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Gann Grids Ultra By Robert Giordano

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Robert Giordano
Technical Research Specialist

Gann Grids Ultra

Days, Weeks or even Months of research can now be done in just a few seconds with this new, improved and impressive version of Gann Grids.

Just imagine researching the stocks, commodities or index’s of your choice, placing it on any one of several grids per square inch settings, changing around the price scale until you find the proper price scale vibration which works in harmony with the programs included tools such as:

The Gann square tool with user defined settings make any number square you want
Time bar count tool
Price bar count tool
AB range division tool
Square of nine square root angle tool
User defined angle tool
Cycle research tool
Fibonacci number overlay tool
Numerical squares, half squares, and quarter squares overlay tool
User defined price scale tool
User defined grid size tool
And several others

Not to mention 7 extremely user friendly astro research tools such as

The Astro fingerprint tool
Ephemeris tool
Aspect date locater tool
Specific zodiac degree aspect tool
Zodiac hot spot locater tool
Planetary price channel overlay tool
and Planet progression tool

This section of the program was specifically developed to find hot aspects and degrees of the zodiac present around most of the major and minor trend change periods along with finding the natural and mundane energy date clusters using the ephemeris tool.

The findings and dates can then be highlighted on screen with the click of a button thus isolating potential turning dates into its future!.

These specialized astro tools are primarily used for isolating key dates from past trend change periods analyzed, dissected then projecting forward up to 5 years.

The reasons behind the development of the Gann Grids printing program

The reason for this program was out of sheer necessity as it was taking me much too long to hand draw all the various price and time charts on different grid sizes and price scale settings. This in itself is a very time consuming and frustrating project to say the least as most Gann theorists already know. It could literally take days, weeks, or even months to complete. However now thanks to the Gann Grids Printing Program these same blank charts could literally be printed in just minutes thus saving the user his/her precious time for further cycle study. These charts when systematically combined with the proper background knowledge of the master forecasting tools written about by the 3 great trading masters, WD Gann, Gorge Bayer and RN Elliot you will no doubt be one step closer to the truth about the hidden `WHYS'' within the fluctuations of our universal markets.


Robert Giordano has worked in several brokerage houses starting in 1993 up to the present.
he is series 7 and 63 registered along with holding a New York city real estate brokers license.

Mr. Giordano presently works full time for a New York City agency and devotes his spare time to developing the company "PVTPOINT MARKET RESEARCH" Along with over seeing the development of his specialized technical research programs such as "The Gann Grids Printing Program", "The Gann Grids Ultra Program" and others

He started studying technical analysis in 1992 and began researching the trading systems of WD Gann, George Bayer, RN Elliot along with many others in 1993
Several years were spent studying Uranian astrology with Arlene Nimark who is in his opinion a modern day astrology master.

Several years were also spent studying many metaphysic theories from such authors as Johndro, Levi, Bardon, Case, sepharial, Jensen, Dewey, Parker and others on such subjects as ancient astrology, astronomy, numerology, sacred proportions, time cycles, electrical engineering theories and more

After realizing how much work and time was needed to hand draw all the different price and time charts needed to research Gann and Bayer''s unique tools and ideas he developed the "Gann Grids Printing Program" at first for personal use and later for resale.

Some of Mr Giordano''s hobbies are:
weight training, mountain climbing, hiking, biking,camping ,and fishing, but his passion is technical forecasting research and trading. 

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Robert Giordano Technical Research Specialist Gann Grids Ultra Days, Weeks or even Months of research can now be done in just a few seconds with this new, improved and impressive version of Gann Grids. Just imagin
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