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Profitable Crafts Volume 1-4

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Buy and Download Description A Bit About The Author Maria has been crocheting since she was 11 years old, and has over 15 years experience at selling at arts and crafts shows. When she attends shows, she always receives visits from other crafters that have booths at the same shows, asking her for advice when they see her booth full 95% of the time with paying customers. She has mentored literally hundreds of crafters, both online and off, and helped them turn their part time hobby into a profitable full time business. She has not had a single person complain about her techniques not working, even though she has over 10 years experience of providing her mentoring services for craft related topics. She has over 13 years experience at designing her own crochet patterns and other craft projects, and has had a number of her patterns and projects published in nation wide magazines. She has had one article published in a national magazine, and has also won numerous awards for some of her best designs. Profitable Crafts Volume 1 You Will Quickly Learn How To Create products that sell so fast that you can barely keep up with your orders Price your products for maximum profits without confusion Cut costs on your materials without killing the quality of your products Ensure that your booth stays packed with paying customers Stock your booth effectively to increase sales Cater to the needs of two types of shoppers that are sorely neglected by most crafters, and why you should cater to their needs for increased sales Provide super fast items, and exactly what they are Prevent your shoppers from seeing your products as low quality and inferior, and why lowering your prices could make them think just that Barter and provide layaway, and why you should never overlook these two methods to increase sales and save money How to convert the 2 main types of shoppers into customers for life, and why you shouldn't waste much time on the third type of shopper Create small gifts that's inexpensive to make, and how they could increase your sales 100% Never become a "Fake" crafter How to make personalized cloth labels that will not be torn off your items Increase your profits by as much as 300% by implementing just this one tactic before every show You will also find included in the manual, 11 crochet patterns that you are free to use for making hot crocheted items that sell like hotcakes! Profitable Crafts Volume 2 You Will Quickly Learn How To Approach storeowners and convince most of them to sell your products for you Protect yourself by providing the proper type of agreement for consignment sales Stand back and let your products sell themselves Sell your products even if you have no inventory pre-made Determine why sales could be slow in a particular store by just looking at yards Replace slow selling items with items that are more suitable to a particular stores location, to help increase your sales Protect yourself from paying hidden fees that some business owners may try to charge you, for something that they shouldn't charge you for at all Protect your copyrights on projects that you've designed Create a simple swap file that will save you an extreme amount of time when you start submitting your designs for publication Properly contact magazine editors, to increase you chances of having your designs accepted for publication Properly submit your designs to editors so that you won't get extremely embarrassed as I did when I submitted my first design to a national publication Self-Publish your own designs affordably using your home computer Follow a simple 12 step system to not only sell your designs successfully, but also to properly research and test to make sure that your designs will sell before you invest too much time and materials in designing your projects Profitable Crafts Volume 3 You Will Quickly Learn How To See things with a different perspective to help make designing easier Design wonderful products using normal every day household objects Design crocheted dresses for dolls quickly and easily without using a pattern Make sewn clothing for dolls that fit perfectly Use things in nature like sticks to create wonderful gifts for your loved ones Brainstorm so that you can come up with many different designs from just one object Use nature to help get your creative juices flowing Improve your designing skills by using something as simple as a spoon, can and pencil Design in crochet quickly and easily following just a few simple techniques Design a wonderful dollhouse, using nothing but sticks and cardboard Profitable Crafts Volume 4 Discover All Of These Wonderful Techniques And More... 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Discover how to host the perfect home party, and feel free to share these tips with your sales team members and hostesses. How would you like a sales force that stretches out across the nation! Learn why having an online presence would be the best business decision you could make to ensure the fast growth of your sales team! It doesn't matter if you don't have a single day's worth of sales experience, the methods in this manual makes selling your products easier than ever. A Bit About The Author Maria has been crocheting since she was 11 years old, and has over 15 years experience at selling at arts and crafts shows. When she attends shows, she always receives visits from other crafters that have booths at the same s
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