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Hindu Yogi Science of Breath

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Hindu Yogi Breathing
Buy and Download Description "The Affordable, Surefire, and Easy Way to Better Health and More Energy - Without Spending Tons of Money!" How a 100-year old manuscript can show you step-by-step how to become healthier, fitter, and more vigorous than you ever thought possible using only the power of your breath! Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? You want to be healthy, fit, and have limitless energy. I’m willing to bet that you've spent a lot of money on books, videos, and supplements that promise these goals in just a few “easy steps!” Chances are that you ended up feeling like you were ripped off and because of that, you don't know who or what to believe anymore. Hey, I don’t blame you. You work hard for your money and you just want some straight answers. That's where I come in. I'm an average guy who has been struggling with the same issues you have. So, how about you do yourself a huge favor? Read every word of this because what I'm about to share with you could very well change your life! Does This Sound Familiar? Every day, we’re being told that we need to exercise more. This is true! However, it’s also true that it’s becoming harder and harder to find even just a couple of minutes to do anything that needs to be done! If you say to me, “I don’t have time to exercise,” my reaction is completely different from anything you’ve heard before. I BELIEVE YOU! We’ve all seen the news. People are working longer and longer hours. The number of sleep-related traffic accidents is on the rise. Children are now being treated for hypertension (this used to be an “old person’s problem!”). Dinner, which used to be a time for everyone to get together and connect, is now pushed aside as people instead buy unhealthy fast food while on the run to the next appointment. Yet, the “experts” would have you feeling guilty for having such limited time, as if you are somehow lazy for not being able to follow the product or exercise programs that they developed. They tell you to wake up earlier in order to have time to exercise. As if people weren't sleep deprived enough already! They tell you to make an appointment with yourself to exercise. Anyone can tell you that real life is often unpredictable and appointments are the first thing to be cancelled when something unexpected happens! Let's also not forget that many times, these "programs" require you to buy additional equipment and/or supplements! 99% of the time, the equipment is just plain junk and the supplements are worthless or even downright dangerous! ENOUGH! I’ve been in the exact same situation you’ve been in so many times that I’ve lost count. I spent TONS of money on the latest fads and programs that promised “quick results with a minimal investment in time!” I had stacks of books on my floor. Videotapes were spilling off my shelves. Equipment took up valuable living space. Yet, NONE of them delivered! It’s enough to make any rational person QUIT in disgust! Then I came across a manuscript that was so powerful and so life-changing that the first thing I did after reading it was go home and throw all the books, videos, and equipment I had in the trash! It CAN Work For You, Too! I promise your situation is not unique. More importantly, your situation is NOT hopeless. Let me explain: For years, I suffered from chronic back pain. It was bad enough that I had to keep pills with me at all times to deal with it. One day, I read an article that said that yoga had been used for centuries as a method of pain management. So I learned a few yoga poses (asanas) and started doing them. Within a week, my back pain was gone. I’ve been a supporter of yoga since then (this was about two years ago). Some time later, I found this manuscript that talked about the yogis (yoga masters). Since I knew what yoga could do and have an enormous amount of respect for it, I read on. This manuscript I came across doesn’t deal with poses. Instead, it teaches you to harness the amazing power of your BREATH! Here's How The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath Can Help You Become Healthier and Fitter Starting Today! The power of breath has long been underestimated. You can survive for weeks without food. You can go for a few days without water. You can only survive a few minutes without taking a breath! The resource is called The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath and it has been around for over 100 years! Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Lessons Inside The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath: · Why so many people breathe the wrong way and how this can have negative effects on your health! · The four forms of breathing and why you should NEVER do the first two! · The ONE breath you MUST practice that will rejuvenate and stimulate your entire body! (NOTE: This breath is so important that TWO entire chapters are devoted to it!) · How to naturally “detoxify” your body with your breath and feel refreshed afterwards! · A breathing technique that sends waves of vitality through your body and energizes the nervous system! · A technique that will increase the power of your speaking voice so much that it is recommended that you NOT practice it daily! · How to program your body to automatically breathe in the most beneficial manner possible. You will be constantly energizing yourself without thinking about it! “Come on, get serious. Can you really become healthier and fitter just by breathing?” I don’t blame you one bit for being skeptical. Actually, my reaction was the same as yours when I heard about this. So I did some research and what I learned blew me away! Everyone knows that a regular program of exercise has lots of benefits. When I compared a list of benefits from traditional exercise programs and those from following a regular program of breathing exercises, I learned that the benefits are the same! Both help get rid of depression and anxiety! Both strengthen the immune system! Both burn fat! Both clean toxins out of the body! Both increase your energy! Both keep the heart healthy! Both improve your circulation! So now you have a choice to make. You can either set aside time each day to exercise or you can get your exercise in while you go about your day! Want more benefits of this incredible resource? You’ll also learn: Seven breathing exercises used by the ancient Yogis to develop their muscles, lungs, and circulation! An additional seven remarkably effective exercises that you can use to push your physical development even further! Breathing methods for warding off illness and controlling pain! And so much more! Breathing exercises can't be beat when it comes to convenience. You can do them while: Taking a shower! Grocery shopping! Sitting at your desk at work! During meetings! While watching TV! While driving your car! And the list goes on and on! In fact, the only limitations on where you can do your breathing exercises is your own imagination! "Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?" Let's do a quick comparison - last time I checked a course on how to breathe correctly for maximum benefit would set you back about $150. The other option is for you to shell out $120 or more buying up all kinds of expensive “breathing” books that will most likely only sit on your shelf gathering dust (I speak from experience here). Of course, you could also continue to pay money for gym fees, supplements, and more equipment. This would cost you thousands of dollars in the long run! Frankly, none of these options really seemed fair to me. Most of the books produced today are heavy on the pictures and light on the information. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain. This sensational resource, The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath, is available to you as an e-book d "The Affordable, Surefire, and Easy Way to Better Health and More Energy - Without Spending Tons of Money!" How a 100-year old manuscript can show you step-by-step how to become healthier, fitter, and more vigorous than you ever thought possible
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