for living spaces. The living space pared to a minimum since other parts of the building could be shared communally. Relieved of the constant worry of finagling a living, and instead, sharing home and hearth with other women of like mind, what emerged was a level of creativity that became a livelihood. Eventually young women came to be schooled by the Ladies. When the knowledge shared by these Ladies became necessary, most sought their services. This is their story. The Future Life of Jan Do © 2004 by Carmen Yvonne Carroll Published by Carmen Carroll ISBN 0-9774387-0-8 $17.00 Who Could Have Known That The Invisible Was So Near? When the solar system entered t
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