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eDice Polyhedral Dice Gaming Software Download

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Gaming dice. Polyhedral dice. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons dice. Gem dice. By whatever name you know them, your gaming dice are a critical part of your role playing game - whichever RPG you play.

Real dice are fun to collect and fun to use, but they have their drawbacks. I wrote eDice software to overcome those limitations and satisfy my own demanding requirements as a game referee. Now you, too, can benefit from my efforts.

The eDice program gives you access to more than just the standard 7-die set. You get access to virtual d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100 - but that's not all! The magic of electronic dice allows me to include a die of adjustable, user-definable size!

What that means is you can roll a die of any size - not just 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100 sided. This feature allows you to roll a die of any size up to 99,999,999 sides! That's up to ninety-nine million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine sides!

Each die has a down list from which you can any number from 1 to 100 as the number of times you want that particular die rolled. If you need to roll a die more than 100 times, you can type in any number you like. This saves time and money because you only have to "roll" once, regardless of how many times you want it rolled, and you don't have to add all the results up!

eDice automatically totals multiple dice of the same type that you want rolled. If you roll down list, for instance, eDice gives you the total of all the dice at once. You can also have eDice roll multiple kinds of dice and total all of their results, as well. Need to roll 20d10 plus 8d4 and add the results to 5d6? No sweat! eDice has you covered. Just the check boxes next to the 10 sided die, the 4 sided die and the 6 sided die. Then, how many times you want to roll each of them from the down list beside each one. Finally, the "Total All Dice" check box - and click the "Roll the Dice!" button! It's that simple to use!

eDice uses special randomization algorithms that simulate the rolling of real dice as closely as possible. The result is values that are as random as possible, and "dice" that behave like real dice in results!

eDice also has a special feature I've never seen elsewhere that allows you to roll a random-sided die. In other words, eDice will randomly generate how many sides it has! You can also specify that this die be rolled a random number of times - and even that it's number of sides be chosen at random every time it is rolled! How about that for a random number?!

eDice also doesn't have the problems that normal dice have:

  • It is always fair.
  • It can't never fall off the table.
  • It doesn't need any space to be rolled in.
  • You can't lose eDice.
  • It can't be stolen out of your dice bag while you're not there.
  • Nobody will try to beat you up for having "geek dice".
  • You can have it at school, at work, or wherever you have access to a computer you can install it on..
  • It is easily concealed.
  • The dog or cat, or kid, or whatever can't eat it.
  • You can roll any number of dice with of any number of sides.
  • You have access to a random sided die.
  • You have access to a user-defined die - whatever number of sides YOU choose!
  • You can have the computer decide how many times the user defined die is rolled.
  • Roll your dice - any, some or all of them - as many times as you want, instantly!
  • eDice makes no sound at all.
  • eDice takes up no physical space.
  • eDice cannot get chipped, scratched or change color.
  • eDice totals all rolls for you.
  • And best of all, they're not a choking hazard for babies/small pets/etc!

eDice is the perfect solution to such problems as:

  • Rolling 1,000d6... twenty times.
  • Rolling 1d3.
  • Rolling d17.
  • Rolling 6,998d898,172.
  • Rolling random-d-random.
  • Rolling dice when you have nowhere to roll them, such as on a bus, plane, or really messy room.
  • Rolling dice in a library, or other place you need quiet.
  • Setting up a game when you have your, but a game is the last thing you expected to come across.
  • Speeding up a game and helping to eliminate the disruptive effects of game mechanics, so the game runs more smoothly and is more enjoyable.
  • Never having to remember to grab your dice bag.
  • Never having to hunt through your dice for the one you need.
  • Never having to count your dice to make sure you didn't lose any, or none got stolen.

If you play RPGs, you need eDice. And it's priced very reasonably - you get all these benefits for less than a single set of new physical dice would cost you!

eDice runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, or NT, but users of Linux/BSD/UNIX should be able to install and run it using WINE, although that has not been tested yet. Mac users may also be able to use it via emulation.

You will receive the eDice installation program as an e-mail attachment in .zip format as soon after I receive payment as possible. This file is less than two megabytes in size so make sure you have at least two megabytes of free space in your mail account when you order it. To install it, simply unzip it and then run the file named setup.exe.

As a programmer, I have to take special care to keep my computer from becoming infected with a virus so that I do not accidentally spread it to anyone else. Rest assured that when you purchase this software from me, it will be 100% virus, trojan, worm, and malware free.

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Gaming dice. Polyhedral dice. Advanced Dungeons &amp Dragons dice. Gem dice. By whatever name you know them, your gaming dice are a critical part of your role playing game - whichever RPG you play. Real dice are fun to collect and fun to use, bu
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