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Benevolent Co-Creations
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This product helps you to more thoroughly and easily understand yourself, your lover and anybody else, through understanding the specific meaning of the characteristics of the numbers within your First, Last name and Birthday.
is your Birthday Number Day, which represents, your own or anyone else's mental number day gifts and talents and also your similar mental day number shows your ideal lover.
is your Career Path Number, this represents, the career path you are born to express in this life.
is your Hearts Desire Number, which represents, what your heart most desires and is attracted to
Through this unique & innovative multi-reading numerology program, you will learn and discover many things about yourself and especially other people.
This reading will give you a great insight into your mental gifts, talents and natural abilities, which are revealed through your birthday number character. You will also learn to understand other people's mental number wave length and the program will help you find your ideal partner.
The program provides you with guidance into your natural career number path, which is revealed through the whole of your birthday number and prediction. 
The program also reveals your personal prosperous number year, which lasts for 12 months and also your karmic missing number. The Karmic missing number shows a number missing from 1-9, you have to learn in this life time. 
Lastly and this a must for expectant parents or mothers and fathers with a one month baby girl or boy, all will be revealed to you about the personality of your child to help you understand your baby more completely.
Purchase yours NOW! And discover more about your natural inner talents, qualities and true inner hearts desires for yourself and those you love.
This product helps you to understand and actively apply your natural inner ability to rapidly release unexpressed destructive emotions, thoughts and dis-empowering beliefs towards yourself and other people in order establish fulfilling relationships, 
You are guided to enter into a deep and relaxed state of conscious awareness and attention and enter into a state of inner felt harmony at one with yourself and surroundings.
You are guided to align your conscious mind with your subconscious mind, in-order to release transform existing dysfunctional relationships into ones that are fulfilling.
You are guided to focus upon creating, communicating and imprinting your desired relationship outcome to your subconscious creative mind.
With the Benevolent Co-Creations Relationship Transformer: Emotional Release process, you will learn how to rapidly release destructive emotions and beliefs and improve the relationships you have with those around you, into relations that are deeply fulfilling and filled with love, appreciation, joy and authenticity. 
The Relationship Transformer 1 Audio Process guides you to:
1• Align and harmonize your conscious mind with your subconscious mind.
2• Practically understand and apply the creative partnership and relationship you have with the subconscious mind to enhance and benefit your life.
3• Harness the support of your subconscious creative mind to attract what is desired.
You will discover that by deliberately harnessing the support of the powerful inner creative resources within you, you can rapidly release unexpressed emotions in all areas of your life. 
With this process you can effectively release emotional issues in all areas of your life whether intimate, personal, social or professional. 
Purchase yours NOW! And positively influence rapid improvements in your relationships! 
Develop closer relations with those around you by harnessing the creative resources available within you NOW.
You can try the products out on:
New romantic interests 
Newborn babies 
Children Family members 
Work colleagues
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Plus Get 2 Bonus Products:
The Art Of Consciously Connecting With Your Innerself - Ebook
The Potent Significance Of Beliefs - Edocument
NEMENN ADVANCED SELF-EMPOWERMENT & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTS INTERACTIVE MULTI-READING NUMEROLOGY PROGRAM This product helps you to more thoroughly and easily understand yourself, your lover and anybody else, through understanding the
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