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Debt Chemotherapy
Buy and Download Description Are You Drowning In Consumer Credit Card Debt Or Commercial Credit Card Debt?Are You Falling Behind Or About To Fall Behind On Your Payments??Have The Credit Card Companies Jacked Your Interest Rates Through The Roof???If So, Learn How To Uncover The Secrets Of Debt Settlement That Will Cut Your Debt In Half And Lower Your Monthly Payments!April 21 , 2008.... From the desk of Christopher WinklerDear Debtor:Are you drowning in credit card debt? Do you owe so much money you can’t make the payments? Did they raised your interest rates to Mafia levels? Then you might want to consider Debt Settlement, which is also known as Debt Mediation, or Debt Negotiation hereafter known as Debt Settlement, to help you get out of debt quickly, without the long term damage that Bankruptcy or Consumer Credit Counseling hereafter known as CCC leave.When I was a younger man, I wish I had known about Debt Settlement. I lost my job as a stock broker and could not pay my credit card bills. They threatened to sue me, however, when you are not working, there is nothing to sue, so they didn''t. If you are have assets, they could try to sue you. However, we are able to teach you little known secrets that could prevent being sued by 99% of the credit card companies. There is only one credit card company that this technique will not work with.It would take a judgment to put a lien on your property. They might try to get a lien on any real estate, however, it will only prevent you from selling it without satisfying the lien. Using little known techniques, you can usually prevent litigation and any liens.My debt went away after seven and one half years and I was fine until about 5 years ago, when someone hired me and would not pay me. I fell behind again, and using other little known techniques, I have been able to get most of the accounts removed and my FICO is about 650.Not paying the cards leaves you with terrible credit for over seven years, however, for low debt, it will not hurt as much as filing bankruptcy, which can leave long term effects for up to twenty years. When you are low on money and the decision comes down to eating or paying the credit cards, please eat and take care of this later...Our e-Book, "Pennies On The Dollar," will give you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Debt Settlement, as well as give you a link to the next step.We will show you how you could prevent being harassed, and pay off your debt in a reasonable amount of time at a rate you can afford. Here are a few of the key items you will discover...How you can legally reduce your total debt by 40-60% in two to four years.How to avoid the long term damage that bankruptcy and consumer credit counseling leaves.How to lower your monthly payments.How to use a successfully tool to deflect summons and judgments.How to become a lower credit risk after you finish and re-enter the credit world.The Ten Unknown Facts About Credit Card Companies.Reveal how the Credit Card companies make more than the Mafia.What is the debt-to-income ratio and how it effects you.Compare the 7 options you have right now to get out of debt.Uncover the 3 steps of debt settlement.Identify a plan of attack to deal with your credit card debt.And a whole LOT more...Our e-Book, Pennies On The Dollar, will give you the Straight Talk about Debt Settlement, as well as show you a way to your next step to getting Rid of Your Credit Card Debt once and for all.When you order, we are going to include a few bonuses:FREE Bonus Gift #1Totally Debt-Free Lifestyle a $49.95 value!"Learn How You Can End the Fear and Worry Created by Bad Credit and Debt Collectors...Get Out of Debt Quickly and Easily, Right Now!"43 pages of rock solid information on how you can finally live debt free!Steps to avoiding credit card debt, the most common and serious case of debt accumulation. How to check and choose the best credit interest rate...What to ask and clarify before choosing your credit card with the lowest rates. Summarizing your debts is very important - I''ll show you real life examples of how I summarize my debts correctly and create a formula to pay them all off. Learn the secret to repaying debts quickly and still save on interest charges...And once that debt is paid off, you can use the secret to pay off the rest of your debt. Whether your a student, a stay-at-home mother, or working a nine-to-five job, I''ll break down step by step how to become debt-free. And Much Much More...FREE Bonus Gift #2We will also include a copy of"Building A Better Credit Report" a $19.95 value22 Pages of real-world things you can do to build a better credit report during and after a Debt Settlement arrangement.If you''ve ever applied for a credit card, a personal loan, or insurance, there''s a file about you. This file is known as your credit report. It is chock full of information on where you live, how you pay your bills, and whether you''ve been sued, arrested, or filed for bankruptcy. Consumer reporting companies sell the information in your report to creditors, insurers, employers, and other businesses with a legitimate need for it. They use the information to evaluate your applications for credit, insurance, employment, or a lease.Having a good credit report means it will be easier for you to get loans and lower interest rates. Lower interest rates usually translate into smaller monthly payments.Nevertheless, newspapers, radio, TV, and the Internet are filled with ads for companies and services that promise to erase accurate negative information in your credit report in exchange for a fee. The scam artists who run these ads not only don''t deliver — they can''t deliver. Only time, a deliberate effort, and a plan to repay your bills will improve your credit as it''s detailed in your credit report.Inside, you will find:Section 1: Explains your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.Section 2: Tells how you can legally improve your credit report.Section 3: Offers tips on dealing with debt.Section 4: Cautions about credit-related scams and how to avoid them.Section 5: Offers information about identity theft.Section 6: Lists resources for additional information.FREE Bonus Gift #3We will also include a copy of7 Effective Ways To Control Your Debt a $9.95 value4 Pages of realistic things you can do Building A Better Credit ReportDebt can make your life better or/and can tear your life apart. Most people always take the positive part of having debts without taking in consideration how debts can ruin our life and also how easy we can get rid of our debts by following simple steps...Some practical steps to follow to get a grip on your debt!How Much Will All This Cost Me, Chris?We are just launching this site after doing some test marketing and for a limited time, we are going to offer this entire package, the Pennies On The Dollar eBook, a copy of Totally Debt-Free Lifestyle valued at $49.95, a copy of Building A Better Credit Report valued at $19.95, and a copy of 7 Effective Ways To Control Your Debt valued at $9.95, a $79.85 value all for the low price of $29.95.We are looking for some testimonials, and to show good faith, we will keep the price low for the first 30 days, then we reserve the right to raise the price at any time.Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed for 90 days! If you are not completely satisfied that this eBook delivers the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Debt Settlement, please contact us for a full refund.The ball is in your court. Don''t stick your head in the sand because the debt won''t go away and it gets worse with time! Order our eBook Now and instantly download it after you Buy It Now!  Christopher Winkler Senior Debt Analyst Debt Chemotherapy Are You Drowning In Consumer Credit Card Debt Or Commercial Credit Card Debt?Are You Falling Behind Or About To Fall Behind On Your Payments??Have The Credit Card Companies Jacked Your Interest Rates Through The Roof???If So, Learn How To Uncover The
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