"Conjuring Tricks From 'The Discoverie Of Witchcraft' " E-Book

"Conjuring Tricks From 'The Discoverie Of Witchcraft' " E-Book EBK-MAGIC_091205

DO YOU WANT ACTUAL RENAISSANCE EFFECTS IN YOUR ACT? THEN LOOK AT THIS E-BOOK! CONJURING TRICKS FROM "THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT" Edited & compiled by Stuart Joseph, known as The Great Scot, Bardic Magician, with divers notes written by Himself upon the tricks contained herein. A FACSIMILE E-BOOK EDITION OF THE FIRST (1584) ENGLISH MAGIC BOOK AND A LIST OF THE TRICKS IN IT. THE GREAT SCOT E-BOOKS COVER MANY TIME PERIODS Because I perform at a lot of Renaissance Faires, re-enactments, and historical sites, I am concerned about authenticity, so I have researched magic books that will add period magic to my act. I decided that if I found them useful, others would also, so I have started publishing them. This is the first, which is fitting because it was the first Book written in English that explains how Magic Tricks are done. The E-Book also contains a list of the tricks with explanations of what they are, but not how to do them. Our E-Books are ideal for magicians that are doing Renaissance Faires, re-enactments for the 18th Century, the 19th Century, the 20th Century and modern magicians, or any magician that wants to add something new (even if it is old) with a lot of impact on their audience. WHAT IS THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT? THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT was written by Reginald Scot in 1584 to convince people in England, especially Judges and the authorities, that persons accused of being witches should not be persecuted or killed. Most of the book is written as a logical argument disproving the current beliefs about witches, their practices, and their supposed accomplishments. This e-book edition is the Conjuring section of The Discoverie of Witchcraft, which consists of 23 pages. It deals with the conjuring being done in 1584 and explains how it was done. This was used to illustrate Scot's belief that a number of things that were done by the witches, or Magicians accused of being witches, were actually accomplished by standard practices of the magicians of the time, like sleight-of-hand, special equipment, or the use of confederates, techniques that are still used today. Also in this edition is a list of the tricks and effects discussed by Scot and their modern equivalents. This list alone is worth the price of the book, think of the time you would have to spend compiling it yourself and it is done for you already. PERFECT FOR HISTORICAL MAGICIANS, INVALUABLE FOR ANY CONJUROR A GREAT RESEARCH TOOL A superb research tool for historical magicians that are doing Renaissance Faires, re-enactments for the 18th Century, and the 19th Century. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT This book is invaluable for any magician as a number of the tricks are still performed today, or if you want to find something that is so old it will appear new, this e-book will do the trick. Quoted from the book by The Great Scot, Bardic Magician: "I wanted to make my Renaissance Magic Act authentic, so I went through The Discoverie of Witchcraft to find period tricks that I could perform and that I, or a magician, could learn from modern books. I welcome additions or corrections to the list, as I am sure that I have missed something. There is some great advice in the book; here is one of my favorites: "A magician must have a full assortment of trick coins and the like, but he must be careful lest he forget which are which and spend the wrong coins." WARNING! There are a number of tricks in The Discoverie that should not be done under any circumstances, they are too dangerous to people or animals. As an example, one of the tricks in the book has you stab yourself in the belly with a knife and show you are unhurt (seems like a precursor to Sawing in Half). Wearing a lead plate under your shirt as armour is supposed to stop the knife, but the trick killed a performer that forgot to wear the gimmick. He was drunk at the time, but it is still dangerous, the trick knife (mentioned later) is much safer. The book should not be used as a way to learn tricks, as the instructions are awful and some of the illustrations are incorrect or don’t show the method (the beads for example), which is why I use more modern books to learn the tricks. However, it is a great reference as to what type of magic was being done in England at the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Whether or not you do Renaissance Magic, the tricks fit a number of time periods. They still fool people, which is why they keep getting published and can be used in your act without any problems." FACSIMILE EDITION This means that the pages are exactly the same as when they were first published in 1584 with Elizabethan words and spellings (spelling isn't period ) and that is why there is a list of the tricks and their modern equivalents. READ IT NOW WITH CONVENIENT AND INSTANT DOWNLOAD Since this is an e-book, it can be downloaded as soon as you pay for it, stored on your computer or taken with you if you are on the road. USE ON ANY COMPUTER, PDA, AND SOME NOKIA DEVICES This book is written in PDF format, so it works on a PC, a Mac, Palm, Pocket PC, or Nokia Communicator 9500 devices. You will need a PDF Reader to view it, the most common is Adobe Reader. There is a version for each of the computers, PDA's, or Nokia that I listed. Adobe Reader comes with most computers but is a FREE download from the Adobe website: www.adobe.com WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GETTING THIS E-BOOK? * List of the tricks and effects discussed by Scot * First English Book concerned with how-to do magic * Period Magicians can use it for research * Non-period Magicians can get ideas for new (old) tricks to add to their act * E-Book can be read on PC's, Macs, PDAS, Nokia Communicator 9500 Devices * No Waiting! Download E-book as soon as you pay for it * * This E-book can be downloaded anywhere in the world without paying duty WHY SHOULD I GET THIS E-BOOK? If you are interested in performing historical magic, finding something unique to add to your act, or just want to see what magicians were doing during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, you owe it to yourself to buy this e-book. NO SHIPPING CHARGES OR ADMINISTRATIVE FEES, IMMEDIATE ONLINE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE! Since the e-book will be delivered electronically, there are no shipping charges, not even an administrative fee like other e-book sellers. The Great Scot E-Books are delivered electronically anywhere in the world, so if you have access to a computer, you will get them as soon as you pay for them without waiting for the mail or paying duty if you are outside the United States. Make sure that I won't be blocked by your spam filter, especially Hotmail users. If you have a problem, let me know. HOW MUCH DOES CONJURING TRICKS FROM 'THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT' COST? Since E-Books don't require printing or binding, they cost a lot less than a hard copy. It also means that we can publish books that do not have a broad appeal to the public and still bring books to the people that want them. More importantly, ask yourself : How much would it be worth to me to add new effects to my show or make it more authentic? CONJURING TRICKS FROM 'THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT' is only $7.50 US. BUY NOW!

DO YOU WANT ACTUAL RENAISSANCE EFFECTS IN YOUR ACT? THEN LOOK AT THIS E-BOOK! CONJURING TRICKS FROM "THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT" Edited & compiled by Stuart Joseph, known as The Great Scot, Bardic Magician, with divers notes written by H
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