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How To Successfully Cheat In School

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Buy and Download Description Thanks to this insider information, as of July 3rd, 2005, 17,029  students have successfully transformed from being struggling students to being straight A students! "STOP STUDYING! School is nothing but a big waste of time... Discover The Secrets of becoming a straight A student without studying for even one minute! Learn the insider tips on How to get 100 on every test in less than a day... even if you’re someone who struggles to get a D every year!” You are the visitor since Feb 1998 --------------------------------RESTRICTED AREA: NO TEACHERS OR PROFESSORS ALLOWED------------------------------------------ From: Master Cheater  Date: Friday, July 01, 2005 Dear friend: You've probably had the experience of studying for an entire night instead of going to a party and still got a bad grade on your test the following day.  Hey, I’m David Fiddle, a student who majors psychology in a top northeastern university. I was not, I am not, and I never will be believer of going to school. To make a long story short, I hate school! Just think about it, when are we ever gonna use the stuff we learn in school? Like those Davis Theorem, the Bronston laws, the rule of derivative, and all that garbage we will never come across again in real life. Agree? However, the society disagrees with us. They think the only way to judge us is by the scores we get in school. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! We should be judged by qualities such as his personality, humor, and inborn talent rather than the score we receive. But no matter what we believe, our parents, college admission officers, and teachers will only like you and respect you if you bring home a good report card. So, over the years(since 1989), I have developed a system of getting straight A’s without even studying for one minute! And yes, that system is.....……CHEATING! My methods are far more advanced than the commonly used ones(such as peaking, cheat sheets, text messaging). The teachers will NEVER catch you whether they have a hawk-eye or put a surveillance camera right above your head. In school, I am called the "Master Cheater" because of my state of the art cheating methods. And I am damn proud my nickname! How was my system developed: Back in the fall of 1989, the first day I entered elementary school, I knew school was not the thing for me. But I understood that I had no choice but to go through twelve long years of school plus four more years of college. During my very first test(write the 26 letters in alphabetical order), I got a 62 while most of my classmates received 100 if not 90s. From that point on I knew the only way to do well in school and be successful in life would be to cheat. Over the next 16years, though many trials and errors, I developed a system that has helped me and tens of thousands of students world-wide to succeed in school, of course, without studying:). Since first grade, I have successfully cheated on THOUSANDS of tests, quizzes homeworks, projects without being caught, NOT EVEN ONCE! There were times that I cheated not because of the points. But for the feeling of doing it and successfully getting away it it. Believe me, there is no better feeling than pissing off the teachers by cheating and getting away with it!(other than the 3-letter word we think about everyday) But wait, isn't cheating immoral. Hell No! According to the national bestseller The Cheating Culture by David Callahan, more than 90% of high school students and 92% college students cheat on a regular basis!  Insider Secrets To Cheating In School  Without Getting Caught  Most people don't cheat not because they don't want to, they don't cheat because they don't know how and are scared of getting caught. You can successfully cheat without getting even noticed as soon as you know these... Step-by-step advice of over 100 methods you can use to successfully cheat in school without getting caught and how to master these method in less than 24 hours.. Tips for avoiding getting caught for EACH method. The Pros and Cons of each of the 100+ cheating methods, so you will have choice of which method to use. Three methods you can use EVEN if the teacher stand next to you! Detailed picture illustration for each method that tells you EXACTLY how it is done. One thing you must do so you'll never never get caught! A simple, easy technique to do during the test that will guarantee you a 100, literally! Constant updates of new cheating tips through email(last updated on Jun 27th, 2005, Version 6.70) Two things you must watch out for when you cheat. If you don't, chances are you will be caught! Discover two methods of cheating that you can do with ABSOLUTE ZERO risk of being caught.   The hidden truth of cheating that the top cheaters didn't want to tell everyone! Absolutely ZERO studying, More free time, and Better grades! Do you want to spend more time with friends and still get the grades the nerds get? Or do you want to study all night and still bomb the test the next day? Probably the first choice, right? That’s why I guarantee you my methods gives you more free time and better grades once I teach you... How to choose the best cheating method for each subject test!(one working for math test might be a disaster for science tests!)  21 techniques to cheat with your calculator. How to raise your grade by as much as 70%. For the rest of your academic career! One method of cheating that teachers want you to use!(you will be surprised when you find out!) Where are the best place to hide your cheating tools(places you will be absolutely shocked to find out) 12 tips for successful school cheating! On top of my 100+ methods! Discover how to get the answers from your teacher's OWN MOUTH! Why the common methods(cheat sheets, peaking, text massaging) always put in at risks of getting caught.  Stop Getting frustrated because of bad grades – Get some respect from your teachers and parents! Cheating in school is not against the law. You might be jailed for using drugs or beating the hell out of a punk. But you will NEVER be jailed because of cheating in school! Who hasn't been yelled by parents because of bad grades? Are you going to remain a D student for the rest of your life? Or will you step up and seize control of your future, and start seeing A+ on your next report card? You’ll never again be bothered by bad grades when you know… What to do before, during, and after cheating to avoid being caught! Why cheating is totally justified. How to prevent the others students from telling on you!(VERY IMPORTANT, A MUST READ!) Who should you depend on? nerds? friends? or even the teachers? Three things you should say to your teacher, incase he or she thinks you cheated. The hidden secrets behind 23 of the most successful cheating methods, and how to use them on your next test. How to get a 100 with this one shocking secret... (nine out of ten people are absolutely floored by this secret!) One methods that will work not only on regular school tests, but also on AP, GRE, SAT, and ACT! This is just the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much more, I couldn't possibly list it all here. And this is why I’m offering you my private system of 100+ cheating methods and secrets on a completely risk-free basis. Currently at version 6.70, it’s called HOW TO CHEAT IN SCHOOL WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT, and here’s what other students are saying about it(nicknames and initials are used to protect the names of the students): "I wish I had got this book when I was still in high school... Method #7 helped me to get a 100 on last year's calculus final...  and one of your bonus secrets gave me an extra 22 points on my English quarterly. Thank you for all the help." JJ KAS, New York  "This book is da bomb! Thank you so much Master Cheater! You are da man!" Thanks to this insider information, as of July 3rd, 2005, 17,029  students have successfully transformed from being struggling students to being straight A students! "STOP STUDYING! School is nothing but a big waste of time... Discover The Secr
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