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Proven Pricing SECRETS! Skyrocket Your Profits RP $250

Proven Pricing SECRETS! Skyrocket Your Profits RP $250 EEK-055 Instant Download Price
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Buy and Download Description Proven Pricing Secrets This unique ebook reveals the proven pricing secrets that the experts are using to generate huge profits, and how anyone can use these same ideas and be hugely successful! Retail Price: $249.95 w/RESALE "This is without a doubt one of the most powerful reports I've read in the last two years online! You will see exactly how the biggest names in marketing make as much money as they want whenever they want! And the best part is that you'll see exactly how You can copy their proven plan for success right now. You just can't lose..." -- Anthony Stillwell From: Kunle Olomofe Tuesday, Aug., 2001 (6:00 AM) To: Business owner with a burning desire to increase profits! Subject: How would you like to Skyrocket your business profits with my proven pricing secrets special report package? Dear Friend, Today is your lucky day! Why do I say that? Simple. I'm about to hand over to you a product package that will instantly catapult your business profits in multiple profitable ways! "Hello Kunle, I didn't even think about the pricing tactics you advised for making more profit! I'm going to go back and study what you wrote closely and make the changes as soon as possible. Once again many thanks!" -- Neil Day The best part? If you choose, YOU can be making money from this exact same product package -- starting immediately and without lifting even your little finger to write one report... "I was delighted to receive orders just within the first hour I announced this package! We have had some email broadcasts where we didn't make a single sale. Yours is the only one where I can claim that we make a sale every time we broadcast!" -- Felix Ibay Now, within just 3 minutes the exact same product package can become yours to sell for 100% profits! However before we jump into discussing that, lets find out exactly what it's inside and how it can help YOU and YOUR prospects -- immediately! How can YOU benefit from THIS proven success? It's very simple. About 3 and a half weeks ago I released this brand new special report on pricing for big profits and it simply stunned many net marketers who saw it... "Whow!!! Kunle, your financial insights are one giant plus (t-h-a-n-k-s !!) You've started a bush fire inside me as I think about the potential here!" -- Gary Harvey The same special report on pricing quickly improved the way many net marketers treat the topic of making real money from their own web sites... "'Proven Pricing Secrets' is simply awesome! I've spent the entire afternoon reviewing it. I'm not kidding when I say this new manual could mean the difference between continuing to earn an average income online this year OR a very nice six figure income like the pros." -- Duncan Carver, The same special report got top marketers all excited and saved them from months of indecision that was costing them thousands in daily profits... "Hey, Kunle. I just finished up your new report and I have to admit, it seriously got my blood pumping! I've been working for months on a new high- priced product, and now thanks to your report, I'm geared up like never before!" -- Chayden Bates If you're looking for fresh, insider ideas and tactics that will put your profits into INSTANT hyper-drive... ...I have really great news for you! This special report reveals what the "experts" and their in-the-know clients are doing with these same proven pricing secrets to earn upwards of $600,000 and more, and why I'm certain almost anyone can use the same ideas ...and be super-successful! "This is one of the most original and valuable reports I've read in a long time! You're showing your readers the step-by-step secrets to really maximizing their profits by using your proven pricing principles!" -- Klaus Dahl Once you order instant access now, you will instantly discover EVERYTHING about the pricing secrets of SUPER-WEALTHY marketers like.. Mike Enlow, Corey Rudl, Dan Kennedy, Jonathan Mizel, Michael Kimble, And others too many to list here! These people are doing millions of dollars in sales (in a short time). And I have discovered the simple secret no-brainer pricing system they're using to do it! All you do after getting instant access is read about, and then make the move to copy the REAL world strategies and real-life examples from people like myself and the famous millionaire-maker Dan Kennedy! That's it! "I have all ready been checking out the examples in your report. This is cool. It is definitely time to get the show on the road. Or as you have said, "Kick butt and Make Money!". Thanks for the information." -- Jim Rusk Are my proven pricing secrets REALLY proven to WORK? You betcha! Below is just a small sampling of people (whom you likely know very well, at least by name), who have proven that the ideas and strategies I will show you today actually work magnificently, year in, and year out... People like... Dan Kennedy, Michael Kimble, Yours truly, Jonathan Mizel, Ken McCarthy, Wes Blaylock, And more like... Scott Covert, Corey Rudl, Mike Enlow, Mark Wittkowski, Joe Vitale, Terry Dean, Even more like... Monique Harris, Michael Campbell, Jeff Paul, Sam Robbins, Collin Almeida, Yanik Silver, Finally online presences like...,,,,, and.., All these people are among the "insiders" already using the same ideas in my confidential "Proven Pricing Secrets" report to make as little as $5,000 to as much $300,000 or more in remarkably short periods! "Your pricing manual is a masterpiece! While reading it, I rediscovered the secret formula I'd learned from the many high-priced seminars I attended. It shows the same formula my partner (Scott Covert of and I once implemented to pull in a $100,000 income! This is my master plan for internet success!" -- Felix Ibay One of the "insiders" above once confessed to me he'd earned over $200,000 in one day! Yep. JUST LIKE THAT. A direct quote from him... "I've personally earned $229,958.32 in a single day using these very same strategies". The great news is... there's really nothing special about this guy, except that... He does know a lot of pricing secrets that YOU don't have any clue about! With those same techniques, he's been able to make double the income of what most people dream they want to be making per year... in ONE day! You've got to be thinking... "Why the heck can THEY keep packing in so much in profits while I'm making little and next to nothing in sales?" If you're really thinking that, then this letter is really good news for you... YOU can be using these no-brainers to greater profits too, you just have discover WHAT they are, and how to start implementing them -- right away! At this point, you might be thinking..."Most people would just keep these insider tactics to themselves, so exactly why are you revealing these 'secrets'?" Here are 6 reasons why... I discovered a way to break out of the small income barrier. The answer was in having the perfect pricing system set up for my own products and services. I've looked around. With the exception of Dan Kennedy and maybe one or two other truly proven marketing master-minds, I'm the only one ready to reveal these proven pricing secrets, and especially in my usual SPECIAL style -- ALWAYS different from everyone else! Much like yourself, I have been through the same painful times, hard struggles and zero and low income stages of this busines Proven Pricing Secrets This unique ebook reveals the proven pricing secrets that the experts are using to generate huge profits, and how anyone can use these same ideas and be hugely successful! Retail Price: $249.95 w/RESALE "This is without
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