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Buy and Download Description Be Your Own Boss Introduction The Internet - The Opportunity Of A Lifetime. Over thirty-three years ago when I was only17 years old, I was an apprentice printing press operator. At the time, I was paid three dollars an hour for my efforts. One day I was operating a printing press while a customer waited to sign off on the print job. He mentioned that he thought I should be working faster because my time was costing him $100 an hour. This was a real revelation for me. My boss explained how he had invested his life savings in the business. He purchased a building, had a lot of money tied up in equipment which wears out, and he was assuming all of the risk by offering me a regular wage that I could count on. He explained how capitalism works. "The employees must earn more income for the company than they are paid." he said. "As I learned, more, I would earn more." When we work for an employer, on average, we actually need to be more productive than if we operated our own business. The employees must earn enough to pay the bosses wage AND to earn a profit for the business. Today the workplace is heavily taxed and regulated. This is why our jobs are so stressful. It also explains why surveys indicate that at least 85% of all Americans would like to own their own business. It's getting more difficult all the time for the employer to be an employer. There is a growing trend for companies to offer income opportunities based on production to private contractors rather than to hire employees. The contractors are responsible for their own taxes, meeting regulations and providing their own benefits. We can view this trend as a problem or as an opportunity. I see current trends as better alternative for both the employees and former employers. Today nine of ten families require two working family members just make ends meet. A home-based business offers advantages that are unavailable in most professions. We can reclaim the true freedom missing in our lives through growing a home-based business. The Internet offers the opportunity of a lifetime. It is leveling the playing field, making it possible for anyone to compete with the big corporations - worldwide. Don't jump to the conclusion that you will get rich quick. Some do, but most do not! It takes time and effort, especially in the beginning, as with any worthwhile project. The transition is not fast or easy. You first build a foundation, then gradually "grow it" from home". A great tree starts with a small seed. The potential for an entire tree is already present in the seed. If you can envision the potential, you can achieve the results. This is a foundation of a more productive income model for almost everyone. For this new age income model to work we need to grasp our changing role in the workplace. We must step up to the challenge, beyond what we have done in the past. It requires a leap of faith and preparation to assume the vision and the responsibility required to "Be Your Own Boss" The Vision Behind "Be Your Own Boss" The concepts in "Be Your Own Boss" were conceived over 5 years ago as the result of a personal "Vision Quest". Due to changes in the printing industry, skilled artisans with 20+ years invested in the trade were being replaced with computer jockeys earning less than half of the customary wage. After 30 years as a Color Separation specialist for the printing industry, I lost my job. While I already had developed excellent computer skills, I could not support my family on less than half the income I had learned to depend on. It became clear that the skills I had developed over the years would no longer provide the security I had come to expect. In less than two months, I realized I was in trouble. I was flat broke. The Problem In western culture, we are accustomed to following the leader. We work for a boss who has already paid our dues. This income model depends on a company earning much more from our work than we do. As we learn more we earn more, but we never really earn enough to actually gain any real control over our life. In most cases we are expected not to think for ourselves but just do as we are told. The problem is only magnified online. Now everyone wants to grow their own home-based business resulting in too many sellers and not enough buyers. Now that the Internet Gold Rush has come and gone, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The solution A vision is like a seed, it contains everything needed to replicate itself in reality. Once you fully develop your own vision, you can use it as template, the details are easy, like paint by number. After six months of turmoil, in an instant of clarity I conceived the vision that IS "Be Your Own Boss". It has taken me five years to bring this vision into reality both in my own successful Internet business, and to share with others in the ebook. I can't guarantee you WILL get rich from the information contained in "Be Your Own Boss." I can guarantee you CAN use the information in the book to obtain more control over your life and destiny. Everyone reselling this ebook, as a condition of offering the book for sale gives you Smithfam's normal 100% satisfaction guarantee, just in case, you you are dissatisfied for ANY reason. Be Your Own Boss Introduction The Internet - The Opportunity Of A Lifetime. Over thirty-three years ago when I was only17 years old, I was an apprentice printing press operator. At the time, I was paid three dollars an hour for my efforts.
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