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Buy and Download Description More FREE Ebooks and $1.00 Ebooks at ------------------------------------------------------- "The Business In A Box - Internet Info-Biz Starter Kit", Becoming an online information marketer has never been simpler! (Or Cheaper!) This is a great opportunity to start a very profitable business on the internet without spending a lot of money! A business you can run right out of a spare room in your own home! Would you be interested in an opportunity like this? How about if all the work has been taken out of it? As you know, there are many "business opportunities" floating around on the internet. Some great, some not so great. But how can you tell the REAL opportunities from the money pits? YOU CAN'T! All you can do is choose a path and hope it's not a dead end. If you can find the right opportunity, you can make a bundle of money in a very short time. Here's why... The "Internet population explosion" is now under way. The actual numbers are a little hard to fathom, but here they are... This year alone, over 3 MILLION people per MONTH signed up with an internet access provider! That's over 36 MILLION people per year! Even if this rate remains the same, and many expect it to increase, there will be more than 550 MILLION people online by the year 2005! So what does this mean to you? Simple. Like you, many of these 36 million+ newcomers per year will be looking for legitimate business opportunities. They'll also be looking for specialized information that will teach them how to start and operate their own high income, online business. The fact is, there are simply just not enough sources to meet these overwhelming demands! That's where you come in! You can meet BOTH of these demands with this Complete Business In A Box - Internet Info-Biz Starter Kit! Here's How... Millions of people every year request information about how to start a home-based business. By far, it is one of the HOTTEST topics on people's minds. Heck, with all the corporate downsizing going on all around us, it's not hard to imaging why. After years of research, investigating, and trying just about every business opportunity around, we know what works and what doesn't. The information business is, in our opinion, THE BEST way for the average person to succeed in their own business. With that in mind, we decided to package this information on how to start a business online, and offer it to upstart netrepreneurs! But instead of simply teaching you how to use the internet for profit, this kit has been designed to let you SEE FOR YOURSELF just how easy it really is! Now, in a minute I'm going to tell you exactly what this info kit consists of. But before I do, I want to explain how it's a little different from ALL the others... Everything in this kit comes with UNLIMITED AND UNRESTRICTED REPRODUCTION RIGHTS! O.K. So you've seen reprint/reproduction rights being sold before. *** BUT NOT LIKE THIS!! *** "UNRESTRICTED" means just that! Not only can you sell this kit as YOUR VERY OWN, you can sell ALL rights along with it! That's what makes this kit sell with very little effort! Check around! You'll find very few companies that let you do this! (Actually, I've taken a little heat from some of my fellow info marketers over this decision. They insist I'll create my own competition. But when I explain the raw numbers of people jumping online every month, they seem to quiet down very quickly!) Here's what this exciting information kit consists of... 3 Best Selling Titles from Self-publish at the Speed of Thought Value $50.00 Your eBook Daily Marketing Plan! Value $9.97 A Cheap And Easy Guide To Self-publishing eBooks Value $22.95 4 Hot Selling Titles - 2002 Series with Ready to Take Order Web Sites eBay Marketing Secrets 2002 Value $24.97 The Classified Ad Secrets 2002 Value $24.97 Credit Secrets 2002 Value $19.97 Wholesale Sources 2002 Value $24.97 The Most Talked about eBook Grand Daddy ... The Ultimate eLibrary (3,000+ Free Info Products) Value $49.97 19 Hand Picked Quality Info Products with Full Resell Rights The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site Value $11.95 The Internet Marketers Secret Guide Value $19.97 Internet Cash Machines! Value $14.97 E-Mail Marketing Strategies Revealed! Value $49.95 The Complete eBay Auction Marketing E-Course Value $9.95 Cash Flow e-Business Value $20.00 eBook Cover Templates Value $19.95 Free eZine Ad System Value $29.95 Internet Email Beyond the Basics Value $17.95 Professional eBook Cover Tutorial Value $34.95 - NEW! 1001 Newbie Friendly Tips Value $29.00 - NEW! Dynamic eBook Design Value $14.95 - NEW! Creative Product Creation Value $17.00 - NEW! AutoResponder Magic Value $17.00 - NEW! Internet Profits - The Quick Way Value $19.95 - NEW! Million Dollar Emails Value $19.00 - NEW! Living Off The Internet Value $34.95 - NEW! Millionaire Marketing Value $27.00 - NEW! Pay-Per-Click Commando Value $17.00 - NEW! Every Title listed above comes with Resell Rights Package Value $705.21 - Yours for only $34.95 Value quoted as the prices are selling at The Original Author's Web sites. * Wait, it gets even better... Order the Business In A Box package now and get a free, professionally designed, direct reponse website template just like this one (A $300 Value). Just make some small changes and upload it to your server. Don't have a website? We'll show you how to get a lifetime web hosting account for free! Don't delay and order your own Business In A Box today itself. You'll be in business, marketing some of the hottest info-products and best of all, keep 100% of the profits. Powerful Marketing System! Simple, Automatic, Self-run Business that grow on its Own! As if all that wasn't enough, we took it one step further to make this a COMPLETELY TURNKEY business that can start making you money immediately... This ENTIRE kit as outlined above is contained in a single file (690kb) in an easy to use E-BOOK format. The whole program is a Windows based E-BOOK (runs under Windows 95/98/NT)! There you have it. If you aren't fired up about starting your own online info-biz -- you'd better check your pulse! I challenge you to find a similar package being offered anywhere, and for such a low price. O.K. Let's get down to the nitty gritty! Remember, not only will you be learning the most up to date information about making money online, you'll be teaching others how to succeed! (And making money in the process!) ------------------------------------------------------- More FREE Ebooks and $1.00 Ebooks at More FREE Ebooks and $1.00 Ebooks at ------------------------------------------------------- "The Business In A Box - Internet Info-Biz Starter Kit", Becoming an online information marketer has never been simpler! (Or Cheap
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