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Run ALL your vehicles on WATER!

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The WYSIWYG editor doesn't work very well here on payloadz so...

For a full description Click Here and surf the site:

I've added this to my own car and made a 47% decrease in fuel consumption! The engine runs quieter and smoother and I now save nearly 50% on my fuel bill, this really is a must buy and helps save the environment too.

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The WYSIWYG editor doesn't work very well here on payloadz so... For a full description Click Here and surf the site: &nbsp I've added this to my own car and made a 47% decrease in fuel consumption! The engine runs quiete
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What a SCAM

No Product.....eBook just sends you to Website for $97 eBook.


Fuel efficient now

As above review says, I made my money back in fuel savings already. Buy this book save money an help save the planet too.


Smooth runnings!

Fantastic! Got my money back within the week with all the fuel I saved from doing this, took me a while to build it as I was skeptical about it while reading it up. BUT IT WORKS! and really well. VERY HAPPY



I bought the payloadz £0.01 item to be able to leave this review, I originaly bought through the tinyurl link above which takes you to the website directly. My car is now running like a kitten, a lot smoother and quieter and I'm using at least half the fuel I used before! More than just happy here, I have made back the money spent on the "book"/site access and in getting the parts needed to build the device. So this is a proper bargain buy! Overjoyed and saving loads. Wonderful!!!!


Fantastic & simple

The tinyurl link below the description above will take you direct to the site with no need to buy from the payloadz product, so I don't see how the idiot above and the first reviewer can call this a scam, this made me feel obliged to leave a proper review! I say simple above, but a small degree of common sence and know how is useful. Just follow the instructions from the site the writers have set up, they'll help personally if you get any problems. Nothing easier! Saving money and the environment at the same time, everyone should use this! I say again FANTASTIC!

Car runs great!

Scam: It is not!

This is no scam. Just use the link to get to the website, no need to pay for that, buy the book and build the converter, you'll have cheap fuel bills and it will pay for itself in savings on the fuel, well worth the money!!


Thre's a reason it's #1 on payloadz!

Fantastic! I bought this about 6 months ago now and like those above was very skeptical. I followed the instructions and fitted the device to my car and later my truck. My diesel car and truck both had substantial increases in economy. I put my car in for it's MOT recently, the garage mechanic asked how I managed to get such a good emissions result, I told him about my fuel reduction etc he was gob smacked when I showed him the modification, and asked if he could buy one from me! So I built another and sold him it, doubling my money as I charged him double what it cost me to build it! He was more than happy to pay it too and said he would have paid more. Great potential for a business here. So I found where I bought it from originaly (here) as I wanted to thank you and help recommend a very good and eco friendly product! Cheers! Carl


This WORKS! 60% decreace in fuel!

I couldn't believe it, I was sooo skeptical when I first read about this, but with the moneyback guarentee I had to find out. I bought the book, bought the recommended parts and assembled and fitted it. After running it with no problems for a month, I now have a quieter engine and what seems like a smoother ride, topped by the FACT that I use less than half the petrol I did before, worked out in MPG. Simply said THIS WORKS! D



My husband thinks I'm wonderful now too! I never find anything useful on the internet until this product. Our petrol bill is lower now than before the prices started leaping up. My husband made all the changes to the car and reckons it's no less than 50% better off and also runs so quietly now! Just try it out, if you cant get it to work you can get help with it from the authors themselves, buy it if you want to save lots of fuel money!


WOW Well worth looking through

Click the tinyurl link in the description above to take you to the an info webpage and a full description of the product and what it does. I purchased from the site which has a full moneyback guarentee, so didn't think it would matter as if it didn't work I could get my money back. I then followed the instructions. I wasn't convinced at first until I actualy built the converter from the instructions, I now have a 77% increase in fuel efficiency! My fuel bill for my car is lowered so much and it's also helping the environment! Buy from the above website and actualy do what it says! The fuel companies must be fuming about this modification! 50 out of 10!



Fantastic! Bought the book, built the converter, now have a car running partly on hydrogen! Which replaces the fuel and saves money for me! Great!