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New Youth Softball Coaching Instruction System

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Buy and Download Description Today's Powerful Alternative to Books and Videos Are you a new or seasoned youth softball coach looking for a secret weapon and competitive edge in your league this year?  Have you preached a simple concept over and over until you were blue in the face only to see your teaching seemingly be misunderstood or ignored?  Are you a spouse or significant other looking for a special gift or that "something extra" to help your favorite coach teach the exciting sport of youth softball? UNTIL NOW, the only tools available in the marketplace to help coaches prepare their players were videos and books. Through years of coaching youth sports, I developed acrostics-based systems designed not only to speed-up the softball learning process, but to significantly increase the retention rates of softball concepts taught in practice. Some kids learn by seeing, some by doing, some by hearing.  Other kids learn better by reading.  The simple fact is, the more senses you involve in the coaching process, the higher the percentage of retention, and therefore execution, when the pressure is on and the time comes to "make the play."  By incorporating these powerful Acrostics into your weekly practices and giving your players something exciting to take home with them between practices, you will dramatically shorten the learning curve.  The Coaching Acrostics System is constantly reinforcing your leadership when your players are away from you and the softball diamond, and this translates into more wins for your team! Not only that, but I continue to be amazed at how this system gets the parents more involved with the team.  Even the parents with little or no softball knowledge feel better about the experience because they finally have something that they can understand and talk about with their son or daughter.  It also gives the softball-savvy moms and dads more specifics to discuss with their player.  The Coaching Acrostics System will develop your players in a shorter period of time.  It allows players to understand and implement concepts quicker, and enables the ‘average’ players to more quickly compete with the ‘above average’ players because it quickly closes the “mental gap” that is oftentimes the difference in performance. In addition to the fully guaranteed Coaching Acrostics System, I will include at no charge a tool that makes it incredibly easy for your players to understand AND REMEMBER who "has it" when a pop-fly is hit.  I have used this tool to effectively eliminate players running into each other or worse yet, watching a fly ball to the ground because a player thought another player "had it."  Best of all, this exclusive tool works after just one practice!  This one item alone is worth the purchase price of the entire system! I will also include at no charge, a one page Goals/Diary sheet for your players to use throughout the season.  This one page will mean more to your players in 20 years than it will this season, but they will thank you for many years to come because you took the time to help them preserve their memories that have a tendency to fade as they grow older.  Your players will be able to look back and remember their time on your team this year even though the names and faces on the team picture have long been forgotten. Lastly, the Coaching Acrostics System weaves messages of teamwork, respect, work ethic, and a never-give-up mentality that are crucial to the well rounded athlete and citizen. This incredible system prepares your players like no other.  Guaranteed. What you get with today's risk-free order: •   Money Back Guarantee! OWN with CONFIDENCE. I totally guarantee this system. You don't like it- I refund your money.  Simple as that.  For one full year.  You don't like it, I refund your money for 365 days- You have nothing to lose! •   Eight brand new Coaching Acrostics System pages:  BASE RUNNING, OFFENSE, DEFENSE, DUGOUT CODES, FIELDING, HUSTLE FIRST, TEAMWORK, and PRACTICE- Acrostics covering every major part of the game. •  Free Bonus #1 "I Got It" Pop-Fly Simplifier instructional tool.  NEVER again watch a fly-ball to the ground while your players stand there looking at each other thinking another teammate will catch it. •  Free Bonus #2 Goals /Diary Sheet for players to update and maintain during the year.  Give your players something to remember you by for years to come. •   Free Bonus #3 Invaluable Cover Letter for you to give to your players as an introduction to the System.  This letter will not only challenge and inspire your players, but it will "plant the seed" in their mind of the great things you are going to accomplish this year as a team. •   SUPER FAST customer service with INSTANTANEOUS ELECTRONIC DELIVERY.   Buy it Now and begin implementing at your next practice, even if you are on the way to the park right now!  Own this system within four and one half minutes, no matter what time of day or night it is!     You can watch video after video and read book after book if you have the time, but this is the one system that will put relevant, understandable, cutting edge material in your player’s hands. Imagine for a second teaching a concept and observing your players “getting it” after just one practice!  This season, give your players something THEY can use AND that works for YOU!  By doing so, everyone involved with your team will know that "this year will be unlike any previous year” with the Coaching Acrostics System supplementing your efforts to teach the great game of youth softball. Buy it Now PS. To commemorate the recommitment of this product, I am throwing in freebies from my personal collection that have never been offered to the public before now.  I conservatively estimate the value of these items alone to be worth in excess of $50.     FREE BONUS #4 – The PARENTING TIPS acrostic- a hard-hitting, parent-focused Acrostic that gives parents the information they desperately need but that most coaches are reluctant to deliver. Note: I strongly recommend that you not give this to parents until a couple of weeks after introducing the system to the team!      FREE BONUS #5 – The coaches special RULES OF THUMB acrostic- a quick reference tool to keep you focused on the finer details of in-game management.  Don’t let the “heat of the moment” derail sound decision management.    PSS.  Thanks to the eBay company PayPal, and PayPal affiliate PayLoadz, you can begin using this amazing System at your very next practice, even if you are on the way to the park right now!  That’s right!  Immediately after you click the Buy it Now button, you will go through eBay check out. At the end of eBay check out, you will land on a PayPal page where you enter your Paypal user name and password to complete the purchase. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can make payment using any major credit card on the same PayPal page. After submitting payment, you will instantly receive an email from me with a link to download the entire system and all of the free bonuses in a PDF formatted file. Very simple download instructions are included for PC and Mac.  Buy it Now and you are just a few clicks away from downloading, printing and implementing! PSSS.  Of course, there are no shipping charges or delays in the shipping process!  You can have this exciting new product in your hands TODAY!  Thanks again PayPal and PayLoadz. Buy it Now                                         ************************************************** PS.&nbs Today's Powerful Alternative to Books and Videos Are you a new or seasoned youth softball coach looking for a secret weapon and competitive edge in your league this year?&nbsp Have you preached a simple concept over and over until you were blue in
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