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Presenting: "The Complete Drummer's Guide (full version)" 206 Page interactive PDF ebook - With Separate Backing Tracks (zip folder). 

Please note: This version can be opened on any device, or operating system. The PDF book file itself is interactive, and there's a separate zip file to download for the backing tracks. The backing tracks can then be loaded into a media player - such as iTunes, or Windows Media Player, for play back from there.

However, to download a fully interactive version of this same book, specifically designed for iPad or Mac, one that includes all of the backing tracks, plus some video files, embedded within the book itself, which can then be played back, simply by clicking or tapping, the track no. icons, right on the screen, please click the link below:

Alternatively, for PC owners, to download a similar, fully interactive version (this one is presented in the flip book style, ".exe format") please click the link below:

A Best Seller & Acclaimed As The Industry Standard Drum Publication In Australia:

Please click the link below to view an article in Australia's "Drum Scene Magazine" about the book & the author:

Please note: This latest version of the PDF ebook, is an interactive PDF file. This means you can conveniently navigate throughout the book at will, by clicking (or tapping) any topic within the table of contents pages, as well as by clicking (or tapping) the headings, on the to

Let's Now Find Out What's On Offer:

Firstly, "The Complete Drummer's Guide (full version)" covers all the fundamentals of drumming "All In One" convenient formula. If you were to learn the contents of this book, you would then have the ability to read & understand, any drum notation, presented in any drum book, or drum chart.

The Subjects Include:

  • All of the rudiments (with additional hybrid rudiments) 
  • Basic snare drum reading exercises (similar to the Ted Read Syncopation Book - only TCDG covers the missing subdivisions, not covered in the Ted Read book). The reading subdivisions range from: 1/4 notes, whole & 1/2 notes, 8th notes, 8th note rests, 8th note triplets and all the 8th note triplet variations, 1/4 note triplets, 16th notes, all the 16th note variations, 16th note triplets, & 32nd notes.
  • These basic reading exercises are then progressively applied to the drum set, in the form of grooves in nearly all styles of music (including: Rock, Blues, Shuffle Rock, Disco, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Half Time Shuffle, Jazz, & Latin). 
  • Then there's drum fill & soloing ideas.
  • Linear drum patterns.
  • Odd times. 
  • Various Re-Work concept ideas - (which turn the book into an open ended drum set study). 
  • And if that's not enough, there's 135 backing tracks, plus drum charts.


"The Complete Drummer's Guide (full version)" can be yours for just $14 USD (that's the price of a pair of drum sticks) and to download a copy, simply click the "Buy & Download" button at the top right hand corner of this page.

Presenting: "The Complete Drummer's Guide (full version)" 206 Page interactive PDF ebook - With Separate Backing Tracks (zip folder). Please note: This version can be opened on any device, or operating system. The PDF book file itself is interactiv
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Simon Timms

Exceptional & Logical

This book is extremely thorough, and implements all the drumming elements in a logical and fun way. I recommend this book to anyone who is starting out, or is teaching themself. Outstanding!!!!!!!

Nick Wadson

The Complete Drummers Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide for any serious drum student. it contains all the necessary rudiments and the 4 main beat studies of drumming. I have made this text the standard method book for students at the Bermuda Drum Institute!!!

Harry Christodoulou

Outstanding book - Extrordinary value

I learnt from this method when I 1st started out &now use it with my students.It was a great method back then&this upgraded ebook vrsn is even better.It covers alot of ground &is presented in a logical format.I would certainly recommend this ebook 2anyone