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Doing Business With PayPal

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Buy and Download Description "If You Use PayPal To Receive Money, Did You Know That, In An Instant, Your Money Can Be Stolen From You?"No matter what you might have thought or what you've heard, PayPal is not a bank. It's not a credit card merchant, a credit union or even a financial institution. PayPal is nothing more than a very successful and popular e-commerce business that allows its customers to make payments and to transfer money from one user's account to another. They are a payment processing company. To most people there is no real distinction between being a payment processing company and being an actual bank, but for those of us who make our living online, it is vital to know the difference between the two and what it means to protect ourselves for our businesses to continue profiting. PayPal is able to do what they want, when they want, with few regulating organizations to account for their actions. Since they aren't a bank, PayPal doesn't need to follow any US Federal or State, or International, banking regulations. Despite attempts to reign them in, PayPal still maintains totally control over your money. You have no say over any aspects of your account and your account can be shut down instantly with no chance of an appeal.Every other financial business on the planet is held to a set of standards and regulations, but somehow PayPal has managed to operate outside the established system. Their history of poor customer service and frequent lawsuits all point to a business that people should think twice about before transferring huge sums of money to it. Yet, they not only stay in business, but are growing year after year. Despite all the negativity that surrounds PayPal, they are still the easiest and most reliable system that currently exists on the Internet. Regardless of the problems you might encounter with PayPal, you shouldn't run out and cancel your account. You should learn how to protect yourself so that you won't have to face the same problems that other people seem to encounter. You probably already knew that PayPal can do exactly what they want with your account. They can and frequently do close people's accounts on the slightest suspicion of fraud - even if you accidentally made a payment to or accept a payment from a fraudulent account just once. PayPal maintains a zero tolerance policy for fraud and, unfortunately, innocent people do get caught in their web. Doing Business With PayPal Will Help You... Protect Yourself From PayPal Fraud! Safeguard Your Account From Being Shutdown! Understand PayPal's Unique Security Procedures! Defend Yourself Against A Threatening Attack! Use PayPal To Your Advantage! Find An Alternative If You've Just Had Enough!Am I Really Out Of Luck If I Have A Problem With PayPal?If, instead of PayPal, you decide to set yourself up with a Merchant Account from a large globally recognized financial institution, you can do business with confidence that all of your interests are protected by the laws and regulations that these firms adhere to. There are lots of clear advantages to doing business this way, but one overwhelming disadvantage. Your customers expect you to accept PayPal payments. Despite the fact that when you set yourself up with a Merchant Account you have total control over every single penny you take in, you lose the comfort of using a system that everyone adheres to. No one wants to side with the crazy company that has decided to take on 'the system'. Customers would rather buy from someone else than experiment with your unknown payment plan. No matter how annoying, horrible or downright dishonest PayPal can be at times, once you learn how to protect yourself properly, they can do no real harm to you or your business. It is imperative for you to learn how to work with PayPal, instead of against them. There's no need to fight with the largest payment company on the Internet when it is in your best interest to befriend them. Business is business and as long as you learn where the pitfalls are, you will never be hassled by them again.Don't wait any longer. Doing Business With PayPal has already helped hundreds of businesses survive, let it help you too. Buy Doing Business With PayPal right now and start protecting your business. "If You Use PayPal To Receive Money, Did You Know That, In An Instant, Your Money Can Be Stolen From You?"No matter what you might have thought or what you've heard, PayPal is not a bank. It's not a credit card merchant, a credit union or even a fin
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