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Learn French Essential Language Reference

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Buy and Download Description Do you want to speak French with the locals? Then this e-book is for you!     This is a highly practical introduction to contemporary French.  It includes a mixture of the most commonly used words and phrases, together with grammar sections that help you to bring your words together to create properly structured sentences.  It can be used by the beginner to get an excellent grounding in the language, or by the more advanced learner as a reference. The book is an e-book in PDF format download PDF reader here with English/French translation with pronunciation of every word used. Whether you are starting out as a complete beginner or you are a more advanced learner, this is an essential reference guide that gives you what you need to know very quickly.     The next time you go on vacation, you could be speaking French! The e-book consists of 3 parts the contents of which are shown below: French I 1. Some Basic Phrases 2. Pronunciation 3. Alphabet 4. Nouns, Articles and Demonstratives 5. Useful Words and General Vocabulary 6. Subject Pronouns 7. To Be and to Have 8. Question Words 9. Numbers / Ordinals 10. Days of the Week 11. Months of the Year 12. Seasons 13. Directions 14. Color and Shapes 15. Weather 16. Time 17. Family and Animals 18. To Know People and Facts 19. Formation of Plural Nouns 20. Possessive Adjectives 21. To Do or Make 22. Work and School 23. Prepositions and Contractions 24. Countries and Nationalities 25. Negative Sentences 26. To / In and From places 27. To Come and to Go 28. Conjugating Regular Verbs 29. Pronominal Reflexive Verbs 30. Irregularities in Regular Verbs 31. Past Indefinite Tense 32. Irregular Past Participles 33. Etre Verbs 34. Food and Meals 35. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats 36. To Take, Eat or Drink 37. Quantities 38. Commands 39. More Negatives 40. Holiday Phrases French National Anthem Canadian National Anthem French II 41. Imperfect Tense 42. Places 43. Transportation 44. To Want, to Be Able to, to Have to 45. House 46. Furniture 47. Comparative and Superlative 48. Irregular Forms 49. Clothing 50. To Wear 51. Future Tenses 52. Preceding and Plural Adjectives 53. Adjectives: Feminine 54. Adjectives: Plurals 55. More Adjectives 56. Rendre plus Adjective 57. C'est vs. Il est 58. Sports and Hobbies 59. Nature 60. To Live 61. Object Pronouns 62. Parts of the Body 63. Asking Questions 64. Interrogative Pronouns 65. Forms of Lequel 66. Relative Pronouns 67. Demonstrative Pronouns 68. To Read, to Laugh, to Say 69. Disjunctive Pronouns 70. Y and En 71. To Write, to See, to Believe 72. Animals 73. Plaire and Manquer 74. Pluperfect 75. Indefinite Pronouns Déjeuner du matin Le corbeau et le renard French III 76. Colloquial Expressions 77. False Cognates 78. More Useful Words 79. Adverbs 80. Forms of Tout 81. Passive Voice 82. Depuis, il y a, and pendant in past contexts 83. Shopping 84. Post Office and Bank 85. To Receive 86. Infinitives followed by Prepositions 87. To Follow 88. Faire Causative 89. Direct / Indirect Discourse 90. Office / School Supplies 91. Conditional Tenses 92. Parts of a Car / Gas Station 93. To Drive 94. Travelling / Airport 95. Special Uses of Devoir 96. Cosmetics / Toiletries 97. Present participle 98. Abbreviations / Slang 99. Past Infinitive 100. In the Ocean 101. To Die 102. In Space 103. Subjunctive Mood 104. Possessive Pronouns 105. Simple Past 106. Make-Believe Stuff 107. Quebec French   Don’t waste anymore time!   You could be talking to locals next time you go on vacation!     Do you want to speak French with the locals? Then this e-book is for you! &nbsp &nbsp This is a highly practical introduction to contemporary French.&nbsp It includes a mixture of the most commonly used words and phrases, togeth
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