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Buy and Download Description Discover how YOU can Earn Piles of Cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Even While You Sleep! For just $9.55 you'll get the Best Automation Manual Ever Written. Plus you get the Rights to Resell this Course and YOU Keep 100% of the Profits! Dear Internet Friend, If you are at all serious about making money, this will be the most important letter you've ever lucked onto. Here's why: You're about to learn the exactly how to create your very own Automatic Money Machine. You'll be given complete step-by-step instructions, showing you exactly what to do from start to finish, so that you can earn piles of cash while you sleep. "Building YOUR Automatic Money Machine!" is the most complete Step-by-step guide to making money in your sleep available. EVERY Internet Marketing Expert knows that automation is the key to success. Isn't it time that you learned exactly how to automate your entire business? What are the benefits of automation? More time - You can spend your time as you please, because your entire business runs on "Autopilot"! More money - Since your business will be totally automated, you're free to focus on marketing, and expansion - the things that make you more money. Unlimited income - When you automate your business, you can sell an unlimited amount of your products, and it takes no time. Freedom - Making money without having to spend your time, means you can do whatever you like, whenever you like. Time + Money = Freedom! Imagine this: Imagine waking up in the morning (or afternoon), and finding your email in-box filled with orders. They came in while you were sleeping, and you don't even know where they came from. It's just like getting free money . . . it's seems like magic! But here's what really happened: You built YOUR Automatic Money Machine, using the step-by-step instructions in this eBook. Then while you were asleep, your Automatic Money Machine: sent people to your Web Site sold them your product, took their order, charged their credit card, deposited the money into your bank account, and then sent you an email to let you know about it. Your Automatic Money Machine does this for you again and again without any involvement or time required from you. Can you image owning a machine like that? Well, now you don't have to dream about it, because you're just seconds away from learning how to build one. Why should you listen to me? In short, because I know what I'm talking about. Take a look at my track record: I made over $1600 my very first month marketing Online. I generated over 137, 000 Hits to my Site in my Second Month. I went from over $40,000 in debt to being completely debt-free - in six months. Currently, I make up to $1200 a day Online! Best of all, I have no job! I accomplished all of this by creating my Automatic Money Machine™. I'm not bragging, I just want you to know that you will learn the System I used to do this. You will discover Exactly what to do to build YOUR Automatic Money Machine™. Imagine getting out of bed when you wake up - not when the alarm goes off. Imagine planning your life based on what you want to do - not what you have to. Imagine having total freedom - and not being controlled by lack of time or money. Well, that's exactly what Building YOUR Automatic Money Machine can do for you. I'm a 27 year old Philosophy Major, so think about this: If I can do it - so can you! "Dustin's system is amazing. I've been working a home-based business for over 5 years, and within my first 6 months of using his system my income increased by $7,000 a month. That's over $42,000 EXTRA in just 6 months!!! The tools he has put together work - it's idiot proof. . . . get started and apply the tools!" Ryan Tacher What will you learn exactly? How to automate your "prospecting" - Exactly how to capture prospects and follow-up with them effectively until you make the sale. You'll learn how to automate this process, and you'll even be given templates, so you know what to say. How to automate your sales process - You'll get step-by-step instructions for setting up the entire thing from start to finish. This includes instructions on setting up: Your Web Site Your Ordering System (including different options for real-time credit card processing) Delivery of Your Product Follow-up with Your Customers How to automate customer follow-up and increase profits through "back-end" sales - Again, you'll learn how to automated the process, and I'll even give you templates so you know what to say! How to automate your affiliate program and make unlimited income - The key to serious income is having hundreds or even thousands of other people selling your product for you. You'll learn all your different options for setting this up. You'll also learn how to automate: Your affiliate sign up, Your affiliate training, Your affiliate tracking, And your affiliate payments. What the best tools and resources to use are - I've spent countless hours researching, testing, and experimenting to find you the best of everything you need. You'll get all my personal tools and recommendations. So much more . . . - It's difficult for me to include everything that's in there on this page, but just listen to what others are saying about "Building YOUR Automatic Money Machine!": Please don't try to build an Internet Business without reading this manual first! After reading this eBook, you'll wonder how you ever survived without the info it contains. You'll learn all the automation secrets that every top marketer's using. And if you are even slightly serious about making money online, you need this info. There's a right way and a wrong way to do business Online - make sure you know the right way! Now, here comes the best part... Royalty Free resell rights included! I know you'll make so much more money in so much less time by applying my system to your business, that you'll think I'm crazy for not charging 10 times as much for this course. Maybe I am, but I'm not stopping there. Discover how YOU can Earn Piles of Cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Even While You Sleep! For just $9.55 you'll get the Best Automation Manual Ever Written. Plus you get the Rights to Resell this Course and YOU Keep 100% of the Profits! Dea
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