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Robotron Artificial Intelligence Robot - OS Assistant

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&ltFONT SIZE="5" COLOR="009900">&ltB>&lti>"The Smartest Artificial Intelligence Robot In The World !"</i></B></FONT>
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Robotron is an Artificial Intelligence Robot and OS Assistant. It is designed to literally&ltBR>
live within your computers Operating System and help you with a multitude of tasks.&ltBR>
Robotron comes complete with a vast knowledge base, a very pleasant personality,&ltBR>
built in Voice Recognition so you can talk to him with a microphone - and the ability&ltBR>
to open/close programs and do OS maintenance tasks such as Disk Clean-Up or&ltBR>
Robotron is also one of the most advanced AI Engines in the world, with the ability&ltBR>
to learn from your conversations or by reading text files that you give it. When all&ltBR>
your work is done with the assistance of Robotron ! and you just need a good&ltBR>
friend to chat with, you will find Robotron willing and able to be your virtual buddy.&ltBR>
Robotron comes with a wonderful MS Agent robotic Avatar, which is included in&ltBR>
the download.
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The Robotron AI Bot "Buy Now" price is $5.00 - a savings of $2.00 off the retail in our &ltA HREF= TARGET="blank"&gtTuring Store</A&gt. &ltBR>
You are purchasing a DOWNLOAD. Upon receipt of payment you will be sent an E-Mail with&ltBR>
the Download link. We have a Business/Merchant account with PayPal verified 5 stars and accept &ltBR>
ALL Major Credit Cards. We have had NO customer complaints in 3 years of doing business, so you &ltBR>
may bid with confidence.
Robotron is a creation of the &ltA HREF= TARGET="blank"&gtMLAI Foundation</A>
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