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Buy and Download Description Yes! Real people are using these techniques to transform their Craigslist campains! "15 Year Old Kid Shows You, Step By Step, How To Easily Create Profit Pulling Craigslist Posts Without Getting Banned - GUARANTEED or Double Your Money Back" "Would you like to know how you could turn any boring post on Craigslist into a lucrative money making powerhouse? Making upwards of $1321.72+ post? " "Forget all the Crap that you need a list to make money on demmand, I've uncovered a vastly unkown powerhouse that can see you making thousands of dollars a post... and it's not theroy. My customers are doing it! Give me $39 and I'll show you how to..." From: Mark McDonald Melbourne, Australia Saturday, 7:25 p.m. Dear Fellow Craigslist poster, As a young Internet marketer people often accuse me of being some old guy just pretending to be a kid to make some easy money... I guess I can understand that because every body is so scared of being burned online... They just don’t believe that a kid can make $1321+ a post on Craigslist... But originally I was concerned with what people thought about me on the forums... I used to go to massive lengths to prove to the sceptic’s that I was really this young.. I even got to the stage where I started offering them free copies of my audio products so that they could hear my voice.. But today I couldn’t give a damn what those people think... I really don't care if you think I’m a liar and a con artist... Leave this site right now… I don’t care… You can think what they want… I remember writing my first article about how I made money on Craigslist… Oh my god was that popular… It maintained the first page of one of the most popular marketing forums in the know universe for several days and got over one thousand people reading it… But I can tell you as soon as you tell people you have made any amount of decent money on something… You become sticky people start asking you questions, asking whether you’re really that old, and how the hell you did it You start getting private messages in forums and heaps of emails… Generally they annoy the crap out of you… "Mark's audio is totally amazing... I didn't know much about craigslist, I guess you could call me a craigslist newbie but Mark's audio opened up my eyes to the possibilities with craigslist, I now know how profitable craigslist is and I have learnt step by step on how to profit from it... thanks Mark!" Josiah Humphrey I can understand why people are so interested in Craigslist… If some body else had told me that I could get exposure on one of the most poplar sites in the known universe… Which gets 10,000,000+ visitors a month completely for free. No doubt.  I would have wanted to know too... So, here it is... I took my top strategies for making money on Craigslist and wrote it down.  I put them on audio recordings and I walk you through it ALL step-by-step! But I want to tell you my biggest secret… I can do it in less then 2 paragraphs… "The Big Money Is In providing Service for which Tons Of People Are Rabid To Buy and All You Have To Do Is Put Yourself In-front Of the Tidal Wave Of Money Already Being Spent!" Just give people exactly what they want and you’ll make a fortune… I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can transform your Craigslist ads into super responsive sales letters that get thousands of targeted prospects to read them and then finally force people to take action, pull out there credit card buy whatever your selling right now! What's more I’m going to take you by the hand and show you the exact strategies that I’ve used myself personally… To make money on demmand … Forget all this crap... about making money in six months.... If you listen to me and APPLY the information... You can start making money by the end of today! If you’re advertising on Craigslist this is a resource that you must have… If not and you just want to make some extra cash fast you need to get a copy... It is my best investment of the year! "Mark, you totally hit it out of the ball park with your Craigslist Profits.  Craigslist is probably one of the most ignored marketing medium by other internet marketers and you just came up with such a way to seize this huge opportunity and monetize its tremendous amount of traffic.  Great work!  One sale alone would make me many many times more than what I paid for this.  It is my best investment of the year. You should really consider rising the price to $49 or even $99 great work! " Dominic Lee -Google Certified Advertising Professional -WebCEO Certified Search Marketer Website:   I promise you that this stuff isn't hard guys! All you need to do is take the time to learn how to do it and put it into massive action… once you’ve learnt the basics you can make money on demand… Imagine you could just put up your post and you know when you come home from school or the movies… Awaiting you is a nice list of sales or eager clients for your services… you casually check your Paypal account and you’ve got sales… You can post on craigslist come back the next morning and know that you're going to have a long list of sales.. What scares me is 99% of the ads on Craigslist have the possibility of earning 10x more then they are doing… I’m going to give you 12mths of testing and knowledge of what works and doesn't work… and what’s more I’m going to put it on a silver plater… I’ll even throw in the free cherry… Hows that for overdelivering!   "Congratulations on an excellent presentation" “Love your audio. There are many great tips about copywriting that I surely did not expect to hear. Congratulations on an excellent presentation.” Greg Cryns You'll save absolutely months off your learning curve… Your truly taking the lazy mans way to success… While your competition is still trying to work things out… your going to jump in there straight away and do it right… totally avoiding the learning curve… It’s packed with real information… Information that can turn even the most low performing ad into something worth framing and putting on your wall… You don’t need any special skills if you’ve the ones your using to use this computer, a basic Internet connection and the ability to drive a mouse straight… your accepted! I’ll show what I mean… Here's my email account… Here's all the requests I got from one ad that I ran a couple of times… You also need to note that this was a $500 service and not just some lame $10 ebook… So I did make some serious money… The service was a quick SEO/link building service, which took me about 1hr to accomplish… Let me show you some of the results of one of my Craigslist campaigns… Have you ever gotten this many people wanting to buy a $500 product? As we scroll more down the page... Note: note NOT ALL "Payment Recieves were from this campaign. They were also a mix of all my other online ventures... Everything that mentions SEO is related to this service though! If you look at any of these email screenshots… you can see that I really do know what I’m talking about… this is just one of my twelve email accounts that I use for Craigslist posts… I’ve had $22 posts and I’ve also had $2500.00+ posts today it’s more up the high end... It’s really not rocket science but you do need to learn what works and what doesn’t… know some strategies like how to get people to read your ads, how to write kick butt sales copy and how to get people to pull out their credit cards and buy now…   Thi Yes! Real people are using these techniques to transform their Craigslist campains! "15 Year Old Kid Shows You, Step By Step, How To Easily Create Profit Pulling Craigslist Posts Without Getting Banned - GUARANTEED or Double Your Money Back" "
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