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The Rys Chronicles complete epic fantasy series ebooks Sony LRF

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Buy and Download Description Have you been looking for a new series of fantasy ebooks that you can love? Dear Fantasy Reader, It's not an easy search. You read reviews, visit forums, or ask your friends what they like. Opinions differ. You try out some fantasy ebooks. Some are OK. Some are not worth reading. Others, although well-written, just aren't quite your cup of tea. You're looking for that "oh yes!" feeling once you start reading. The Rys Chronicles epic fantasy series by Tracy Falbe is ready to entertain you in the ways you desire from fantasy ebooks. Listed here is the Complete Series The Rys Chronicles consisting of 4 ebooks in Rich Text Sony ebook reader compatible format: Union of Renegades, The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, and The Borderlands of Power. These downloads will be immediately available from the PayLoadz service once your payment clears through PayPal. Reader Testimonials: "I Love your books! The human characters are so real, my heart really goes out to them. In good times and bad. The Rys are unlike any characters in any other fantasy books I've ever read, and believe me, I've read a few! I hope you keep them coming!!!!" Teressa H., United States "I really enjoyed the world you created and your writing style was crisp, imaginative and a pleasure to read the story." Susan W., United Kingdom "You are one of the best fiction writers." Barbara S., South Africa Now let's meet a few of the main characters because they are my best ambassadors for my fantasy ebooks. Shan – He is the rys who desires to overthrow Queen Onja and become the ruler of his race. His extraordinary powers prompt the ambition, but his compassionate heart also urges him to replace his Queen for she is wicked and revels in the subservience she inflicts on many human tribes who must worship her as their Goddess. From the fantasy book Union of Renegades: Alone on the circular stage, Shan felt an odd vulnerability. The surrounding humans seemed so alien and the hold Onja had on their minds was strong, but he had to break it for the good of everybody. Drawing a deep breath, Shan began, “Onja has kept the human tribes in servitude for many centuries, skimming the cream from you labors. I personally know the Queen of Jingten takes pleasure in simply dominating you. I was sent to Onja’s court as a rysling and I was raised as her ward. I have spent long ugly years in her household, witnessing her callous decisions and feeling her wicked thoughts. She considers humans amusing pets that can be made to serve her demands. “I believe that Onja is evil and she corrupts the potential in my own kind. Her excessive demands of tribute make Jingten wealthy, but the rys do not earn anything. They do not deserve their luxuries. The rys used to have a reason to be proud, and they were skilled in many esoteric crafts. Now they are lazy and supercilious. The rys have no need to live off the fat of your land, when we could prosper by our own means. “I admit that while I prepare to confront Onja, I need allies to help me. The Temu believe in me and I thank them for their support. The Temu have ever been strong and good allies in the Confederation and they should not face this challenge alone. Join us and be free. None of you should pay tribute this year. Send Onja the message that you will be her slaves no more!” Dreibrand Veta – He is an ambitious young man whose skill with a blade and ability to lead have been made clear on the front lines of battle many times. The disgraced state of his noble family has prompted him to pursue a military career with the Horde of the Atrophane Empire as it pushes across the kingdoms of eastern Ektren toward unknown lands. The possibilities of the distant Wilderness entice him, and it is there where he becomes entangled in the rys power struggle between Shan and Onja. Dreibrand sides with Shan in the high stakes rebellion that the rys stirs up against his rival. From the fantasy book Union of Renegades: Dreibrand realized he would have to trust Shan completely for their safety. The thought of magic striking at him from far away was daunting, and Onja’s power to enslave the very spirit made his courage waver. But Dreibrand could not sit by and let the rys Queen keep Miranda’s children because they entertained her. “When can we leave?” he said. “Maybe tonight,” Shan answered. “I will have to discuss this with Miranda first. Her son is ill, and she did not want to travel last night when I proposed we escape,” Dreibrand said. Shan frowned. “Do not discuss it with her. We must not speak of this when we get back to Jingten. I will know when the opportunity to escape has come, and I will get you then. If Miranda wants to escape, she will have to travel whenever the time comes.” “But I must tell her I have made arrangements with you,” Dreibrand insisted. “Speak of our plan and you risk discovery,” Shan said bluntly. “Hint to her if you must, but do not talk about it.” Reluctantly, Dreibrand nodded. If he and Shan had to talk on a mountainside, then he had to accept that they could not talk in the city. “I thank you, Shan,” he said sincerely. “Thank me after we escape. Now, let me be completely honest with you, Dreibrand. Helping you is very risky for me and for my friendship, I expect friendship,” Shan said. “How do you mean?” Dreibrand asked. Shan explained, “Soon I will be ready to challenge Onja for the throne. But to make my challenge successful many things will have to be done, which I will explain later. And I will need all of my friends.” Dreibrand understood. The rys’s arrangement was not so alien. For his favor, he wanted loyalty. “You want me to serve you in your war?” he surmised. “Yes. And the rewards for victory will be great—very great,” Shan promised. I suppose the King of Jingten would have much to give, Dreibrand thought. He hated to make a decision when his understanding of the conflict was so vague, but if he had to choose a side, then he would choose. He had to find a place to fit into this strange land, and Shan’s offer sounded good. I asked for his help. I have to accept his terms, Dreibrand reminded himself. Despite his fear and uncertainty, it felt good to have a friend. Miranda – Nothing in Miranda's life has ever been planned as she toils to survive each day. Sold into slavery as a teenager she is now the mother of two young children by her master. But when the Atrophane invade her home, Miranda chooses to flee with her children into a dangerous Wilderness where she encounters the rys. She aligns herself with Shan and aids him greatly in his appeals to his allies. Miranda's history as an abused slave sometimes makes it difficult for her to accept the strict patriarchy of the western societies. Having escaped slavery, however, she will not yield her freedoms or withhold her opinions. From the fantasy book Union of Renegades: High on the ridge Miranda enjoyed a panoramic view. Many creeks cut down into the green land. Fluffy clouds drifted above, uncaring of the war below. The world seemed so much larger to Miranda suddenly. How she had ever tolerated her bleak world of servitude below she could not now imagine. She had not been able to enjoy the view when Barlow had brought her through the eastern hills into Droxy. At that time she had been fourteen and new to slavery. For once, she willingly let herself remember that terrifying time. She remembered her feet slogging through the mud and the rain running down her back. She had been too frightened of Barlow to look up at him after the horrors he had inflicted upon her the night before. She was so sore and so alone. Miranda halted the memories. My time as a slave is done, she thought. The Kezanada – Not a character but a force, the Kezanada is a secretive society of mercenaries, assassins, Have you been looking for a new series of fantasy ebooks that you can love? Dear Fantasy Reader, It's not an easy search. You read reviews, visit forums, or ask your friends what they like. Opinions differ. You try out some fantasy eb
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