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Even though I now work in the Entertainment industry as a radio and video promoter and media publicist, I am also:<br><br>   * A former police officer   * A former 2-time state prison correctional officer   * A former Sergeant of Juvenile Corrections Officers, and...   * A former United States Army Sergeant   As you can readily see, much of my life has been focused on security, and ranging from local to international levels.   In the military, I served as a communications operational specialist and held a Top Secret clearance.   But, most importantly, I am also a father of five children, so what I have to say adds an even heavier cause for me personally, based on the  below shocking child abduction and kidnapping statistics.   And, as a parent yourself, I beg you to please read the information on this page completely, because it can mean the difference between life and death of your child.   As you are aware, the world has now become incredibly dangerous, and is becoming more so each day, even though it is a subject that most people still try to put out of their minds and choose not to bring up as a topic for discussion.   As a parent, do you ever worry over the possibility that your child could become abducted?   On the other hand, perhaps, you have never given it a single thought.  Or, maybe you assume that you and your family are isolated from it, and that child abduction and kidnapping only happens to other people.   Well, remember that the truth is every one of us is someone's "other  people."   Child abduction/kidnapping is very real, and it occurs worldwide in some context every day.  And, the reality is that it can happen to you, to any of us, and to all of us, and it can happen at any, or metropolitan cities, and rural areas.   Now, you might think that it mostly occurs where there are few people, but you would be shocked to learn that it occurs very frequently in crowds and public places where people congregate.   For instance, public city parks, theme parks, highly populated football games, and other such areas where children's attention can quickly wander and they can easily become distracted and attracted to something else...something that you may never see, but they do, and will react to it.  And, this particular threat increases accordingly with the number of children that you have with you in public places.   I have seen this situation occur very often in public areas with parents, who thought their child was directly beside them, only to discover that the child had not been with them for quite a while.   And, below are the shocking statistics on this horrific deadly crime to prove its ongoing prevalence within our society: ______________________________________ Child Abduction/Kidnapping Statistics:   * Every 40 seconds, in the United States alone, a child is reported missing or abducted.   * 1.5 million children are abducted each year.  Can you imagine what this figure must be worldwide?   * With approximately 75 million children in the United States, every person has a 1% chance of being snatched away before surviving to adulthood to a parent, 1% is 1% too much!   * More than 1.3 million cases of caretaker-reported missing children incidents occur annually, which constitutes 18.8 per 1,000 children * Of child kidnapping victims,40% are killed, 4% are never found, with 71% being taken by a complete stranger * Most abductions occur within a quarter of a mile from the victim's home   *32% of child abductions take place on a street or in a car, while another 25% of abductions take place in a park or a wooded area   *In 46% of child abductions, the child is sexually assaulted   * More than 70% of kidnapping victims are girls   * 75% of kidnapped children are also murdered within three hours of their abduction   * In a recent study, nearly three-quarters of parents said that they feared their child may be abducted is fear for your child, practically, every waking moment, any way to live?   Now, if the above negative statistics, which are also documented by the Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, are about all that you can stand to see at this point, let me happily inform you that there is, indeed, a "bright light" at the end of this long, dark tunnel that can eliminate your ever needing to experience this particular dread in your and your child's lives.   And, that "bright light" is this report that I have authored that provides almost 30 POSITIVE vital actions you MUST take RIGHT NOW to insure that YOUR child NEVER becomes another unfortunate victimized statistic of this ongoing horrific, deadly crime.   My report reveals little-known, yet, powerful actions that you can take to ensure that your child always remains safe, regardless of where he or she is.   I strongly feel that my report will be so enlightening and self-empowering for you that, when you purchase it for only $7, I will also send you a  FREE copy of another of my eBooks by email titled, "The FREE  Electronics Guide," to show my appreciation in your making the decision to maximize protection for your child.   Again, I plead with you to take this step and get this report for not only the added security that it will bring for your child, but for the peace of mind that it will also bring you.   Because, your child cannot fend for himself against all of the negative elements that prey on children and await them.  This is why they have  us as their protectors, and it is our responsibility as parents to provide their ultimate safety and security against such social dangers as abduction and kidnapping.   In advance, thank you for adding another element in the further protection and security of your child.   Kenny Love   Protect Your Child From Kidnappers! Even though I now work in the Entertainment industry as a radio and&nbspvideo promoter and media publicist, I am also:&ltbr&gt&ltbr&gt &nbsp * A former police officer &nbsp * A former 2-time
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