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55 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home When It's Time To Sell!

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Buy and Download Description The secret of sprucing up your home for added value... "You Don't Need A Huge Budget To Add Value To Your Home! "Who Else Wants To Squeeze Every Ounce Of Value Out Of Your Home In Time To Make The Sale!" It's crazy. The simple changes that can be made to your house that can instantly increase the perceived value of your home. Most people are so used to their own homes that they don't see the little things that are taking a toll on the closing price come sale time. An experienced eye that knows the science of home selling makes all the difference. But most people can't afford a consultant. Fortunately for you, there's another solution planted inside my guide... "...55 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home When It's Time To Sell!" Greetings Home Owner, If you don't fix your home up before the sale, you'll hate yourself later. When in a position to sell a home, you have the opportunity to squeeze out extra value all over your property. Since every thousand dollars is extra income - you'd be insane to forget about the simple steps that can add several figures to the closing. Consultants command hundreds of dollars per hour and are much too expensive for the average homeowner. It's most likely not realistic or practical for you. But do not fear! Sprucing up your home all by yourself is possible. And often simple. "Does Your Home Have These Flaws?" Many times you don't even realize the small things that can effect the value of your property. If these little things are effecting your home in a negative way, you're going to have a hard time selling your house for what it's worth. In my guide "55 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home When It's Time To Sell," I shine a giant spotlight on the small details that can either help you or hurt you when it comes time to close on a deal. My 50 page, well researched report is ready to download straight to your computer in just minutes. ...check out just SOME of the information you will find inside: How to clean up the "curb appeal" of your home in two easy steps that have staggering effects. (Page 7) Warning! Your shrubs may be making your house look small and less than perfect. Learn how to eliminate this problem before it costs you a buyer. (Page 8) An easy way to liven up the outside appearance of your home with flowers. Hint: Not all colors are created equal! (Page 9) The insider's secret to boosting the selling price of your home by 4-5%. (Page 10) How to keep your pets from ruining your lawn. (Page 11) What master carpenters do when they need to fix a railing - and how you can do it too. (Pages 11-13) How to transform old rickety shutters into glorious centerpieces of your home's outward appeal. (Pages 13-14) What the pros do when they need to some major touch up painting. (Pages 14-15) A little-known trick that will help you sell your house faster. Simple, but infinitely important. (Pages 15-16) Warning! The entryway to your home is where your prospective buyers will take a moment to knock on your door and introduce yourselves. Here is how to make sure your entryway can live up to their expectations. (Pages 17-18) 6 vital questions to ask yourself when cleaning the exterior of your house. (Pages 18-19) How to remove clutter and increase the perceived value of your home on the inside. (Pages 20-21) An amazing fact about surface space and how to make sure you have it. (Page 21) 4 tips for removing smells from your home by attacking them at the source. NOT covering them up with potpourri or air fresheners. (Pages 21-22) How to make prospective buyers envision moving in and not remodeling your house! (Page 23) 3 tips to show your house is baby friendly. (Page 24) The difference between an "old home" and a "classic home." And how to make sure your home is the latter. (Pages 25-26) How to make your home look crisp, sharp, and vibrant with light. (Page 26) Why you should think twice about painting the walls in your house anything other than white. (Pages 27-28) What pros decide when thinking about your carpet. You may or may not need to replace it. (Page 28) What NEVER to leave out in the open when showing your home. (Pages 28-29) A new rule of thumb to use when getting your closets ready for viewers. This will make your life easier and increase your chances of making the sale. (Page 30) What interior decorators consider when adding flowers to your home. Make sure you obey these rules. (Pages 30-31) When to open up the windows - and when to keep them closed. Ignore these rules at your own risk. (Page 32) 4 essential "nit-picking" elements to remember when cleaning your house. If you don't notice, prospective buyers will. (Pages 32-33) When you want your home to stick out among the others, here's a safe way to make a great impression. (Pages 33-34) 3 primary goals for preparing each room for house-seekers. (Page 35) An inexpensive way to improve the look of your kitchen without going overboard. (Page 36) 4 things you can do for your cupboards instead of replacing them. Save this major expense with a little common sense. (Page 38) How to easily make your kitchen appear larger and easy to work in. (Page 39) How to easily create an "instant" center island. (Page 40) How to add extra spice to your cabinets. (Page 40) How to increase the appeal of your kitchen with lights. (Page 41) 3 questions to ask yourself when deciding if you should replace your bathroom fixtures. (Page 43) Warning! Your bathroom may suffer from moisture damage. Here's how to find and fight this fatal problem. (Pages 43-45) 6 questions to ask yourself about your bathroom plumbing. (Page 46) The secret to preparing your bedrooms for potential buyers. (Pages 47-48) Which room MUST have clean floors. (Page 49) The secret to using mirrors to make rooms look larger than they really are. (Page 50) A little-known secret for taking the squeak out of your floorboards. (Page 50) And there's MUCH more - guaranteed! Who Else Wants To Close For More? Adding value to your home is an investment. If you neglect taking the simple steps, it could literally cost you thousands in potential dollars. Avoiding the easy tasks that could value to your home is a recipe for serious regret. One simple "rule of thumb" for organizing your closets could drastically effect the way prospective homebuyers view your house. (Note: Bedrooms are one of the most important areas of the house to pay attention to details.) My guide will shine light on the small details from an outsiders perspective that you may not have thought of on your own. When homebuyers show up at your doorstep, there is a moment of pause while they wait to get inside. My guide reminds you of this and teaches you why it is then important to spruce up your porch and entryway for while they wait. I'll tell you how. My report is 50 pages of 55 value-boosting tips for your home. Each one is capable of adding cash to the closing. Possibly of thousands of dollars. The secret of sprucing up your home for added value... "You Don't Need A Huge Budget To Add Value To Your Home! "Who Else Wants To Squeeze Every Ounce Of Value Out Of Your Home In Time To Make The Sale!" It's crazy. The simple changes tha
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