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Buy and Download Description Calling all info product marketers:“Who Else Wants to Make Easy Money with a Constant Stream of Best Selling Products?” Here’s Why Some Marketers Almost Always Make a Fortune with Every Product They Create – and How You Can Too! Dear Fellow Marketer,You know what it feels like to get punched in the gut? That’s what it feels like when you launch a product and no one buys it.  All those late nights wasted.  All the money flushed away.  And worse yet, your JV partners will never do business with you again. But it could be worse. Imagine this: You and your JV partners push the “send” button on launch day, sending an instant flood of sales notifications to your inbox.  All day long your PayPal account fills up with money.  You pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  That night you can barely sleep. But the next morning you awaken to a nightmare.  Your inbox is full again – but this time it’s full of refund requests.  All that money you made yesterday just slips through your fingers like sand. Your reputation is shot in this niche.  Neither your customers nor your JV partners will ever do you business with you again.  You’re finished. Scary thought, isn’t it? The good news is that in just a moment you’ll discover how to make sure the curse of low sales days or high refund rates NEVER happens to you! How can I be so sure? Because I’ve been there.  I know the crushing feeling of only pulling in a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, while everyone else pulls in five or six figures with their products. And I always wondered…  What is the secret to launching     one best-selling product after another?Finally, a few years ago, I figured out what these ultra rich and successful marketers were doing they know how to research the market to uncover hungry, desperate niches that you and I didn’t even know existed... and I refined my "success formula" each and every time I created a new product.             Ok, so you might be rolling your eyes and saying you already knew market research is the key to creating hot products.  But here’s the thing: Most marketers don’t REALLY know the truth about market research.             I know I didn’t.  I just poked around the market aimlessly.  If my keyword tools said there were a good number of searches in a niche, I jumped in the niche.  And more often then not, I belly flopped.             Totally wrong approach – and it almost destroyed my online business.             But now that I’ve discovered the secret of discovering hot markets, I can churn out one best selling product after another.             And the good news is that you can too!Imagine the excitement you’ll feel  when your   PayPal account overflows   with money on launch day! And every day after!Imagine customers emailing you out of the blue, BEGGING you to create another product.  Imagine the feeling of pride you’ll have when your niche recognizes you as a top expert and best-selling author! All this and more can be yours starting today…       And all you have to do to learn these secrets of creating a constant stream of bestsellers is claim your copy of the “The Info-Product Crash Course: How To Quickly and Easily Create a Constant Stream of Best Selling Products That Will Flood Your Bank Account With Cash”Just moments from now you’ll discover these secrets of creating and selling hot products:  How to quickly and easily increase the perceived value of ANY product to put more profit in your pocket! You’ve heard of a backend sales funnel – now you’ll see exactly what yours should look like for maximum profits!  You’ll discover how to easily avoid a common backend marketing mistake. Pssst …those who avoid it make a lot of money! Here’s an amazing tactic that shows you how to discover niches you never even knew existed!  See page 10 for the details!  How to discover what your prospects REALLY want – this is the secret to uncovering hungry, desperate niches! The easiest way to make money online is to sell ______?______ to your customers.  See page 13 for the surprising answer!  You’ll get an easy step-by-step blueprint for researching and creating profitable products – no guesswork required! Revealed: A quick and easy way to leave your competitors choking on your dust as their customers stampede to buy YOUR products!  You’ll discover which one of the biggest online retail sites you can use to get inside your customers’ heads! Finally, you’ll find out how to tell with absolute certainty if your product idea will make you a bundle of cash!  Discover these three quick and easy ways you can use to create a product.  You already know two of these strategies – but the third you probably have never even thought of before! No guesswork – here’s a simple formula you can use to discover if you should outsource your product creation or do it yourself!  You’ll love this one – discover a quick and easy way to get others to create your product for you… FOR FREE! How spotting gaps in a market can make you rich …plus you’ll get an easy way to spot and fill these gaps!  Why you don’t need to re-invent the wheel when you create products – and why trying to do so can bankrupt you! Discover how to give customers an irresistible “reason why” they should buy from you and not your competitor!  The secret of riding on the coattails of someone else’s success – this is such an easy path to success you’ll almost feel guilty watching your bank account grow! You’ll learn five secrets of creating irresistible sales letters that make money like crazy!  Here’s a sales letter secret you can use immediately to boost your conversion rate fast: Prospects won’t buy a product unless they first __________. See page 30 for the eye-opening answer! Need more sales?  Here’s how to find partners who’re eager to do all the work for you!  Quick: Turn to page 33 to find out how beginner marketers land joint ventures with the biggest marketers in their niche – and how you can too! Testing and tracking exposed!  Find out what you really should be testing – it’s not JUST your sales letter and ads!  Now you can skip the usual “trial and error” marketing mistakes – here’s a quick way to find out what REALLY works in your niche! Revealed: The product pricing secrets the pros use – now you’ll know instantly exactly how much to charge for your product!  Here’s a new one: Find out how your productivity may actually be hurting your business! See page 39 to find out how to avoid the four critical mistakes that make good marketers go broke…  …and then see the next page to discover what else could make the wheels come off your entire business! And Much Much More...You’ll find out everything you need to know about creating and selling in-demand products that leave your customers begging for more! And your competitors will be left wondering where all their customers went!So what is this information worth to you?Just imagine racing to the top of your niche’s bestseller list.  Imagine your product a best seller at Clickbank …and think about how many more affiliates you’ll get because of it.  Imagine your PayPal account exploding every time you launch a product. This is how a best selling marketer feels every day.  And it’s how you too can feel when you order the “The Info-Product Crash Course” now! Finally, you’ll know how to…  Discover hungry niches you never knew existed…   Create in-demand products your customers can’t wait to buy…   Use sales letter tactics that your cus Calling all info product marketers:“Who Else Wants to Make Easy Money with a Constant Stream of Best Selling Products?” Here’s Why Some Marketers Almost Always Make a Fortune with Every Product They Create – and How You Can Too!&nbspDear Fellow Ma
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